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Lesbian Strength March and Rally in Leeds on 7 September 2019

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stumbledin Mon 12-Aug-19 19:08:57

I posted a link to this even some time ago and there have been various comments and more recently one for an organiser of the event which has been really interesting.

Then just now mumsnet have deleted it saying it is because it has a go fund me link in it.

Well I posted that some time ago and nobody said anything. And as I have also posted that on a number of other threads I apologise if they get deleted.

What is the problem.

We are trying to support Lesbians and some red tape that users aren't aware of do this hatchet job.

Why didn't you just deleted the post with the go fund me link.

If I believed in conspiracy theories I would say mumsnet has been nobbled by the lesbian erasure strand of transactivism.

Heavy handed and unecessary.

stumbledin Mon 12-Aug-19 19:10:47

AnotherAdultHumanFemale Mon 12-Aug-19 21:37:39

It might have been one of those disruptors that reported it to try to get it deleted. I think the moderators are different at the weekend but I'm not certain. Good to see you've created a new thread for it so more women can be aware of it.

Prawnofthepatriarchy Mon 12-Aug-19 23:07:03

Very glad you've started a new thread. O only wish i could go to the event for allies after the march.

stealthsquirrelnutkin Mon 12-Aug-19 23:35:47

Deleting a thread instead of deleting a single post?

What was the reasoning behind that moderation decision? Can someone from mumsnet explain?

Otherwise we are going to be left with the suspicion that someone really doesn't like the idea of lesbians organising their own events.

stumbledin Mon 12-Aug-19 23:39:11


Please explain why you deleted the whole thread and not just the post about the go fund me link.

The thread showed how mumsnetters where being supportive to lesbians who are facing a lot of discrimination and violence at the moment.

It is heavy handed and crass to have deleted the whole thread.

Especially as it happened just after one of the organisers posted an info update.

Shame on you.

PegasusRex Tue 13-Aug-19 00:52:35

hello - glad to see you've started a new thread smile

I'd posted on the end off the deleted thread to say that I am part of the group organising the march. We have planned security carefully to make sure that all women who attend can have an enjoyable day.

We are really keen to help build community amongst lesbians and part of the fundraising we've done it to give us a budget to help with travel costs. Please get in touch if we can help.

Angryresister Tue 13-Aug-19 01:42:49

I wondered what had happened to it. Glad it's back so we can ll contribute to tht which can't be named. In the meantime ideas for a banner slogan would be welcome . Working on'd be good to know how many lesbians are expected.

2BthatUnnoticed Tue 13-Aug-19 02:29:04

MNHQ why wouldn’t you just delete the post with the gofundme link in it? Why delete a whole thread?

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but female homosexuals are particularly targeted in online spaces. Deleting their thread wholesale, instead of just the offending post (which I hadn’t seen) seems to facilitate that targeting.

WichBitchHarpyTerfThatsMe Wed 14-Aug-19 01:08:42

stumbledin this is what happens, the original thread died off a little then was bumped in the last few days, no doubt ruffling a few feathers. MN get very antsy when people start to report and complain. But thanks for starting another thread, I'm going and know quite a few other women, lesbian and otherwise, who are going.

fionnulafanackapan Thu 15-Aug-19 06:15:28

Glad to hear that other women from here are going. We need to start building our spaces again. How are other women getting there?

AllNaturalWoman Thu 15-Aug-19 08:04:12

Just to let you know I saw a couple of TW on twitter gloating about applying for loads of tickets for this and setting up legit looking email addresses to do so. They've had some of the requests denied but sounds like plenty that have succeeded.

2BthatUnnoticed Thu 15-Aug-19 09:33:11

Yes OP I saw the same as PP.. I didn’t gather they were gong to protest. More buy up tickets, so you get a misleading head count. They’re weirdly obsessed with you - creepy! Let us know if you want more info flowers

spinninghag Thu 15-Aug-19 22:40:40

This is an important event.
Why did HQ delete the other thread?
Solidarity, sisters.

stumbledin Fri 16-Aug-19 00:25:32

Just to say I am not part of organising this but put up the original thread at the time mumsnet was looking at ways to support lesbians rights.

But now PegasusRex has posted here to say she is part of the group and can answer questions.

I think all I had asked on the first thread was about how to get in touch with the group (there is an email address in the poster upthread) and how anyone could claim money for travel costs if they couldn't afford to travel to Leeds.

I did hear some women in London were trying to arrange hiring a coach for women to travel together but that fell through.

I think it has been posted on so that's good.

fionnulafanackapan Fri 16-Aug-19 10:50:55

The march will be fab. The rally will be great and there is music too, and poetry. And lots of banners. Followed by a party where we can meet up and talk and laugh and plan. Wonderful!
Lesbian Strength also have a fb page and @strengthlesbian on twitter
As well as

stumbledin Sat 17-Aug-19 00:41:58

Have just seen on facebook that a woman from Leeds has complained about the march saying it is in breach of the Equality Act!

It looks like she has got it removed from the Council events guide Leeds Inspired.

Not sure whether any of us such contact them to say it would be against the Equality Act not to support it.

Maybe @PegasusRex you could let us know whether we should try and do something or just ignore their silliness?


^I'm alarmed to see the Lesbian Strength march advertised on Leeds Inspired:…/lesbian-strength-march

This is an event organised by a transphobic group. You can see on their Eventbrite that they are using the terms "Adult Human Female", which is a rallying cry for "gender-critical" (transphobic and trans-exclusive) activities:…

For more on the background of "Adult Human Female" and how it has been used as an anti-trans slogan, see…/

The Eventbrite also refers to "Lesbian erasure", an idea promulgated by a small group of anti-trans activists, many of whom are actually straight men and women and have nothing to do with lesbian culture. Mainstream, high-profile lesbians like the editors of DIVA magazine and the leadership of Stonewall are clear that trans-inclusivity is not erasing lesbians at all.

I am a lesbian and live in Leeds. It's really important that we make it clear that this event does not represent lesbians, and is not organised for lesbians: it's for a small group of lesbian and straight women who want to exclude and punish trans women. They are coopting lesbian identity in order to do that.

I think this event violates Leeds City Council's Equality duty, and I'd be really grateful if you could remove it from Leeds Inspired.^

Love the way she tries to imply that anyone who turns up for the march cant be a real lesbian.

Some women are posting on her timeline on facebook to say thanks for letting us know there will be a march, we will now be attending!

Whatwouldbigfatfannydo Sat 17-Aug-19 00:52:51

LGB rights are human rights.

Too far away to attend, but the lesbian community has allies here. You won't be erased either.

OvaHere Sat 17-Aug-19 01:31:07

Lol at the idea of lesbians co-opting lesbian identities.

SunsetBeetch Sat 17-Aug-19 11:08:24

Guess what the woman friendly Leeds City Council have done now?
They have pulled an ad for our Lesbian Strength March as they say it conflicts with their Public Sector Equality Duty (EA 2010)!
We ARE the duty that they are constantly abandoning.

Oldstyle Sat 17-Aug-19 11:22:19

Leeds Council certainly appear to have more than their fair share of woke misogynists and power-mad women-haters don't they? I saw those ludicrous responses from the anti-lesbian lesbians and was astonished at the bigotry. No surprise that Stonewall are no-where to be seen - seems that adult human female lesbians are no longer of interest to them.
Just hope it doesn't cause the organisers/participants too much distress or inconvenience. More power to your collective elbows ladies!

PegasusRex Sat 17-Aug-19 12:00:40

well i think the best think we can do is have as many lesbians as possible in Leeds on the 7th Sept!

We are following up with the council of course and I'm so annoyed!

Lesbians - please come and help us remind LCC what a lesbian is, i know its difficult because of TRAs but i think the only think we can do is start to be more visible and make people listen

Harriettenightingale Sat 17-Aug-19 12:30:32

Please do look at bringing a case against Leeds Council for discrimination against you on the grounds of the protected category of sexual orientation. Many many people will support you in whatever you need.

Angryresister Sat 17-Aug-19 14:56:18

Yes it time Leeds took a good look at what is going on. Looking forward to being there and still welcoming ideas for a banner!

PegasusRex Sat 17-Aug-19 16:10:20

for banners anything you fancy. I made the 'lesbian= female homoSEXual' and 'lesbian not queer' banners for Pride. Personally i prefer pro lesbian rather than 'anti' anything else but personal choice. Also banner making is fun smile

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