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General Dog Chat Part II

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BiteyShark Wed 28-Mar-18 05:40:23

A place for nattering about our canine friends.

Old or new, feel free to come and chat any time grin

BiteyShark Wed 28-Mar-18 05:44:52

Well you can tell it's a bank holiday weekend coming up in the uk. It's forecast heavy rain again sad.

Whilst it isn't so much of a problem because we aren't allowed out yet it means I have to try and keep BiteyDog dry after toileting so his stomach wound doesn't get wet when he curls up to sleep.

Bring on the summer damn it grin

Squirrel26 Wed 28-Mar-18 10:06:56

Ooh, hello smile

SquirrelDog for some reason keeps stealing my slippers (normal) and then leaving them ‘posed’ in various places around the house (just weird). Most recent was stacked on top of each other in the middle of the patio (why does he keep them together? Why?? Also he only likes to chew one.) I think he’s messing with my head on purpose, the little git.

BiteyShark Wed 28-Mar-18 10:14:44

Maybe SquirrelDog is just tidying them up and is trailing out the best place to store them for you 😁.

BiteyDog likes to greet me with one of my shoes. The problem sometimes being that it's often one I want to put on and he just wants to show me it but doesn't actually want to give it to me hmm

TropicPlunder Wed 28-Mar-18 11:03:22

Ha! I like the piling, posing and presenting of shoes, squirrel and bitey! Mine collects items and stores them neatly on her that we know they are now hers grin. Sometimes there's not much room for her among the socks, shoes and plant pots!
Hope Biteydog continues to improve

BiteyShark Wed 28-Mar-18 11:32:43

Tropic at least you know where to look and don't need to hunt around the house grin.

BiteyDog is having a good morning today. Poos are fine so back to normal from yesterday disaster which is good. He's sleeping lots, not sure if that's through boredom or recovering or both but probably a good thing.

TropicPlunder Wed 28-Mar-18 11:36:25

Ah Yes, but things are usually found on her bed ... or burried! The hazards of an always open door confused

steppemum Wed 28-Mar-18 11:46:08

we used to look after our cousin's dog when they were on holiday.

He was a very well behaved gentle giant, who never did anythign wrong/naughty etc.

One day I had put a pile of clean washing at the bottom of the stairs. When I came back an hour or so later, it was gone. The doors were open as it was warm weather. Then I looked out of the window. The whole pile had been taken one piece at a time down the garden and scattered. He was asleep on his bed, looking innocent!

GooodMythicalMorning Wed 28-Mar-18 11:47:37

Raining all the walk, got home and the sun came out. Didnt bother Indy though.

BiteyShark Wed 28-Mar-18 11:48:48

Haha they probably think they are helping you and can't understand why you keep putting the things back in the WRONG place grin

BiteyShark Wed 28-Mar-18 11:50:22

Goood fortunately it's stopped raining here now but on my app it says heavy rain for the next two days 😭

steppemum Wed 28-Mar-18 12:20:52

we haven't been out yet.
Been raining hard, steppedog, who is normally game for anything, doesn't even want to go out for a wee.
The rain has finally stopped, but now I have to wait in for a phone call, so the walk will have to wait.

First day sonce we had him that I have seriously considered not going out, as he really doesn't look keen!

thegirlsallgrowedupnow Wed 28-Mar-18 13:56:39

We did agility yesterday afternoon so I knew cocodog would not be full of beans this morning. She was still lying on our bed paws in the air at 10.30 and I had to call her four times before she put in an appearance😃 Then we got caught in some heavy rain which doesn’t bother her until she gets home when being damp is not conducive to a good snooze it seems!

Squirrel26 Wed 28-Mar-18 15:48:42

SquirrelDog hates rain. He has a special ‘I’m disappointed in you’ look. Because the weather is my fault, Obvs. hmm

GooodMythicalMorning Wed 28-Mar-18 17:41:01

Has anyone used a noise can/shaker to correct bad behaviour?

BiteyShark Wed 28-Mar-18 17:55:16

Haven't myself Goood but I do clap my hands or make a noise if I need to startle him if he's doing something bad.

GooodMythicalMorning Wed 28-Mar-18 18:04:31

I've literally just made one as clapping doesnt work and am surprised how well it worked. He keeps tugging the table cloth and I'm worried he'll do it when its got mugs on but it stopped him instantly. Wondering whether it'll help always or he'll get used to it. Plus I need him to not chew the sofa which he started to do recently and new sofa turning up in 3 weeks.

BiteyShark Thu 29-Mar-18 05:39:34

Goood it's a shame I can't bottle a sneeze. If you sneeze in this household no matter what he's doing he instantly stops and bolts over to me looking quite alarmed. Would beat any noise shaker grin

thegirlsallgrowedupnow Thu 29-Mar-18 07:39:08

Goood, years and years ago I tried this with my lab with barking. Didn’t work and made her start being fearful of other noises. Indy is quite young I think? My suggestions would be...use the tablecloth situation for training ie, treats for sitting or lying beside the table calmly. Either wait until he is lying quietly anyway and reward and praise or ask him for a down with intermittent rewards for staying in the right position. Any over excited tugging equals immediate removal from the room, no engagement, no rewards. Same with sofa. If he only chews sofa when alone do not allow access to it.
I often use some of cocodogs teatime kibble and hide it around the house. I put it on low bookshelves, the hoover when it’s left out, the computer printer, the pedal of the kitchen off seems to be that she is not excited or anxious about any of these things. Ignores the hoover, respects the bin😬 or so I think🙄 The ironing board which she seldom sees and has never been associated with a treat she absolutely detests and attacks in and out of the cupboard. Just some thoughts.

Goldmonday Thu 29-Mar-18 07:44:32

Found my way to this thread somehow.

Does anyone else's dogs bark maniacally at any sudden noise on the television?? It's getting to the point where I have to shut them in another room as I can't bloody hear the programme

BiteyShark Thu 29-Mar-18 08:30:44

Gold I sometimes have to change channel if he doesn't like something on there as he just starts growling. Fortunately it's never for long and he stops.

Is it a certain programme/noise that sets yours off?

DH has the tv on ALL the time so mostly BiteyDog is used to it and I sometimes put it on to drown out any noises outside which he doesn't like. He definitely doesn't like it when it's loud though and tends to take himself off into another room if there lots of 'action noise' going on.

BiteyShark Thu 29-Mar-18 08:33:17

The ironing board which she seldom sees and has never been associated with a treat she absolutely detests and attacks in and out of the cupboard.

Made me laugh grin.

BiteyDog is scared of the new hoover. He liked my only Henry one but the new cordless one is too scary and he literally run into another room and hides until it goes away grin

steppemum Thu 29-Mar-18 08:58:06

well steppedog and I did make it out yesterday. he went out for a wee, saw that the weather had cleared up and suddenly became very full of beans which ocudl only be cured by a walk hmm

Was a nice walk though, we seem to be getting a lot of good moments where he is really tuned in and responsive. His recall was mostly really good, and he walked really calmly on his lead. Makes life so much more relaxed.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Thu 29-Mar-18 09:13:03

I don't have a tv (nothing pretentious, I just watch on an iPad) but when visiting DF I did watch PestDog jump off the sofa, bark at a badger on the tv and then look behind it to see where it had gone, to peels of laughter

I don't remember dogs ever reacting to images on the TV when we last had dogs in the family, 10+ years ago - I wonder if tech improvements now mean they're able to see the images where they couldn't before.

Anyone else have a dog who likes to playfight the hairdryer? It's his favourite game, he comes running when he hears me turn it on confused

BiteyShark Thu 29-Mar-18 09:14:22

We have another boring day in front of the tv today. If his scar continues to heal as it's done so far I might try an onlead walk at the weekend. There is a lump about 2cm in diameter around the stitches that's still red which we have antibiotics for just in case although they think it's more likely bruising or reaction to sutures (which we know he tends to react to given that's what happened post neutering).

I'm so bored though as I can't even just pop out to the shops and DH is still at work until tomorrow. I suppose I could risk it briefly but given our run of bad luck I won't tempt fate grin

Trying so hard not to keep ordering stuff on amazon to while away the time.

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