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Aiding Affirming April

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Octopus37 Tue 31-Mar-20 09:14:25

Hi, here is the new thread. Without stating the obvious, think that in such difficult times, the emphasis is going to be on staying on an even keel as best we can and supporting each other. I weighed in at 9st0.5 this morning, I'm the first to admit that all I want to eat is carbs at the moment but I'm finding the accountability good. I'm aiming for 8st12.5 this month. Take care all

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Patchworksack Wed 01-Apr-20 07:41:19

Hi octopus thanks for the new thread. I am starting April at 9st1lb, which is 13lb down from NYD. Currently day 12 in isolation as my husband and daughter have had symptoms of coronavirus. Really hoping the rest of us stay well and we can start getting outdoors to exercise at the weekend.

MonsteraCheeseplant Wed 01-Apr-20 08:12:03

Hi hi, I came to the last thread at the very end so if it's ok, i'll reintroduce myself here.

I'm hoping to lose a stone to a stone and a half. I'm using my fitness pal to keep myself around 1200-1300 calories a day. Is it likely to work? I feel like i'm doing it wrong all the time because i'm not finding it difficult and I think drinking water is keeping me feeling full, but the proof will be in the scales at the end of the week.

I love the idea that actually, nothing is really off limits. Unlike low carbing. I can have pretty much anything I like, just in moderation. I hope it works for me.

Octopus37 Wed 01-Apr-20 08:38:28

Hi, welcome MonsteraCheeseplant, sounds as if you are doing great.

Patchwork, hope you can get out by the weekend, all so worrying. I thought I was getting symptoms yesterday, headache and slight sore throat, went to bed early, seem to be ok today. 9st1 for me as well today, didn't go outside and get any exercise whatsoever yesterday. Was going to go for April fool and pretend I was 8st1, but decided against it. May still pretend to the kids that there's a snake in the conservatory o something. Monster, I need to start drinking more water like you

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WellErrr Wed 01-Apr-20 13:30:46

Hi everyone!
Monstera, low calorie definitely works. It’s just physics!

I was 8st12 on the scales this morning. Up from 8st7. That’s the kick I needed and I’m back on track today! So far.

Don’t know how to get my mojo back, I’ve been ‘starting tomorrow’ for 2 weeks now 😭

Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket Wed 01-Apr-20 18:39:12

Hi all (just place marking)

WellErrr Wed 01-Apr-20 19:57:11

So for the first day in ages I have actually stuck to it. After absolutely binging for over a week. So surely I’ll be thin tomorrow now yeah!? 😂👍

B - porridge (177)
L - jacket potato with bean chilli (507)
D - soup with a sandwich thin (313)

S - 2 cups of tea (80), apple (34), animal biscuits (96), dairy milk mini bar (96)

Total - 1303

About to sit down to the second cup of tea and dairy milk 😍

Porpoises Wed 01-Apr-20 22:02:22

Well a lot has changed since the start of the last thread!

I lost 1.5kg in march, pleased with that. (Not weighing this week due to stomach bug).

My aims last month were mostly around managing food on working days. Now the challenge is to find a happy, healthy routine working from home, and generally stay sane. Circumstances permitting, I aim to:
-keep eating a nutritious diet
-exercise regularly and increase my fitness
-grow some veg/salad (have made a start in the last two weeks)
-stay at 71kg or lower.

Octopus37 Thu 02-Apr-20 08:11:32

Hope you feel better soon Porpoises. Your aims sound good. I'm probably eating a bit too much at the moment 9.1.75 at the moment, might be just a temporary blip. Onwards and downwards. Will try and eat less today.

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TheHoundsofLove Thu 02-Apr-20 08:53:22

I'm pleased to have stayed the same in March, but am going to power on and want to be 8 stone something by the end of April. Another half a stone which would take me to 8st 9 and a 3 and a half stone loss in total - I think this should definitely be achievable by June if I get my arse into gear.
I've been for a 5km run with my son this morning - he was so sure that he was going to beat me and I totally kicked his ass! grin We're also going to do PE with Joe in a few minutes. Thursday is usually one of my rest days so this extra is all great and will help to counter my growing cake addiction !

Porpoises Thu 02-Apr-20 09:56:49

Well done Hounds smile

winterisstillcoming Thu 02-Apr-20 10:02:36

Thanks for the new thread octopus! Agree that setting realistic goals and being kind to oneself is the order of this month. I'd love to see 9st from 9st 5 but will remind myself that I'm actually happy as I am and the lightest I've been for 2 years so 9st 2 will be more realistic, especially as my normal everyday activity is reduced.

Well done on all the March losses, but mainly well done on getting through it still logging and still wanting to carry on.

Porpoises Thu 02-Apr-20 23:42:52

Hope everyone had a good day. flowers to anyone having a hard time.

Today - porridge with golden syrup
Eggs on toast with salad
Vegetable soup with bread
Lots of cheese for snacks

WellErrr Fri 03-Apr-20 06:38:05

Well done to all the losers!
If we added up total losses from these threads I think it would be more than we think!

I had a second good day in a row yesterday, haven’t had that for ages! Hope no ones bored of my menus, really helps me knowing I have to write it all down 😂

B - porridge (177)
L - jacket potato with beans and cheese (452)
D - tuna pasta (420)

S - cup of tea (40), animal biscuits (96), apple (51), dairy milk mini bar (96)

Total - 1372

The evening was SO HARD though. Everyone on my Facebook is baking and all I wanted to do was make scones!

Octopus37 Fri 03-Apr-20 08:41:54

Well done WellErr. Fair to say its very hard for everyone at the moment. 9st0.75 for me this morning, think if I see anything starting with a 8 it will be a major triumph for me this month so aiming to change my goal from 8st12.5 to 8st13, every little helps right. Also agree that all the facebook cakes aren't helping, delicious though they look. Have had my cereal bar and almonds this morning and managed to do a big dog walk last night.

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Porpoises Fri 03-Apr-20 08:53:44

@WellErrr I am also having baking urges, but found my flour had gone mouldy. And it's one of the few things completely gone from the shops here. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise?

MonsteraCheeseplant Fri 03-Apr-20 09:43:56

This is silly. I'm actually scared to get on the scales in the morning. Saturdays are my usual weigh ins. I just don't think anything will have changed.

Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket Fri 03-Apr-20 09:46:42

@WellErrr, well done!
Now craving jacket beans and cheese even though I've just had breakfast!
I'm having the opposite problem in that I just can't be arsed to cook, and wash up, and the whole boring rigmarole.
My consumption of white bread sandwiches is through the roof. Yesterday I was over my calories by a couple of hundred, so a maintain day I hope.

winterisstillcoming Fri 03-Apr-20 13:10:03

I had a massive jacket with beans and cheese on Wednesday! It was delish!

My appetite's back with a vengeance.. trying to keep distracted......! It's not even totm so maybe he a few too many carbs?

Im 0.5 lbs down this week which is about right.

Keep going everyone!

Heygirlheyboy Fri 03-Apr-20 15:29:03

Thanks Porpoises! I'm gone up guys to 9, 7.5, bad but could be worse. Will catch up with new thread soon.

WellErrr Fri 03-Apr-20 20:01:47

Jacket potato with beans and cheese is a belter of a meal! Going to put it on tomorrow’s plan too!

Today has been so, SO hard. Had to take the cravings hour by hour. It’s because I’ve been binging on sugar past two weeks, it’s like a drug. Day 3 now. Hopefully easier tomorrow!

B - porridge (177)
L - soup with a sandwich thin (383)
D - sausage and mash, weighed portions (427)

S - 2 cups of tea (80), 2 bags animal biscuits (192), 200ml coke (82), banana (81)

Total - 1422

22 cals over but I’m not going to lose sleep over that!

Hope everyone’s had a nice day smile

Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket Fri 03-Apr-20 21:35:15

Hiya, only just under cals today
B. Yoghurt & 2tblspns granola 3x coffees (380)
L. Lot noodle & banana (420)
D. 1 cup pasta & Bolognese sauce. (480)
S. 2x g&t 2 (100) squares dark choc(100), 1 cup halo ice cream(80), 1 apple(60)
Total: 1640

MonsteraCheeseplant Sat 04-Apr-20 07:45:30

Hello! I'm down 2lbs today grin. That's a relief 'cos all week I convinced myself that this wasn't going to work, I was doing it wrong, I wasn't feeling hungry enough etc. My emotions are a bit out of proportion with this and i'm just going to assume it's projected coronavirus anxiety. I'm very much feeling like I want to do this right. Thank you for reassurances given to me before, I appreciate it.

Yesterday was tough cravings wise but DH distracted me with a long walk.

Porpoises Sat 04-Apr-20 08:44:40

Well done monstera!

Octopus37 Sat 04-Apr-20 08:54:26

Well done Monstrel, that's fab. Not doing that well, 9st1.75 today cause I had a Dominos last night, always know that a Dominos will add a pound the next day but it doesn't stop me. Aiming to do better the next few days. Like everyone, struggling a bit. Trying to balance between work and entertaining my youngest DS who is 10 and banned from his xbox at the moment . Know we are all the same in various ways. Have a good Saturday all

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