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Gender Critical Reference Thread

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BetsyM00 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:11:43

There was talk on this transgender thread about starting a list of references.

Hope no-one minds me starting one. Please feel free to add to it!

I'm still looking for a good link to dispute the pink/blue brain nonsense. Maybe @M0stlyBowlingHedgehog can add one with references to d values of 0.5.

I'll start with Gender Identity (Protected Characteristic) Bill 2016-17

Further categories to follow...

BetsyM00 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:13:02


Transwomen retain male patterns of criminality

Crown Prosecution Service: LGBT hate crime, schools project
See also

Trans inclusion school toolkit
(Comment: look out for the 2 scenarios telling girls to shut up about having a boy in their changing room or playing on their sports team.)

Lupron: what’s the harm?
(Extract: Hayes assigned a rating of D2, no proven benefit and/or not safe, for pubertal suppression therapy in adolescents. This rating was based upon insufficient published evidence to assess safety and/or impact on health outcomes or patient management. A D2 rating is the lowest rating possible on that particular institution’s scale of safety and efficacy. The Hayes Technology Review is considered to be the industry standard in linking treatments with patient outcomes.)

Potential harm of pubertal suppression

Lesbian/gay adolescents more likely than heterosexual counterparts to have shown high levels of gender non-conforming behaviour in childhood
(Comment: because GNC traits are known to be common in l&g children, transitioning children is nothing less than permanent conversion therapy.)

An overview of sexual offending in England and Wales, 2013
(Comment: Fig. 4.2 shows rape/sexual assault on males fairly static from 2005-2011, but shows increases on females. Also shows that in 2011 only 0.9% of imprisoned sexual offenders are women (including any trans persons))

UK guide about protecting women-only spaces

Guidance on reporting transgender stories

Equal Opportunities Committee Report, Scottish Parliament, 04 Feb 2016

Written evidence submitted by British Psychological Society to the Transgender Equality Inquiry
(Comment: The BPS statement on the whole was very supportive of transgender people and their rights, but this piece of evidence suggests that male sex offenders could well be over-represented in the trans community, and is a good argument against self-declaration without additional safeguards.)

Transsexualism typology
2 types of transwomen: homosexual transsexuals who seek sex reassignment surgery to romantically and sexually attract (ideally heterosexual) men, and "autogynephilic transsexuals" who purportedly are sexually aroused at the idea of having a female body.

The concept of autogynephilia and the typology of male gender dysphoria

BetsyM00 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:14:13


Julie Bindel v Jane Fae: Transwomen real women? 06 Mar 2017 or

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 10 Mar 2017 “Gender is not biology. Gender is sociology.”

BetsyM00 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:15:16


Jenni Murray: Be trans, be proud - but don’t call yourself a “real woman”

Rachel Johnson: A woman on trial for rape? Really?

Nude transgender children campaign “There are girls with penises and boys with vulvas!”
(Comment: or is it ‘there are girls with short hair and boys with long hair!’)

Evidence of the rise in sexual offences committed by women - gives a transwoman as an example!

The Lancet: Self-Determining legal gender: transgender right, or wrong

UK doctor prescribing cross-sex hormones to children as young as 12

The Invisible Woman: Gender identity in the age of neoliberalism

Transwoman using male toilets without incident

Transgender soldier become first woman on the Army frontline
(Comment: achieved before the application process for female recruits was even open.)

Sheila Jeffreys 'The Social and Political Construction of Transgenderism’

Decide For Yourself: Transgender Crimes

BetsyM00 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:16:31

Crime in the UK

Transwomen retain male patterns of criminality

Lisa Hauxwell
(Comment: Missing woman who sometimes dresses as a man of whom police are concerned about her welfare, or accused (later convicted in absentia) male rapist on the run?)

Katie Brannen

Lauren Jeska
Likely to be sentenced to a hospital order (hearing adjourned until 13 Dec 2016)
(Comment: STILL no mention that Lauren is a transwoman/has GRC, she attacked the person investigating her testosterone levels for competitive sport.)

BetsyM00 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:17:38

Prisons in the UK

House of Commons Briefing Paper - Transgender Prisoners 10 Dec 2015
Policy guidelines for England and Wales state that prisoners should normally be located in the prison estate of their gender as recognised by UK law. For transgender prisoners, this will normally be the gender of their Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).
In Scotland, policy guidelines state that the social gender in which the prisoner is living should be fully respected, regardless of whether or not they have a GRC. (Scottish Prison Service - Gender Identity and Gender Reassignment Policy for those in our Custody 2014

Tara Hudson

Aaron Herschell is the first Scottish prisoner to attempt gender reassignment while awaiting trial for sex offences after being remanded as a man.
(Comment: Now released on bail, but was held at Polmont YOI, probably in the female wing since female officers raised concerns about conducting intimate searches.)

Paris Green: Transgender murderer moved from women’s prison after having sex with female inmates.

BetsyM00 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:18:26


IOC rules transgender athletes can take part in Olympics without surgery

Gender identity and sport: is the playing field level?

Lauren Jeska - women’s 2010, 2011 and 2012 England Fell Running Champion and also won the British Championship in 2012

Jillian Bearden, cyclist

Caster Semenya, 800m runner (intersex?)

Laurel Hubbard, weightlifter

Fallon Fox, mixed martial arts

BetsyM00 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:19:02

Scholarships, awards, etc.

Dr Rachael Padman took up one of the few science fellowships available at an all-women's college. Germaine Greer, who was then a fellow of the college, subsequently argued that since Padman was legally a man, her appointment contravened college statutes.

Caitlyn Jenner
In October 2015, Glamour magazine named her one of its 25 Glamour Women of the Year

BetsyM00 Mon 13-Mar-17 21:19:30

And finally:
Monty Python’s The Life of Brian: I want to be a woman

lionheart Mon 13-Mar-17 21:45:27

Wow Betsy.

MercyMyJewels Mon 13-Mar-17 21:54:41

Thanks for starting this Betsy. Great links

And I love The Life of Brian

lionheart Mon 13-Mar-17 21:57:56

Another look at the statistics:

ludog Mon 13-Mar-17 22:04:53

That monty python scetch is scarily prophetic shock

MercyMyJewels Mon 13-Mar-17 22:23:03

My born again Christian BIL who lectured everyone hated LoB and so of course I knew it off by heart.

Who can we call BigusDickus, do you think? Lovely Danielle?

Stopmakingsense Mon 13-Mar-17 22:56:33

Magdelen Berns - this is my favourite but pick any of hers

Stopmakingsense Mon 13-Mar-17 23:00:33

And Peach Yoghurt - wonderful

sticklebrix Mon 13-Mar-17 23:21:29

Meet Scotland's outstanding women

DickToPhone Mon 13-Mar-17 23:29:44

Laura Voyce - paedophile avoided prison because transgender

Jan Krause - stalker avoided prison because transgender

Nicola Florida - transgender paedophile profiled as a hero AFTER committing child sex offences -

Dawn Love - sex offender spared jail because transgender propaganda says transgender people are more at risk in jail. given 'rehabilatative women's programme' instead

Gina Owen - transwoman paedophile who committed offences as a man not walked free from court because no rehabilitation courses available for women

Laura Hudson - violent alcoholic transwoman living in a women's hostel spared jail after robbing mother & 9-year-old girl - Natalie Kearney violent transwoman blames illegally purchased hormones for violence; is sent to women's prison after domestic violence conviction

Kayleigh Woods - trans murderer who committed sadistic 'Barbie' murder on (non-trans) woman. Likely in female prison???

Jessica/Christopher Hambrook - claimed to be transgender to access women's shelter where he sexually assaulted two women - a deaf homeless woman and a domestic violence survivor. This after a long list of previous offences including rape of a five-year-old and a 27-year-old mentally disabled woman. Attack followed 2012 (Ontario) law PROHIBITING denial of access to facilities based on being transgender.

Sean/Shauna Smith - transwoman pervert taking advantage of (US) Target's trans-friendly changing room policy to film women changing

Richard Rodriguez - transwoman who filmed women in changing rooms on multiple occasions

Colleen Francis naked transwoman in women's sauna indecently exposing his genitals to children through window. Girls given small isolated section of changing room for privacy. Him the entire premises.

Kathleen Livinstein - Professor/PhD and autism researcher (herself autistic) with autistic daughter who was in special education her whole life and had previously stated she was lesbian - daughter given double mastectomy and debilitating hormone therapy (3 hospitalisations) at the age of 18 (against mother's wishes) after watching TV show about transgender and following (only) two sessions from counsellor.

Someone should provide more references on the link between autism and transgender - it's been referenced many times, but i don't have any studies?

A 7-year-old boy removed from mother after mother & social workers insisted he was transgender and hated his penis. After living with father found to be happy and exhibiting no gender dysphoria.

A 14-year-old lesbian girl was described by social workers as 'heterosexual' and a transboy, used 'suicide risk' trans trope to force Christian parents to allow gender change

Lila Perry - transgirl walks around showing off 'her' dick wants to force school to let 'her' use the girls' bathroom at school.

Mack Beggs - transman on steroids competes against women and wins

Nattaphon Wangyot - transgirl won 100m/200m

DickToPhone Mon 13-Mar-17 23:36:11

Toni The Tampon - cartoon tampon who 'stands with menstruators of ALL genders'

WorldWideWish Tue 14-Mar-17 05:52:31

Place marking

glenthebattleostrich Tue 14-Mar-17 06:06:31

Blatant place mark. Thanks for these.

Thecatsmum Tue 14-Mar-17 07:20:42

I wish this thread had been here when I emailed my MP. Once I receive their response I think I'll send a link to this.

BetsyM00 Tue 14-Mar-17 08:11:25

Lise Eliot: The Myth of Pink and Blue Brains

Datun Tue 14-Mar-17 08:21:38

The intersex society saying they do not want to be used to endorse transgenderism. Insisting on it in fact. Quite useful to read on its own as it shows how they have been pressured by GIRES to do so.

Lalsy Tue 14-Mar-17 08:21:44

Great list, thank you so much, Betsy.

Here are a few things I keep going back to, especially when talking to well-meaning friends who are not used to being called bigoted:

I think this from Miranda Yardley really nails it: Trans conundrum

Gender Apostates

Fair Play for Women

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