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ManFriday is on Good Morning Britain

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SwearyG Mon 19-Mar-18 07:06:23

Amy, the architect and hero of ManFriday has been invited on Good Morning Britain this morning. As far as we know the interview will be 7:40am. Please tune in.

I’ll take one for the team and watch from now, updating the thread when I see she comes on grin as it’s the very least I can do considering she is going up against Piers Morgan and Peter Tatchell.

Good luck to her!

SweetGrapes Mon 19-Mar-18 07:15:54

All the best! Hope she gets to say what she wants to say.

SwearyG Mon 19-Mar-18 07:17:10

It’s just been flagged at 7:40. Do tune in.

GabeIsShocking Mon 19-Mar-18 07:28:55

I hope it goes well for them.

Triliteration Mon 19-Mar-18 07:31:57

Fantastic! Does anyone know how to take a clip and put it on YouTube?

Yes, you are brilliant. This is being discussed everywhere.

GabeIsShocking Mon 19-Mar-18 07:35:17

ITV post clips on social media.

athingthateveryoneneeds Mon 19-Mar-18 07:35:28

I'll be watching here for updates! Best of luck.

failingatlife Mon 19-Mar-18 07:39:28

Watching now it's on after the ads grin

Triliteration Mon 19-Mar-18 07:43:53

Had to phone my children to find out how to switch the TV on.

Technophobe as well as transphobe me!

GabeIsShocking Mon 19-Mar-18 07:45:42

Are the TRAs still fighting each other? They won't be happy again today if this goes well.

QueenOfQuacks Mon 19-Mar-18 07:46:34

I'm trying to watch but since I turned on the TV at 7.34 it's been solid adverts hmm

SwearyG Mon 19-Mar-18 07:47:32

Go Amy!

LastOneDancing Mon 19-Mar-18 07:48:30

Ooooh it's in!

Cwenthryth Mon 19-Mar-18 07:49:56

Oh my word, how does she put up with him (the moonlighting ‘gag’. That was harrassment).

Here we go.

LadyPenelopeCantDance Mon 19-Mar-18 07:50:26

Article in the Metro too!

JaimesGoldenHand Mon 19-Mar-18 07:51:45

And in the Times again this morning

MaverickSnoopy Mon 19-Mar-18 07:53:20

Thanks for letting us know. I've missed the start but I hit record and will watch when I get back from school. Excellent exposure but I hope it goes in the right direction. Well done Amy!

ChattyLion Mon 19-Mar-18 07:53:53

flowers Amy- brilliant.

NaiceBiscuits Mon 19-Mar-18 07:54:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ellenripleysalienbaby Mon 19-Mar-18 07:55:15

Oh, that article in the Metro is really concise and to the point, excellent!

pinkhorse Mon 19-Mar-18 07:55:33

Go Amy!!

TerfsUp Mon 19-Mar-18 07:55:54

I don't have a television but am looking forward to watching the clip on YouTube.

This is so exciting! Amy, you are wonderful.

SwearyG Mon 19-Mar-18 07:56:03

Notice the men shouting over the women. Male socialisation is so prevalent.

NaiceBiscuits Mon 19-Mar-18 07:56:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GabeIsShocking Mon 19-Mar-18 07:57:03

Well done Amy, last word Petition.grin

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