Help - a Lovely but heavily pregnant Lurcher turned up at my door today

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HoundoftheBaskervilles Tue 21-Oct-14 03:38:40

I know it's late & I know there's a thread for pointy hound lovers, but I seem to have acquired a heavily pregnant Lurcher, she was lurking round my house all day - very rural no near neighbours, every time I looked out the door she was there, very underfed but sweet & extremely sociable, after about three hours I crumbled & fed her, at which point I noticed she was HEAVILY pregnant & rather skinny.

I've taken her to the Vets', no chip, no report, so she's come back here, she had a show of mucus at the vets' and has been intermittently been panting very heavily, I've phoned the vet again (who luckily are personal friends) who told me how to do an internal, couldn't feel anything yet, so I guess it's just a waiting game.

I've had dogs in the past, but DOGS, never bitches & I've never whelped a pup in me life.

Help & hand-holds would be lovely.

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HoundoftheBaskervilles Tue 21-Oct-14 03:40:36

Here she is, quite relaxed.

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HoundoftheBaskervilles Tue 21-Oct-14 03:42:03

& yes - IT IS LATE - but I can't go to bed & leave her can I ? (Or can I ?).

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GoldfishSpy Tue 21-Oct-14 03:50:28

Oh, how exciting smile

I think you can leave her as she looks comfy enough. Save your energy for the morning when the action starts....

Where are you based? There are lots of greyhound rescue places that also take lurchers and I think pups are quite easy to home.

TheWholeOfTheSpook Tue 21-Oct-14 03:52:07

I have no advice at all but am shamelessly place marking for the newborn puppy photos! Good luck!

butterfliesinmytummy Tue 21-Oct-14 03:53:29

She is beautiful! No experience or advice here but she must have been looking for someone to help her. Agree that you should try to sleep - tomorrow could be busy!

HoundoftheBaskervilles Tue 21-Oct-14 03:56:51

Hi & Thanks Goldfish - I thought I was on my own there, I'm in Herefordshire, I will keep her if no owner turns up ( & to be honest I don't think one will, she's not chipped, obviously not spayed & the vet thinks she's been dumped because she was with pups, & so do I , the way she was so happy & pleased to see someone help her today, she leaped into our car with the window open & bedded down after I fed her).

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HoundoftheBaskervilles Tue 21-Oct-14 04:00:28

I think she was, it makes me so sad though that someone could have dumped her, she's sooo good natured, she's been to the vet's & been scanned, I've given her an internal on the advice of the vet's & she's met the children, all in good & very gentle grace. She's huffing & labouring on a pile of old duvets & all my sofa cushions now.

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GoldfishSpy Tue 21-Oct-14 04:02:20

Oooooh lucky you grin

Our greyhound girl is 11 now, she's such a super dog.

Hope the midwifery goes well - keep us posted!

HoundoftheBaskervilles Tue 21-Oct-14 04:02:46

Cross posts with the others there - I will keep you informed...

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HoundoftheBaskervilles Tue 21-Oct-14 04:15:47

My sister has always had rescue greyhounds & they are such lovely dogs, I think this little Lurcher is a Greyhound/Lab mix, but who knows what her pups will be, all the vet could tell me was that there were 'some' in there, too late in the day to say how many....eeek!

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ArsenicChaseScream Tue 21-Oct-14 04:18:41

Oh good luck. Exciting.

Are you feeling ok?

coasttocoast Tue 21-Oct-14 04:20:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SwearySwearyQuiteContrary Tue 21-Oct-14 04:27:03

Good luck. It's late morning here in Oz so I can keep you company if you need it. I know nothing about lurchers or whelping so I'm not much use, though.

HoundoftheBaskervilles Tue 21-Oct-14 04:27:21

I am & yes, we could, bizarrely we were only speaking at the weekend about getting a dog & I said I'd like a Lurcher if we did...I think someone was listening...

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ArsenicChaseScream Tue 21-Oct-14 04:29:03

And she found you. Just in time.

SwearySwearyQuiteContrary Tue 21-Oct-14 04:29:16

But did you specify how many you'd like? wink

ArsenicChaseScream Tue 21-Oct-14 04:30:29

<resists urge to mention 101 dalmatians>

ArsenicChaseScream Tue 21-Oct-14 04:31:49

(but even that litter was only about a dozen hmm)

HoundoftheBaskervilles Tue 21-Oct-14 04:32:18

I think I said one, not six. HOWEVER, my daughter who is dog-crazed always comes to me & says, 'Mummy, if we found a lost dog & it had puppies, could we keep them?' & I always say YES, because that would NEVER HAPPEN, would it?

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ArsenicChaseScream Tue 21-Oct-14 04:33:49

What's her memory like?

HoundoftheBaskervilles Tue 21-Oct-14 04:37:39

It's as good as the girl who wished on a Genie's lamp yesterday & it all came true. She saw the dog before me when we were going to school yesterday - it leapt on her with kisses as we were leaving the house. It's all her dreams come true at once.

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Cataline Tue 21-Oct-14 04:38:20

Your daughter is very wise! grin

vvviola Tue 21-Oct-14 04:49:25

Hi HoundoftheBaskervilles I can't give you any advice I'm afraid and my source of knowledge of all things puppy, my Mum, who is veteran of about 5 Labrador litters over the past 30-odd years, just left for the airport but I'm just posting to say I'm in NZ right now, so I'm happy to keep you company on night time vigils (in exchange for puppy pictures grin)

nooka Tue 21-Oct-14 04:49:31

She looks absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad she found you to help her, she does look very thin (I can see her knobbly spine in the picture) so it's great that your family will be there to support her with her babies.

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