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Ghosts BBC 1

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LIZS Mon 15-Apr-19 16:33:37

Anyone else grin at the original Horrible Histories crew reuniting again for this!

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The80sweregreat Mon 15-Apr-19 17:19:06

Seen loads of trailers ; looks funny but I had no idea it's the horrible histories people involved!

Thebatmother Mon 15-Apr-19 18:06:21

When I saw the trailer I thought it was going to be a drama so I was surprised/disappointed that it’s a sitcom. Haven’t seen the Horrible Histories series but will give this a go.

Craftycorvid Mon 15-Apr-19 18:13:20

Trailer put me in mind of ‘Rentaghost’ - now that dates me! 😁

nancy75 Mon 15-Apr-19 18:20:35

I saw a preview of episode 1 at the weekend. It is the Horrible Histories people, it’s quite funny & worth a watch. It’s on at a very strange time - from what I saw it’s fine for kids age about 8/9 & doesn’t need to be on so late.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 15-Apr-19 18:53:59

Looks funny

Thebatmother Mon 15-Apr-19 20:41:26

I remember Rentaghost too. I hope Ghosts isn’t going to be as childish as it comes across in the trailers.

Thebatmother Mon 15-Apr-19 22:09:10

Really enjoyed it despite it being on the suspected childish side. The politician minus his trousers is inspired.

RealJudas Mon 15-Apr-19 22:10:51

Very juvenile, but funny!

PerspicaciaTick Mon 15-Apr-19 22:13:29

I thought it was a very good start, the cellar full of dead people was seriously creepy.

covetingthepreciousthings Mon 15-Apr-19 22:23:19

Really enjoyed episode 1, was probably on the more childish side of humour than I tend to like but thought it has great potential.

As a side note, I'd love to inherit a house like that. Minus the ghosts wink

Charley50 Mon 15-Apr-19 23:06:21

I thought of Rentaghost too!
Didn't see it but I'll watch it.

CoolCarrie Mon 15-Apr-19 23:10:36

Any chance to see Matthew Baynton again, what a honey he is! I liked it and will watch next week.

Fazackerley Mon 15-Apr-19 23:14:39

God knows why it's on at 9. It was silly but funny. I really hope Alice lowe9

Fazackerley Mon 15-Apr-19 23:15:20

Gah stupid phone.

I hope Alice Lowe makes an appearance.

SoupDragon Mon 15-Apr-19 23:17:35

I can't work out why it's on at 9 either.

I agree that the cellar of ghosts was very creepy when they appeared.

SoupDragon Mon 15-Apr-19 23:18:09

I enjoyed it. Nothing deep, no concentration needed, very enjoyable smile

elephantoverthehill Mon 15-Apr-19 23:20:56

It was a bit 'Renta Ghost' but I think it has been given an obscure slot on a Monday night to see if it works and if so will be broadcast on 6.30 on Saturdays, unless there is some serious Rumpy Pumpy going to happen, although I can't see how.

nancy75 Mon 15-Apr-19 23:29:46

Apparently some of the other episodes have some scary bits but it wasn’t written to be post watershed so probably not that scary

covetingthepreciousthings Tue 16-Apr-19 06:28:33

Agree about the time slot, unless it gets a lot more scary I think it would have been better in an earlier slot.
Would fit well with say an 8pm Saturday or Sunday slot for slightly older children to enjoy aswell.

Seahorseshoe Tue 16-Apr-19 06:39:19

My husband enjoyed this too - didn't expect that. It was good fun.

LIZS Tue 16-Apr-19 07:46:41

Loved it. Silly but sharp and clever at the same time. Draws on all sorts of previous shows like Rentaghost, HH etc Was it "Carrie" the singing plague girl reminded me of - seriously creepy for a moment,

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RealJudas Tue 16-Apr-19 08:02:27

I really want the politician guy to start singing "stupid deaths" grin

Petalflowers Tue 16-Apr-19 19:19:12

I quite enjoyed Ghosts. Easy watching Monday night viewing. We got introduced to Lady Fanny in the first episode, so I wonder if we’ll learn about the other ghost’s death stories as the series proceeds.

I also immediately thought of Rentaghost!

PacmansGapingMaw Tue 16-Apr-19 19:21:46

Is it simikar to 'What We Do in the Shadows' sort of humour?

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