Education advice from nursery to secondary school

Each new stage of your child's education feels like a huge step – from first day at nursery to final exams. And you'll be there to stress support your child through it all.

From tears at the school gates to packing lunches and helping with homework – find all you need to know on getting them from preschool through to higher education.


Back to school

Preparing for the first day of school? Whether you’re new to the juggling act, moving schools, or an old timer looking to pull your socks up, we've got it covered.


student and tutor

Thinking of getting a tutor for your child? Take a look at our advice on how to choose one and getting the most out of the sessions.

Get info on schools in your area

Have children starting primary, junior or secondary school next September? Before you tackle the application process, find out more about the schools in your area in our Local listings.


Child at nursery

Starting preschool, nursery or playgroup is the first step on the education ladder for your child, and it's a big moment for parents too.

Primary school

school boy

Even if your child has been at nursery or playgroup, the leap to Big School is full of new experiences.

School reading list


Books about starting school are a great way to get your children feeling comfortable and confident about their first day. We’ve compiled Mumsnetters’ suggestions for the best ones.


girl doing homework

To help, hover or hide? Sort yourself out with some schooling on how to best to support your children with their homework.

Packed lunch ideas


If school meals aren't for you, then the start of the school year can be an unwelcome return to the drudgery of packed lunch preparation. Here's how to expand your repertoire and avoid lunchbox pitfalls.

How to treat head lice

head itch

Has your child come home scratching their head? Get advice on getting rid of the blighters from parents who've been there and got the fine-toothed comb to prove it.


bullied boy

Kids are often cruel to one another and bullying can take many forms. Find out what you can do if your child is being bullied or you need to tackle unacceptable behaviour.

Secondary school

teens at blackboard

Moving from the relatively cosy world of primary school to secondary will bring new friends and a fair few parenting challenges. Don't worry, Mumsnet's here to help.

Special educational needs


Talk to parents about supporting children with special needs through the education system.

Higher education

teenage boy revising

If your teen is reaching the end of school or college, get advice on navigating the vast array of higher education options available, and what to do once they've flown the nest.

Exams - how to cope

Young apprentice

For better or worse, exams are an unavoidable part of our education system. From SATs to A-levels and everything in between, find support from parents who’ve been through it before.