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Womanizer have launched a brand new sex toy, the Womanizer Next

This next generation of vibrator uses Climax Control and 3D Pleasure Air Technology to give users a more natural, deeper, but less sensation during use. 

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Jan 19, 2024

Womanizer Next

Womanizer is a brand that constantly crops up on our Sex Talk boards, and with products like the Womanizer Pro40, their shower head, and their one-of-its-kind G-spot stimulator, it’s easy to see why. 

Now, to add to your sex toy arsenal, Womanizer have launched a brand new sex toy that’s equally as sophisticated as the rest of their collection. Their new vibrator, the Womanizer Next, has been specifically designed with added control and customisation for its user - promising a new era of intimate experiences for solo users and couples. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the Womanizer Next and where you can get your hands on one for yourself.

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What we like
  • Slower rate than the Pro40

  • More controlled pressure

  • Deeper feeling

  • Climax Control feature

What we don't like
  • Might not be suitable for beginners

  • Only available in three colours

Key specs

Material: Silicone | Special features: 3D Pleasure Air Technology, Climax Control, whisper quiet, Autopilot 2.0, Afterglow | Settings: 14 intensity levels, slower paced pulsations, three depths | Waterproof: Yes | Power type: Rechargeable | Length: 6.7 inches | Allergens: Phthalate-free 

Our verdict

This brand new toy introduces 3D Pleasure Air Technology, which is the reimagined version of the brand’s signature patented Pleasure Air Technology that we’ve seen in the likes of the Womanizer Pro40. This tech uses changes in air pressure to stimulate the clitoris and create a sucking sensation. 

“If you think about it in terms of music, I would say that if the original Pleasure Air Technology can play single notes, 3D Pleasure Air can perform an entire symphony,” said Tobias Zegenhagen, Chief Product Officer at Womanizer. 

Achieved by redesigning the toy’s airflow, 3D Pleasure Air Technology pulses at a slower rate compared to previous models. As low as three pulses per second, in fact. Whereas the brand’s flagship product, the Premium 2, pulsated at a minimum of 20 pulses per second. So, that is a lot slower and allows for more control by the user.  

The aim is to allow users to delve deeper into intense pleasure, and allows them to customise the experience to their body responses and preferences. 

Womanizer Next

What’s more - the devices’ new Climax Control feature puts the power into your hands, literally. It allows you to customise the depth of the pulsations, and you can choose from three possible depths - from a soft through to a more intense feeling. Other Womanizer sex toys operate on one depth, like the G-spot stimulator and Pro40, so the Womanizer Next certainly promises to provide a more customised, more intense experience overall. Not forgetting that the new Next is whisper quiet, and like other toys by Womanizer, will only start upon contact of your skin.

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“The Next is a great option for those who want to break out of their orgasm routine, or upgrade to a more complex journey. Our user testing shows that those who already own a Womanizer product wished they had more ways to control or manipulate Pleasure Air. It was clear that the original PAT was only scratching the surface of the capabilities of Pleasure Air stimulation,” said Elisabeth Neumann, Head of User Research at Womanizer. 

“Next allows users to control the Pleasure Air flow in new ways, and features like Climax Control and Autopilot 2.0 allows users to enjoy the journey, opening the door for longer edging sessions and multiple orgasms.” 

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