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Corrie Thread - No spoilers please!

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ajandjjmum Wed 26-Feb-20 10:59:44

Just seen that my post was 999, so though I should open a new one. Not meaning to tread on anyone's toes - except Gary/Ryan/Geoff etc.

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ajandjjmum Wed 26-Feb-20 11:07:40


Maybe I should learn to proof-read too! grin

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MonkeyToesOfDoom Wed 26-Feb-20 11:32:30

New sparkly thread. Yay.

Let's hope, by the end of this one, Geoff is dead, Gary has gone on the run, Abi has sorted creepy hotel guy and Ali has got rid of his Lego man hair cut.

BeansOnToast123 Wed 26-Feb-20 12:10:07

I’m surprised Ali’s hair hasn’t got any lines of its own yet, it seems to be doing its own thing in every scene!

eggandonion Wed 26-Feb-20 12:56:21

I want to see more of Summer and her little friends.

Which is a polite way of joining the thread rather than a real desire.

NCTDN Wed 26-Feb-20 20:09:35

You don't really want to see more of Summer do you?shock

eggandonion Wed 26-Feb-20 20:12:55

Well if she had a happy storyline.... i'm a bit fed up with sex and violence and complex finance.

TheSquitz Wed 26-Feb-20 20:23:51

Ooh new thread. Haven't watched this week yet. Got to psyche myself up for the excitement hmm

Honeyroar Wed 26-Feb-20 20:24:29

Quick place mark from me too.

Come on Abi and Kev, you’ve got to record him threatening you somehow.

And who thinks Ken’s house will be sold to someone not family?

MonkeyToesOfDoom Wed 26-Feb-20 20:25:27


Oh no you've mentioned her now.. by end of the week she'll appear.. 🤣

BreconBeBuggered Wed 26-Feb-20 21:06:45

Christ, it's like EastEnders, this. So much misery and heartbreak.

Clawdy Wed 26-Feb-20 21:07:23

Looks as if Abi and Kev are over. Hope she doesn't forgive him.

Honeyroar Wed 26-Feb-20 21:19:18

I don’t think he would’ve reacted like that.

woodhill Wed 26-Feb-20 21:37:22

Ray is like a fatter version of Vic Reeves.

Geoff is such an unpleasant man, glad Aaliyah stands up to him

eggandonion Wed 26-Feb-20 21:44:21

I wish they'd tie up all the miserable story lines and we could move on to a happy future for everyone. It was totally dreary tonight.

eggandonion Wed 26-Feb-20 21:45:37

And Gemma seems to be in an episode of Motherland.

BreconBeBuggered Wed 26-Feb-20 22:50:05

I didn't like the look of those baby group mums at all. Am I having flashbacks?

CoolShoeshine Wed 26-Feb-20 23:00:17

I’m now wondering if Adam will sneakily buy Ken’s house and maybe live their with Daniel and Bertie. He’ll see Tracy and Peters bids and outbid them. He must have a fair bit of cash, although Paula does steal a bit of his business these days.
I do think that the writers should give Tracy and Steve their own house on the street though. Surely if Chesney can afford one on his kebab shop wages, they can?

CoolShoeshine Wed 26-Feb-20 23:06:07

Durr - I momentarily forgot that Adam is marrying Sarah - so even more of a motive for him to buy Ken’s house.

maxbabi Wed 26-Feb-20 23:07:04

Really over the treatment of Daniel. Craig ffs get a grip! For some reason it bothers me.
Kevin talks funny. Everyone is angry or miserable and it's pissing me off.
I want the good ole corrie back

NCTDN Thu 27-Feb-20 07:32:54

I'd love someone to buy no1 and completely refurbish it to be freshly modern. Not like the new family have though!

eggandonion Thu 27-Feb-20 09:09:53

Does Chesney own that house, I don't remember him buying it? I was glad to see Craig back, but he has had a personality transplant. I don't care about Abi now, Kevin deserves some happiness just because he has been there for so long.

EachandEveryone Thu 27-Feb-20 10:59:54

Well what a surprise Bethany saying she’s not going to that London even though it’s only two hours away.

Why can’t any young people progress on these shows? It annoys me so much. Even Cold Feet were at it and they were the typical dc that would further themselves,

Honeyroar Thu 27-Feb-20 11:14:11

She’ll go. Sarah will let it slip to Daniel, or Adam will, and he’ll tell her to go. There will be tears, but she will.

desperatehousewife21 Thu 27-Feb-20 15:02:09

I wondered what was going to happen with those two new baby group mums Gemma has met. They’re coming across all nicey nicey but reckon they might have ulterior motives?

God drippy Bethany just move to London and take up the job offer who would stick around just for mopey Daniel!?

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