SCD '21 #15: The return of Craig (and sensible marking)?

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PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Sun 21-Nov-21 19:57:46

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Justyou Sun 21-Nov-21 20:02:43

I bet Dan thinks he’s amazing lasting longer than Tom

EineReiseDurchDieZeit Sun 21-Nov-21 20:04:36

Thanks Polka!

Seedandyarn Sun 21-Nov-21 20:13:29

@EsmaCannonball lol your eyesight comment made me laugh Kai had laser treatment on his eyes a few months ago. Up until then when not dancing her regularly wore glasses.

Maireas Sun 21-Nov-21 20:18:11

Craig should reveal what his marks would have been...

Thecurliestwurly Sun 21-Nov-21 20:18:19


Dan is harder to get rid of than Japanese Knotweed

grin If a nuclear explosion wiped out the planet, it would just be Dan left with the cockroaches.

Grrrpredictivetex Sun 21-Nov-21 20:19:34

Lilia hated Dominic Littlewood


Samcro Sun 21-Nov-21 20:23:28

Glad dan got through and was pleased for tilly.
Not sad to see tom and ivy go out.

coodawoodashooda Sun 21-Nov-21 20:23:58


Craig should reveal what his marks would have been...

He might on Twitter or something.

ilovebrie8 Sun 21-Nov-21 20:29:44

Rhys looked worn out and far from elated ...I feel sorry for him...

GreenClock Sun 21-Nov-21 20:29:54

Rhys looked deflated at the end. It can’t be nice knowing you’re not terribly popular with the public. But he might benefit from a post-DO bounce next week, and Tilly will appear in the DO once more against….who knows.

xsquared Sun 21-Nov-21 20:30:07

I don't get why some people say Dan is smug, arrogant or think he's better than he is. This is the sort of thing that people say to justify their dislike for someone. His reaction after his ne was announced was gracious and he wished the others luck.

Dan is technically the worst dancer out of all the ones remaining, but as long as the public keep voting for him, then he has every right to stay.

I was prepared for him to go out this week to be honest but don't mind that he's been saved again.

JacquelineCarlyle Sun 21-Nov-21 20:33:16


Lilia hated Dominic Littlewood

I don't blame her - he came across so badly - very arrogant & rude, nothing like the 'cheeky chappy' persona that he portrayed until then! Put me right off him & I've turned the TV over anytime he appears ever since.

Blahblahblow Sun 21-Nov-21 20:34:23

Rose and Gio will definitely win, but Dan will be a close second. The public love him!

Blahblahblow Sun 21-Nov-21 20:35:54

Rhys and Nancy need to slow it down. He’s like a Duracell bunny, makes me feel dizzy and I’m not able to appreciate his moves.

JacquelineCarlyle Sun 21-Nov-21 20:35:55

I always enjoy watching Dan so voted for him this week. Once Rhys & Tilly are out then I'll stop voting for Dan (assuming he's of a similar standard next week - if he's awful or I don't enjoy his performance then I won't vote for him). I also adore Nadiya.

Fenelladepompom Sun 21-Nov-21 20:37:36

Hope Rhys is ok. I missed the end bit of the results show (not interested in hearing more from Tom) but thought he ran out of energy at the end of his dance off.

DontGiveAFlyingFig Sun 21-Nov-21 20:40:46

Rhys makes me nervous, he looks like a spring about to pop. He just needs to calm down.

I really didn't like Tom, don't know why so I'm afraid I'm pleased he has gone. I think he'll be waking up in the morning next to his wife, kids and Amy will be tapping on the window grin

WeAreTheHeroes Sun 21-Nov-21 20:43:51


I bet Dan thinks he’s amazing lasting longer than Tom

By the look on Dan's face when Tom was being applauded at the end, I think Dan is well aware a better dancer had gone before him.

MyCatEatsPrawnCrackers Sun 21-Nov-21 20:44:00

Am I right in thinking that the AT is choreographed with the help of outside choreographers? If so they may help see ways to put the oomph into John's performance that the judges said they're looking for.

WeAreTheHeroes Sun 21-Nov-21 20:46:13

Completely agree @xsquared

EineReiseDurchDieZeit Sun 21-Nov-21 20:47:49

The reality is that Dan Walker MUST have more fans than Tom. I know an avid watcher of Breakfast who LOVES him. I think he's an older ladies crumpet or something.

MaggieFS Sun 21-Nov-21 20:48:23

They always have someone each year who needs acting classes don't they? That's John sorted then.

I'm happy enough with how that went. I do like Dan and as long as Rhys and Tilly are in it, I don't think Dan has outstayed his time.

MaggieFS Sun 21-Nov-21 20:50:39


The reality is that Dan Walker MUST have more fans than Tom. I know an avid watcher of Breakfast who LOVES him. I think he's an older ladies crumpet or something.

I don't think it's crumpet. I think that in a world of reality TV, wannabe celebs wanting to be famous for the sake of it, and a whole heap of selfishness and bithchyness, he's a genuine, nice guy. I don't think he's arrogant at all. And I think that's why he's popular.

WeAreTheHeroes Sun 21-Nov-21 20:51:13

Dan started off on the north west news programme then moved to sport and now is on Breakfast too. He has a broad fanbase. Lots of people who know who he is will have no idea who McFly are or will only remember them in relation to Harry Judd.

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