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Falcon and The Winter Soldier

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MyFloorIsLava Tue 23-Feb-21 12:42:33

Spoiler-free thread to discuss the upcoming Marvel series on Disney+.

I wasn't excited about this but the trailer has made me excited. Unlike WandaVision, the trailer and promo art make it fairly obvious (I think) who one of the Big Bads will be. Also looks like it will be quite funny, carrying on the energy that Sam and Bucky had in Captain America Civil War.

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AndreaMarteau Tue 23-Feb-21 12:50:30

I was the same. Captain America was one of my favourite Avengers, but I'm a bit meh about Bucky and Sam. However, with the excellent job they've done of Wanda and Vision, I'm feeling a bit more hopeful. Looks like it'll be more of a straightforward thriller type thing than WandaVision though.

The one I'm really excited for is the Loki series. That looks like it's going to be a ride.

TeaMilkNonePlease Tue 23-Feb-21 13:19:22

We are loving Wandavision. The trailers for Falcon and the Winter Soldier look excellent. "I hate you!" And of course it will fill the gap until Loki airs, which is the one I'm really looking forward to.

In the meantime, my Disney+ subscription is getting a lot of exercise. Especially now that Star has landed.

APurpleSquirrel Tue 23-Feb-21 13:44:17

I'm really looking forward to seeing this! Cap is my favourite Avenger & the on- & off-screen chemistry/friendship between all three actors is great so it will be interesting to see how it develops on-screen without Cap in the mix (though I can always hope for a cameo please...!).

Loki should be a blast though! Tom Hiddleston is fantastic as Loki & clearly has a lot of fun playing him. Hope there some good cameos etc in that too.

TheDrsDocMartens Tue 23-Feb-21 15:34:37

I like Sam and Bucky. Always been a bit meh around the Capt America storylines until Civil War.
Looking forward to anything Marvel bring on.

species5618 Tue 23-Feb-21 20:38:21

Loki airing scheduled for May this year .... hurrah
Only on Disney+ though ..... damn.
I really don't want another streaming subscription!

ElGuardiandenoche Tue 23-Feb-21 20:42:32

@species5618, ooooooooohhhhh but it's so worth it, so very worth it.

species5618 Tue 23-Feb-21 21:58:16

I agree, but there's also Foundation coming this year on Apple TV, and the Dune film airing on HBOmax. Ah well, I'm sure DP won't miss Premier League smile

species5618 Tue 23-Feb-21 21:58:44

smile oops

ElGuardiandenoche Sat 27-Feb-21 23:47:59

Hmmm!... sports channels?... cool series channels?... sports channels?... cool series channels?... sports channels?... cool series channels?... yeeeeeah! no contest grin

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