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Have you seen the new Bodyform advert?

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Fairenuff Fri 03-Jul-20 11:20:21

Just that really. Sorry if there's already a thread.

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jessstan2 Fri 03-Jul-20 11:26:09

I haven't seen it but looking at the link, it makes a change to see 'red' instead of 'blue'. It appears to be realistic but I expect some people will find it yucky if they are squeamish about blood. It doesn't bother me one way or the other but I have yet it see it 'properly on TV.

OvaHere Fri 03-Jul-20 11:27:28

I can't get the actual video to load. Is it good?

The comments seem positive re it tackling the range and difficulties of female experience.

I hope so because Bodyform is my preferred SP outside of reusables.

Aurora20 Fri 03-Jul-20 11:27:46

I might have cried 🥰

ScrimpshawTheSecond Fri 03-Jul-20 11:29:14


'Who made you?'


It's certainly thought provoking.

Fairenuff Fri 03-Jul-20 11:30:35

Powerful isn't it.

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ScrimpshawTheSecond Fri 03-Jul-20 11:32:27

Oh, you were the one that was crying, Aurora. Good stuff. grin

jessstan2 Fri 03-Jul-20 11:32:32

That shows it in full and I've watched and listened.

It's good!

AngelSins Fri 03-Jul-20 11:33:18

Oh god, I just cried at an advert!

ShiveringCoyote Fri 03-Jul-20 11:34:03

That's a powerful piece of film.

donnerundblitzen Fri 03-Jul-20 11:34:06

Wow shock
I might have sniffled a bit too winkgrin

daisychain1620 Fri 03-Jul-20 11:34:29

I've just watched it there, I love it! The floodgates when sneezing bit made me laugh, grinso relatable. So sad when the 'garden' is all baresad. Amazing ad!

theseriousmoonlight Fri 03-Jul-20 11:35:25

I cried a bit too. But I'm very hormonal and there is definitely something in my eye.

cheezy Fri 03-Jul-20 11:38:05

It made me cry!

Shedbuilder Fri 03-Jul-20 11:38:22

Wow. That really is mould-breaking. A sanpro advert that isn't all about running through fields of corn or skateboarding in white shorts.

Totally womb-focussed. Quite the biology lesson. And lesbians and lesbians trying for a baby.

The worm appears to have turned.

Judashascomeintosomemoney Fri 03-Jul-20 11:38:55

That is bloody brilliant! (No pun intended)

Livpool Fri 03-Jul-20 11:39:08


No roller blading or hot pants in sight

EsmesRedPetticoat Fri 03-Jul-20 11:40:52

It is very powerful. I cried too!

QueenCT Fri 03-Jul-20 11:41:04

That's so good. I love their pads as not scented but I've just swapped to reusable!

AbsintheFriends Fri 03-Jul-20 11:41:31

Beautiful! And unashamedly woman-centric.

4 women in this house currently. I do love a brand that knows its core market and isn't afraid to speak directly to them. I'll be putting bodyform in my online shop this week.

twoHopes Fri 03-Jul-20 11:43:15

That's a brilliant advert. It's so lovely to see menstruation put in the context of how amazing the female body is and not presented as some unfortunate bodily excretion. Well done to whoever made this.

OliveKitteridgeAgain Fri 03-Jul-20 11:43:24

That was good. Glad to see a nod to the perimenopausal/ menopausal (bastard hot flushes).

However, my heart sinks now whenever I see anything centring women's biology. Will there be a pile on from the usual quarters?

ThePlantsitter Fri 03-Jul-20 11:43:37

Brilliant. And Bodyform don't make their pads stinky by default either. Well done filmmakers.

KaronAVyrus Fri 03-Jul-20 11:44:23

It’s a good advert.

Lightsareon Fri 03-Jul-20 11:44:28

I love this, so much more relatable than roller skating in white shorts grin Well done Bodyform!

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