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I just read The Shining in two days,

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ScribblyGum Sat 09-May-20 13:55:41

and bloody hell I absolutely loved it.

I really don’t like horror but this was just what I needed. Started reading yesterday morning and haven’t really done anything else apart from sleep, eat, and go to the loo.

It’s been AGES since I’ve been sucked into a book like that.

Bravo Mr King you genius you.

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DrDreReturns Sat 09-May-20 13:59:26

Wow that's quick reading! It's quite a long book.
I love some Stephen King (e.g. Carrie, Misery, Different Seasons) but some leaves me cold (Lisey's Story for example.) Pet Sematary freaked me out so much I couldn't finish it.

ScribblyGum Sat 09-May-20 14:07:14

I could barely put it down yesterday. I didn’t know the story at all, having been far too scared to attempt to watch the film, so it was a proper page turner experience.
So SO glad I could read the ending today sat outside in the lovely sunshine. Would have given myself the absolute willies if I’d been reading it on a cold winter’s night.

I read 11:22:63 last year and really liked it, it but this was much more horribly enjoyable grin

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ScribblyGum Sat 09-May-20 14:07:58

Can’t decide whether to go straight into another King or to palate cleanse with something else.

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RaininSummer Sat 09-May-20 14:14:54

I read the Shining 45 years ago and it was the scariest book I had ever read. I luxuriated in being terrified tucked up on my bed. I have just finished Dr Sleep which picks up the story of Danny Torrance as an adult. If I were you I would dive in...

TrafalgarSquare Sat 09-May-20 14:18:44

Watch the film too!

tsmainsqueeze Sat 09-May-20 14:18:54

I read this a long time ago and absolutely loved it , so well written and totally terrifying. Stephen King is the only horror writer who is able to make what he has written linger in my mind for days after i have finished reading the book .
I love the film also , i read the book after watching the film and loved it more .
I have been reading more gentle type genres during the virus as an escape, i just finished cold comfort farm which was great , but you have tempted me to read the shining again .

PuppyMonkey Sat 09-May-20 14:21:12

The Stand for you next OP!

ScribblyGum Sat 09-May-20 14:24:59

The Stand is after a flu pandemic isn’t it... not sure if that is wise right now, although it is one of his best isn’t it?
Didn’t know there was a sequel To The Shining though. Thanks for the tip off @RaininSummer

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LivingDeadGirlUK Sat 09-May-20 14:25:30

I second The Stand, working my way through it again now smile

ScribblyGum Sat 09-May-20 14:26:38

I’ve put my kindle on charge to upload another King!

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DailyMailcanfuckthefuckoff Sat 09-May-20 14:27:20

Ooh, my favourite author! The Stand is one of my favourite books ever, lucky you getting to read it all for the first time. I recommend The Shining next, followed by Doctor Sleep (the sequel; Danny Torrence as an adult). The Shining goes into so much detail that was missed in the film, and SK HATED the Kubrick adaptation as it made Jack into quite a psycho, which he never was in the book. Yes, it's creepy now and then, just as The Stand can be (I hated the part with Stuart creeping around the disease facility, omg) but it really is one of his best.

The Stand is fabulous as an original series. There's also a remake which'll be out later this year. I can't wait!!!

DailyMailcanfuckthefuckoff Sat 09-May-20 14:28:16

WOW, look at me reading too fast and getting it wrong. Ok, The Stand next, or maybe Doctor Sleep grin

PuppyMonkey Sat 09-May-20 14:29:38

I want to reread The Stand myself now. This is the PERFECT time to read it.grin

bruffin Sat 09-May-20 14:29:56

I read Firestarter and The Dead Zone in one sitting back when they were first published

ScribblyGum Sat 09-May-20 14:33:31

For serial King re-readers I can recommend the gorgeous Folio Society copy of The Shining. I gave it to dd2 (horror lover) at Christmas and pinched it off her to read over the BH.
Loved the creepy artwork.

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UpToonGirl Sat 09-May-20 14:34:41

Yes The Stand! I re-read it when this all kicked off, possibly a bad idea but I tend to read it every three or four years any way. I think it may be my favourite book of all time.

If you want another King book I would recommend his older stuff more than anything recent (aside from 11.22.63, which you've read anyway). Cujo, Misery, IT, Pet Sematary, Christine or Desperation.

@DailyMailcanfuckthefuckoff do you think they'll still release the series this year? I was wondering if they would hold off - hope not!

theseriousmoonlight Sat 09-May-20 14:40:13

@ScribblyGum I would definitely recommend Dr Sleep. It's better than The Shining I think (ducks for cover).

11:22:63 is one of his best, as is The Stand but I can't read that as I get far too upset by the beginning chapter (pregnancy hormones). If you want something completely different though, why not The Green Mile (not much horror if any as far as I can remember) or Cell (another post apocalyptic one but linked to a mobile signal)

I adore Stephen King.

Patsypie Sat 09-May-20 14:51:09

Carrie and Misery are fabulous. If I were you, I'd dive into Doctor Sleep then have a double bill of the films!

ScribblyGum Sat 09-May-20 15:03:09

Dr Sleep purchased smile

I’m back in my chair in the garden and ready to continue with more of the same.

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beansonbread Sat 09-May-20 15:14:17

My favourite King books are The Long Walk and Misery. Wasn’t a huge fan of IT as it went on for far too long but definitely agree with the sentiment that his older stuff is better than his new stuff.

StoorieHoose Sat 09-May-20 15:18:10

Dr Sleep is great My favourites are The Long Walk, Salem's Lot and Insomnia

StoorieHoose Sat 09-May-20 15:19:25

From his newer stuff I did like The Outsider and Joyland though

TrafalgarSquare Sat 09-May-20 15:24:02

The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon is my favourite, you'd probably read that in half a day as it's much shorter.

LST Sat 09-May-20 15:27:27

You need to read Dr Sleep now. Its brilliant too.

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