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Anyone done the body coach?

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clottedcreamteawithscone Wed 08-Apr-15 12:27:19

I keep seeing before and after shots after his 90 day programme and they are fantastic...anyone done it and what basically is it in a nutshell?

TheCowThatLaughs Wed 08-Apr-15 12:45:57

I haven't done it but he's on Instagram and Facebook and has his own website too. It sounds good but time-consuming and I think it centres around doing HIIT for the 1st 30 days, then weights after that, and he does a menu for you too.

clottedcreamteawithscone Wed 08-Apr-15 13:08:11

yes Im on his facebook page, results look great. sorry what is HIIT???

TheCowThatLaughs Wed 08-Apr-15 13:12:15

It's that thing where you do really intense exercise for a short period of time, and it's meant to be excellent for losing fat. I think the evidence for it may be bit patchy though, but not sure. Would be good if there are any mumsnetters who've done it. Obviously he'll only put the best results on his website I imagine

CarolBornAMan Wed 08-Apr-15 13:13:02

There are a lot of similar plans out there..based around high impact interval training ..lots of you tube vids including his. The diet plan is based around protein veg and good fats with some carbs after exercise. It is hard work but does work..need to plan food carefully as hard to find right stuff. I did similar plan 2 years ago and lost weight but not to extent of his followers!

AggressiveBunting Thu 09-Apr-15 00:32:07

It'll work if you stick to it- and for most people that's the issue. I do Crossfit and I've seen some people really commit, buy into the whole 'train 6 days a week/ eat paleo' concept and the results are amazing BUT most people don't get those results cos they don't stick to it ( mainly they don't stick to the diet part). I think it's one of those things where you need space in your life to get the ball rolling- so a month where you can basically say ' this is my priority'.

MontysMum8 Thu 09-Apr-15 06:58:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AggressiveBunting Thu 09-Apr-15 08:40:21

Also remember that you can do a lot with photoshop grin. There was a guy who did a load of before and after photos where he did the "afters" first, took them dehydrated, tanned, oiled, first thing in the morning and wearing super flattering clothes, sucked in etc. Then he drank water, ate food, and took the "before's" later that day slumping in unflattering clothes, wiped the tan off etc. Total fat difference- zero, but he looked about 20lb lighter in the first lot and a lot more buff. It's a lesson in good posture if nothing else.

DiDiddlyIDi Thu 09-Apr-15 08:43:05

I'm on day two, so far I'm enjoying it. The key to it is preparation!! Before I purchased the 3 months subscription I did a week of the recipes he gives on Instagram and 4/5 HIIT workouts that I found on his YouTube page and I lost 3kg. I was sold after that. Let me know if you have any questions

DiDiddlyIDi Thu 09-Apr-15 08:43:57

Also I do not believe for a minute that any results are photoshopped

MintPink Thu 09-Apr-15 19:34:37

Bumping as I'm really interested in this too.

RiojaHaze Thu 09-Apr-15 22:39:18

I've literally just sent off my questionnaire and "before" photos and subscribed to this.
It asks you loads of questions about your health and eating and then they send you a personalised plan back.

I exercise loads but I know my eating lets me down so I'm hoping their helping hand will get me the results k want!

Desperrado Fri 10-Apr-15 00:23:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Desperrado Fri 10-Apr-15 00:23:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HelenF350 Fri 10-Apr-15 00:35:50

Interested to hear how you all get on. I'm 6 months pregnant with dc1 and have severe spd (on crutches since 14 weeks) so haven't been able to do any exercise. Will need to do something drastic when dc is born! ��

DiDiddlyIDi Fri 10-Apr-15 03:06:59


I would describe it as low carb, as you only have carbs (bagel/rice/quinoa) after you workout, so 5 meals out of 21 a week. Next to know sugar, I'm a sugar addict and coping well, I also take chromium picolinate, body coach doesn't tell you to take it, but I take one a day and swear by it.
It's very much low carb, high protein, high fat. No processed food. All simple healthy tasty stuff, all homemade. The most processed thing is a plain bagel. Lots of green veg too!

You need next to no room to workout in cycle 1, I go to the gym, as I am a member, plus I live in a flat so wouldn't want to annoy the neighbours whilst I am skipping, doing box jumps, burpees, press ups etc. have a look at TheBodyCoachTV to see his HIIT workouts, they're all on YouTube and you will see you can do them int he garden. I also use this tabata timer on my iPhone :

to help me with 45 second internal exercises. I do 1*45 seconds of say burpees, then 1*45 second of rest, repeat that 15 times! I mix the exercises up say, high knees & punches, basketball jump squats, burpee press ups, box jumps, skipping. All exercise will make sense when you watch his videos. I'm on cycle one and you can follow what people do on Instagram just search #90daysssplan

Hope that helps, happy to help with more questions...

Desperrado Fri 10-Apr-15 03:22:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DiDiddlyIDi Fri 10-Apr-15 03:57:43

I know, it's crazy how you know what to do but feel the need to spend £147 to make you stick to it.

What I love about the before photos is that he doesn't say slouch or puff your tummy out, he simply just asks for a front, back and side photo.

What I recommend if unsure is take 14 days, get the free email, follow the little tips ( nothing revolutionary), do 5 HIIT videos a week and try to follow his recipes, if in 2 weeks you think it will work for you and you like the recipes, go ahead and get on it! Try to only have carbs after exercising. The IG thing for me is helping me stay motivated, I only have a handful of RL friends in there, the rest are fellow body coach "disciples"

Desperrado Fri 10-Apr-15 14:29:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RiojaHaze Fri 10-Apr-15 17:38:53

Do it and be my buddy Desperado! I'm hoping the cost will make me stick to it.

CarolBornAMan Sat 11-Apr-15 09:28:21

I am going to do it.. shall we buddy up? Going to send off for it tonight..just need ro spend today saying goodbye to some of my favourite bad things..

RiojaHaze Sat 11-Apr-15 15:46:58

Yes definitely! I sent mine off a couple of days ago so should be a couple of days before I get my info.

DiDiddlyIDi Sat 11-Apr-15 17:27:36

90 day plan - getting lean in 2015 is a great group to join on Facebook if doing body coach. I've just finished day4 (+8hrs GMT) cycle 1 and I love it so far.

gotredonyou Thu 16-Apr-15 12:02:39

How you getting on DiDiddlyIDi - Really tempted to subscribe to his plan!

DiDiddlyIDi Sat 18-Apr-15 10:09:10

I'm 11days in now and have lots 2kg and certainly feeling trimmer. I'm enjoying it still too. There is a group on Facebook called The Body Coach 90 daySSS Plan Client Community is recommend joining that

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