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CORRIE - the soap with more holes than swiss cheese! *SPOILER-FREE ZONE*

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yawning801 Tue 09-Jan-18 16:12:35

Slightly copying the old thread's title...

Come on Corrie writers! Get a grip! This is the thread to moan about the utter tosh that we end up watching, or in some cases to praise the actors because some of them are actually pretty good! Let's discuss!

yawning801 Tue 09-Jan-18 16:21:05


OneMoreOne Tue 09-Jan-18 16:21:47

Re people fitting in houses, obviously everyone has just had loft conversions! Peter is well behind the curve wink

StopTheRoundabout Tue 09-Jan-18 16:29:52

Settles in and passes around the tea and biscuits smile

TheJunctionBaby Tue 09-Jan-18 16:31:35

I didn't really like Luke when he first arrived - especially when he was with Maria. But he grew on me and I think the writers should have bumped off one of the rubbish characters like Sean/Chesney/Sinead/Kate/Jude/ken

yawning801 Tue 09-Jan-18 16:31:37

Stop thank you!

betgilroy Tue 09-Jan-18 16:39:47

I agree, I was starting to like Luke's character.

Have I missed something, where is Norris? Would it not make more sense for Shaun to live with him?

The Rovers scenes are too short IMO. We never see people pulling ints anymore.

Not enjoying the Carla and Roy storyline either. Roy is too timid to be so friendly with a feisty woman like Carla.

crazycatgal Tue 09-Jan-18 16:41:26

Shaun was living with Norris but Angie and Jude have also moved in whilst Norris is visiting Emily.

eddiemairswife Tue 09-Jan-18 16:46:54

The original houses had 3 bedrooms and an outside lavatory. So assuming that they have converted a bedroom to a bathroom and lavatory they must now have only 2 bedrooms upstairs. Amy's bedroom is downstairs and so was Sean's when he was at Eileen's; and I seem to remember Sean and Brian rowing over lack of space in one room when they were staying with Norris. Curly Watts had the loft in what is now Dev's turned into an observatory, and Tyrone fell through the floor of 'the girls' playroom being built in the loft.

Bluelonerose Tue 09-Jan-18 16:50:17

All I can see no is a row of houses looking like the weasleys from Harry potter on the street grin

Akire Tue 09-Jan-18 16:52:16

Noris has least two bed and one front room so three. Mary normally stays but she had move into Devs tardis do him gf and kids and Mary.

Agree about Luke, no drama queen but good morals and great on the eye. Sad surely Sean could been for chop instead.

When is peters baby due? It’s got to be prem emergency or she be in car crash or elope with it maybe Easter weekend viewing?

Also what happened to posh Bf?

Smeaton Tue 09-Jan-18 16:53:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

deadringer Tue 09-Jan-18 17:08:26

Corrie men are nearly always rogues, or dopes who are usually paired with 'strong' women that boss then about. As pp have said Luke was a nice guy, bright and moral with a good character. Easy on the eyes too. Why aren't we hearing more about Toyah's baby, surely she would be boring the pants off everyone with scan photos instead of waffling on about veganism and nails etc. I did like when Shawn announced last week that there was 3 vegans out front looking for Toyah, it sounded like they were a different species or something.

Redglitter Tue 09-Jan-18 17:11:56

Why did Sean leave Norris' house. He lived there long before Jude & Ang I'd have told them to sling their hook

LineysRunt Tue 09-Jan-18 17:15:30

I think it is painful when the writers get the simple bits of police procedure wrong, or have wildly inaccurate timings for parts of the police process. Makes the drama seem cartoon-like.

If they're short of screen time, then maybe leave out drivel like George's fructose allergy.

GrooovyLass Tue 09-Jan-18 17:23:31

So lost all his jobs and chucked out of his home - I'm assuming a major storyline coming up for Sean.

scrabbler3 Tue 09-Jan-18 17:27:36

I'm wondering if Nicola is going to reappear. She could make Eileen doubt Phelan, I think.

Akire Tue 09-Jan-18 17:28:03

Did they explain why hope and ruby where home alone? Sean mets TY outside garage says ok move in with us, then Sean says he’s off to look after the girls? Least he’s not paying rent for free Mcnanny. Maybe he do a naf job and Ruby mum will come and steal her back.

Flossie4 Tue 09-Jan-18 17:29:36

Jude, Angie and baby George just go back to SA now please. Totally superfluous and unconvincing characters. Same applies to Chesney and Sinead. Look how the make-up of the Barlow family has changed too. Get rid of drippy Daniel and sharp Adam. As if he'd hang around a place like CS. It is amazing that you only have to be in Coronation St for a few days and you can land a job, find a place to live and start a relationship with someone within an hour. And afford to eat and drink out every day even though your house is a stone's throw from the cafe/bistro/kebab shop/chippy. OH remarked that they ought to build a police station in Coronation Street. Never in the history of anywhere has there been so much major crime. A police car is featured in almost ever episode. It is becoming rather ridiculous. We play spot the police car/ambulance now. The writing has taken a turn for the worse.

Akire Tue 09-Jan-18 17:30:20

Agree about Mary’s off spring. THey must be bored to death by now. Apart from cafe pub and hospital they never go anywhere. THey were loaded enough one point to rent in VC then changed mind.

Mind you with Kate and Luke gone there be that flat up for rent, so maybe there.

HarrietKettleWasHere Tue 09-Jan-18 17:30:35

I presume with all the people crammed in at Maria's, poor Craig is sleeping in the bath confused

lizzieoak Tue 09-Jan-18 17:33:25

Luke was sort of a stand-in for the viewers in a way. He’d watch all the goings on with a rye look and would interject when people were behaving badly. He did the right thing on a consistent basis without making a fuss, and managed not to cheat on anyone, murder anyone, nor have a fleeting disease befall him.

I hope Dean Fagan has a long and happy career.

Childrenofthestones Tue 09-Jan-18 17:37:08

It's about time to crash a 747 into the street so they can all be rebuilt as 4 storey townhouses.
Either that or run a Dr Who /Corry crossover storyline where they are all turned into Tardises.

Or is that Tardi?

Maverick66 Tue 09-Jan-18 17:38:30

I agree with* Flossie* Jude et al are lame ducks.
Sinead is grating.
Billy grinds my gears.
Love Gemma.
Love David and Shona.
And for the love of God please bring the Phelps/windlass/Seb storyline to an end!

ShowerGel9 Tue 09-Jan-18 17:48:36

I just can't believe that no one mentions how boring/shit of an actress sophie is.

Absolutely nothing to her.

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