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Emma Healy ex-Mumsnet employee address's transphobia on feminist boards.

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crispbuttyfan Wed 18-Apr-18 18:37:25

What do we think of this?

"Firstly, labelling what goes on on MN as 'discussion' completely misrepresents what is going on. Whilst, yes, I wouldn't argue that there isn't ~some~ 'civil' discussion, the vast majority descends into scaremongering and hate speech."

"There were many staff members, me included, who raised concerns about what was being said on site - but it was never taken on board. Any criticism has been dismissed as a smear attempt by 'trans activists' rather than actually thinking about what was being said"

*Post edited by MNHQ*

BarrackerBarmer Wed 18-Apr-18 18:44:39

We think she has broken the law, breached data protection, risked exposing posters here by publicising their IP addresses.
We think it's already a police matter.

Oh and we think you're backing the wrong horse crispbuttyfan, as always.

BarrackerBarmer Wed 18-Apr-18 18:45:51

ErrolTheDragon Wed 18-Apr-18 18:46:48

I think that at this point it would be best to leave it to MNHQ to comment on their ex-employee.

tiktok Wed 18-Apr-18 18:47:40

I don't see the screenshotted examples given by Emma in her thread as hate speech or transphobic. They're robust, pointed, maybe some people might find them misinformed (I don't really understand the one about drag queens wearing flamboyant frills and 'real' trans people wearing dowdy skirts....I think that's a daft generalisation, if I have understood it right). But they are not anything I'd think of as being horrible or cruel or abusive, and they are mild compared with most of the rest of the Internet, on any topic!

OTOH, she says she felt uncomfortable and ultimately, unable to work in this atmosphere, and we have to acknowledge that.

Her feelings in the workplace as someone who describes herself as a queer person do matter....but ultimately, I think, the right to free discussion trumps them.

crispbuttyfan Wed 18-Apr-18 18:47:56

oh I see, you have no comment on the content?

AssignedPuuurfectAtBirth Wed 18-Apr-18 18:48:00

I think you are seriously lagging in WTF is going on, as per fucking usual, Have a look at the other threads and try to keep up for a change and not have women spoon feed you

tiktok Wed 18-Apr-18 18:48:28

How has she breached data protection? Have I mused something?

LangCleg Wed 18-Apr-18 18:48:32

crisp - one of the examples of transphobia cited by Emma is a satirical post by one of our pro-TRA members. You know, someone like yourself. She has not only missed the satirical nature of the post but she has included IP details arguably inciting doxxing. Are you really supporting this?

Can we just stick to the one thread we already have on this? (I know I replied myself, but y'know.)

CircleSquareCircleSquare Wed 18-Apr-18 18:49:41

None of the data she stole leaned toward any kind of phobia from the MN users who posted them originally. The data she stole and published is likely to put her in breach of her employee contract and also perhaps data protection laws.

You back the unicorns, I’ll back the horse.

BarrackerBarmer Wed 18-Apr-18 18:50:16


She screengrabbed whilst logged in as a mod, and has posted these grabs publicly on twitter exposing IP addresses.

tiktok Wed 18-Apr-18 18:51:46

Sorry, Barack....had not read your link as it was x posted when I was writing mine. ISWYM.

Yes, shd be taken v. seriously.

FourFriedChickensDryWhiteToast Wed 18-Apr-18 18:51:54

" Whilst, yes, I wouldn't argue that there isn't ~some~ 'civil' discussion, the vast majority descends into scaremongering and hate speech."

her writing is atrocious isnt it?

crispbuttyfan Wed 18-Apr-18 18:54:27

yes I saw the other threads, but that was just people losing their heads and attacking emma, I wondered if anyone had an opinion of the content rather than worrying about ip address's etc

LangCleg Wed 18-Apr-18 18:58:27

I had an opinion on the content - my opinion was that I recognised some of it as satire written by a pro-TRA ally and not transphobia and neither you nor Emma did. What's your opinion on my opinion, crisp?

BarrackerBarmer Wed 18-Apr-18 18:59:40

I think we're all more concerned that a MN employee has misused her position and possibly endangered posters by exposing their personal information into a forum of people known for doxxing, threats and violence against women they disagree with.

But, sure, you go ahead and concentrate on the real issue of whether someone called a man he.

PlowerOfScotland Wed 18-Apr-18 18:59:54


FourFriedChickensDryWhiteToast Wed 18-Apr-18 19:00:45

" sure, you go ahead and concentrate on the real issue of whether someone called a man he. "

yes that is obviously the most pressing issue here....

FloraFox Wed 18-Apr-18 19:01:43

crispbuttyfan do you have an opinion you'd like to share?

JenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 18-Apr-18 19:03:48

Hi All,
We are going to remove the link in the OP as it contains identifying info.

crispbuttyfan Wed 18-Apr-18 19:04:02

its an unsurprising opinion to be honest langcleg.

trans people say mumsnet has a transphobia problem, Mumsnet address's transphobia in a post 2014, trans people say mumsnet still has a transphobia problem, mumsnet ignore problem..... ex employee agree's that mumsnet has a significant transphobia problem .
Mumsnet are so confident transphobia ISN'T a problem they go running to the right-wing media because they are worried about losing revenue, and address it again asking people to 'cool it' on the chat

Trans people say mumsnet has a transphobia problem..... some people including transphobes, say no it doesn't. twas ever thus.

FourFriedChickensDryWhiteToast Wed 18-Apr-18 19:05:56

I dont think Mumsnet has a transphobia problem, it just reflects the opinions of women. you know, real ones.

crispbuttyfan Wed 18-Apr-18 19:06:01

JenMumsnet ,
just edit and delete the link, theres no identifying info in the txt?

Flomper Wed 18-Apr-18 19:06:16

The content is the usual TRA nonsense attempts at NLP - vomit, vile, hateful, slur, phobic, violence. The trouble is they've over used them so much and so inappropriately that they no longer have any meaning or power. Twitter is just a joke these days, YAWN!

FloraFox Wed 18-Apr-18 19:07:04

Meanwhile the vast majority of people in the country do not consider the comments to be transphobic. Therefore women won't just shut up because some TRAs demand they do.

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