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History in the making! Watch Parliament Live at 2.30pm!

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Sunkisses Thu 25-Feb-21 14:19:42

According to @SexMattersOrg on Twitter the Govt have backed down on the MOMA (Maternity) Bill and will now use the word 'mother' not 'person' in the legislation!

Women did this! We are winning!

Tune in live here at 2.30pm to see history in the making:

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Sunkisses Thu 25-Feb-21 14:20:34

Here is the original tweet from Sex Matters:

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EmbarrassingAdmissions Thu 25-Feb-21 14:37:11

I shouldn't be so surprised at this example of sanity and reasonableness, but I am.

littlbrowndog Thu 25-Feb-21 14:37:19


Xanthangum Thu 25-Feb-21 14:37:26

Words matter! Yay!

Sunkisses Thu 25-Feb-21 14:41:27

I've got such a lump in my throat watching this! This is so significant. Such a shift. I am very interested in the review of the drafting guidance that Lord Hunt mentioned.

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highame Thu 25-Feb-21 14:41:55

It's education at the moment.
Not applauding until I see it (but then I'll shout the house down)

Sunkisses Thu 25-Feb-21 14:44:52

"This is a turning point. This is an important moment". Lord Hunt

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highame Thu 25-Feb-21 14:48:16

Baroness Barker has not understood

Sunkisses Thu 25-Feb-21 14:49:03

Baroness Barker (Lib Dem) claims that women's rights arguements come from the "alt right" hmm

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vivariumvivariumsvivaria Thu 25-Feb-21 14:49:21

Lord Hunt is amazing.

Baroness Barker is going on about transpeople not being at threat to women, which is totally irrelevant to the bill. she's a Lib Dem missing the point. She sounds absolutely fuming.

Manderleyagain Thu 25-Feb-21 14:49:59

Maya Forstater is live tweeting it too if you can't watch.

Socrates11 Thu 25-Feb-21 14:50:19

Dear oh dear, the woman speaking now, with her "no evidence" schtick! Dear oh dear.
Well done the previous Lord who spoke in the house.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria Thu 25-Feb-21 14:51:29


It's men, you muppet. It's the fucking men.

BattyOrange Thu 25-Feb-21 14:52:01

Just had to turn Baroness Barker off.

CatChant Thu 25-Feb-21 14:52:33

Lord Hunt was magnificent.

Baroness Barker is jaw-droppingly adrift of reality.

Sunkisses Thu 25-Feb-21 14:55:32

"This is a great day for women and I am privileged to have played a part in it" - Baroness Noakes

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Socrates11 Thu 25-Feb-21 14:55:57

Baroness Barker is it. Would she be interested in the Fairplay for Women prisons report, with evidence from the MoJ oh, no because it's the wrong sort of evidence probably. Well we'll just have to agree to disagree on there being 'no evidence' then that men are a threat to women EVEN if that man says he is a woman.

Shedbuilder Thu 25-Feb-21 14:56:34

Baroness Barker is a total trans ally and as an older lesbian I am horrified by her lack of awareness. Just denying all the evidence — what about the Tavistock's own admissions, what about Karen White and all the others? There is a massive amount of evidence. I'm ashamed that someone like her, who must have gone through the same sort of experiences as me (Section 28 etc) can be so blind.

Hooray for Baroness Noakes and all the other women who have fought for women's rights.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria Thu 25-Feb-21 14:58:55

Is there something collectively wrong with the Lib Dems? Have they been hypnotised by Stonewall or something?

Total lack of understanding of the issues.

Quite remarkable.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria Thu 25-Feb-21 15:02:51

Baroness Hayman putting very gracious oil on troubled waters.

MenopausalCrone Thu 25-Feb-21 15:03:04

This is beyond brilliant! Such a weight off.

Sunkisses Thu 25-Feb-21 15:03:50

"Minorities need to have their rights respected, but the majority's rights need to be respected too" - Lord Cormack (Conservative)

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EmpressWitchDoesntBurn Thu 25-Feb-21 15:04:10


Is there something collectively wrong with the Lib Dems? Have they been hypnotised by Stonewall or something?

Total lack of understanding of the issues.

Quite remarkable.

Or something.

Shedbuilder Thu 25-Feb-21 15:06:16

Utterly remarkable, indeed. Trying to imagine what life might be like under a Liberal Democrat government. They are completely untethered to reality.

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