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#TeamNavratilova is gathering pace!

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SpeakUpXXWomen Wed 20-Feb-19 12:19:35

Firing Martina from Allies is working out to be an own goal as more people stand up and speak out on this.

We know how twitter works hmm in regards to women speaking out so perhaps this thread could be a place to gather excellent quotes and pictures for people to spread across other platforms and show that Martina's views are shared not by a trickle of support but a tidal wave.

I feel in need of a very nice #TeamNavratilova picture to put on my fbook, any social media gurus around to advise?

QuietContraryMary Wed 20-Feb-19 12:24:08

not sure about your search there, it only has two results from 2019

Whatisthisfuckery Wed 20-Feb-19 12:28:43

I thought I could hear singing this morning. It sounds a lot like Barbra Streisand.

IStillMissBlockbuster Wed 20-Feb-19 12:29:40

Dame Kelly Holmes is peaking

IStillMissBlockbuster Wed 20-Feb-19 12:32:09

IStillMissBlockbuster Wed 20-Feb-19 12:32:27

Sam2112 Wed 20-Feb-19 12:33:49

Total impressed with Martinas stance - which supports the simple fact that Biological sex change is impossible, and that womens sports is for WOMEN.
"trans women" are not biological females.
I will do all i can to support her stance and the campaign to protect womens right to privacy in private spaces - be it prisons, changing rooms and even NHS wards.
Sadly I have been often suspended and banned from tweeter for stating biological facts>
I do if from the stance of being intersex, sadly the trans community often use intersex conditions to validate their delusion.
Human biological sex is BINARY - intersex is a condition, NOT a 3rd sex, I am not trans, I just suffer from a complex chromosome condition. I have lived as both during my life...
Sadly trans ideology is a threat to womens rights, not just womens sports - I am delighted to see so many women waking up to the threat.

ToeToToe Wed 20-Feb-19 12:37:49

Fantastic news. I was quite depressed about the attacks on Martina when I was reading through twitter stuff last night... Rachel McKinnon & pals have launched a vicious attack on her. Martina is an icon. Certain areas of Twitter are such a cesspit.


DoctoressPlague Wed 20-Feb-19 12:40:50

Sadly trans ideology is a threat to womens rights, not just womens sports - I am delighted to see so many women waking up to the threat.

It's also destroying the reputations of LGBT organisations and decades of progress.

2019StandingforWomen Wed 20-Feb-19 12:42:30

Paula Radcliffe, Lizzie McKinnon and Dame Kelly Holmes now speaking out.

DpWm Wed 20-Feb-19 12:53:13

I think XX means to encourage posts to the hash tag #TeamNavratilova with supportive Tweets, rather than "look at it now" type thing.

I'm not on Twitter but I would post to it if I were.

EweSurname Wed 20-Feb-19 13:20:31

Paula Radcliffe
Replying to
Transgender is different and I understand Navratilova’s point. If you are born and grow up male you cannot be allowed to compete in female sports simply because you ‘identify’ as female. It makes a mockery of the definitions of male and female sports categories.

ShowOfHands Wed 20-Feb-19 13:29:38

Sharron Davies is vocal atm too.

hometownglory Wed 20-Feb-19 13:30:49

A slight derail, but Dame Kelly's Women's Day event looks quite good!

Back to the's so sad that these fantastic sports ladies need to speak out about this. I wonder if any young competing sports ladies are keyboard hovering right now knowing the backlash they could receive and the subsequent damage to their careers.

Datun Wed 20-Feb-19 13:42:32

Elite sports women were always going to have to speak out. The Williams sisters would be nowhere competing against men. All their livelihoods depend upon it.

But it takes real bloody guts to be the first.


Exceptional woman.

SpeakUpXXWomen Wed 20-Feb-19 13:52:40

We need a pretty pic meme for fbook/insta etc, something that everyone can use as an overlay or main pic with #TeamNavratilova, if you can do something like that stick it on the thread smile

Also teammartina goes to somewhere else entirely so #TeamNavratilova is the one to use smile

The question is can twitter ban a whole hashtag?

RiverTam Wed 20-Feb-19 13:56:54

Of course, none of the women speaking out are competing now, I wonder if those 'in the game' are too afraid to. I hope seeing these elder stateswomen taking this stand encourages them to do so.


hometownglory Wed 20-Feb-19 14:04:39

LM has just replied to Kelly.

'She thinks trans women shouldn't be allowed in women's sports. How is that not transphobic?'

SpeakUpXXWomen Wed 20-Feb-19 14:26:17

There are so many excellent pictures of #TeamNavratilova that it is hard to pick one grin

Retired from competition but I wouldn't say elder! These 'stateswomen' are fabulous multi talented women who have and are contributing enormously to society, that is why their opinions are respected.

The pressure on competing women to stay silent is from sponsors and of course the governing bodies who make the rules. That's on top of the endless bullying by TRAs anytime a public figure dents a fragile ego with some logic. Imagine you have dedicated your life to training and your country is depending on you, would you speak up?

Courage calls to courage and the more who speak up for fair sportswomenship the more likely sponsors and rule makers will listen.

DpWm Wed 20-Feb-19 14:26:40

"LM believes males should be able to compete against women. How is that not misogynistic?"

AcidityRegulated Wed 20-Feb-19 14:27:48

Absolutely heartening to see this.

Callmejudith Wed 20-Feb-19 14:30:37

This is fucking brilliant.

Though Boy George has gone the other way

SpeakUpXXWomen Wed 20-Feb-19 14:30:40

Today's top trending is #LoveYourPetDay

Trying to work out how to take pic of fluffies holding a #TeamNavratilova sign grin

Katvonfelttipeyebrows Wed 20-Feb-19 14:33:28

Did lily ever take up sport to spite us, or did they forget?

RiverTam Wed 20-Feb-19 14:33:35

what a load of bollocks from Boy George. Seriously.

Still - who are we going to believe - the world class sportwoman or the ageing pop star? Answers on a postcard...

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