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Professor White and the line dancing surfers eat cold turkey

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serialtester Thu 09-Feb-17 17:45:03

Welcome to the surfboard!

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 09-Feb-17 17:52:21

Testing testing 1, 2 yes your thread works, serial

Ahem, welcome to our new thread, open to anyone struggling with kicking cocaine. We offer support, a shoulder to cry on and other stuff. Whether going cold turkey, cutting down or just someone whose life is affected, all

We'll all try to surf the urges together.

serialtester Thu 09-Feb-17 17:55:36

Bloody well said Lost.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 09-Feb-17 18:01:36

I thought I sounded a bit like an annoying ITV advert but at least it explains what it's all about grin

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 09-Feb-17 18:06:23

Well this is like hiring a big hall out for a party and two people turning up grin

serialtester Thu 09-Feb-17 18:11:11

They're all being cool and fashionably late.

flatwhite45 Thu 09-Feb-17 18:27:56

Third person comes running in to empty hall, with some nibbles, a couple of bottles of vino and two grams of cocaine hidden in their bra

flatwhite45 Thu 09-Feb-17 18:32:07

Bloody well done serial for the technical sorting and lost I LOVE your intro, it's perfect!!

serialtester Thu 09-Feb-17 18:36:43

Flat, I'm going to have to ask you to remove your bra. Again, it's an ecumenical matter.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 09-Feb-17 18:37:48

Ah you found us, Flat. Please remove your bra (joking)

Well I'm officially entering the Danger Zone but managing ok on the surfboard tonight.
serial is our IT support department.

costababe Thu 09-Feb-17 18:40:04

Glad to see you are still surfing the urges ladies!
Hope everyone is being kind to themselves.

flatwhite45 Thu 09-Feb-17 18:41:42

Costa!!!!! Welcome welcome, do pull up a seat

serialtester Thu 09-Feb-17 18:44:17

The waters are choppy tonight.

serialtester Thu 09-Feb-17 18:46:02

Welcome Costa!

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 09-Feb-17 18:49:54

How have you been getting on Costa?

Yes choppy waters tonight. Determined not to write off my weekend like last week though. It's all still fresh in my mind like a bad dream sad

INeedAWittyNameChange Thu 09-Feb-17 18:51:56

Testing my name change!

INeedAWittyNameChange Thu 09-Feb-17 18:53:25

Phew it worked!

Can I join in? I have read the entire first thread and I'm inspired by how supportive you all are.

serialtester Thu 09-Feb-17 18:58:38

Wow witty! Thank you!
Lost, whatever happens you'll do ok. I have the arm bands ready.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 09-Feb-17 19:02:08

I'm blowing up my arm bands and having a nice lager.

Welcome to the thread witty Have you been struggling yourself? brew

INeedAWittyNameChange Thu 09-Feb-17 19:07:39

Now for the hard bit - my story. I had never taken any drugs until about a year ago - never even smoked a cigarette (a paragon of virtue!). Then my OH introduced me to cocaine about a year ago. It's now got to the stage we're taking it every weekend - sometimes one night, sometimes both.
During the week I'm always resolute, thinking I'm not doing it this weekend but then he comes round and puts some out and I just cave. He doesn't even ask - I'll come into the room and it's just there.
But I'm scared of the side effects and I hate feeling down and paranoid all week.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Thu 09-Feb-17 19:16:40

It's nothing to be ashamed of witty it sounds like you want to change.

I'm a bit jealous of you walking into random rooms in your house and finding lines out shock. I'm not sure I could resist that. Maybe speak to OH and try to tell him how you honestly feel about it?

It does soon start to take over, I understand that. What starts as an occasional treat seems to quickly turn to counting down the days til Friday every week, or in my case telling myself Thursday is technically the start of the weekend confused

serialtester Thu 09-Feb-17 19:20:07

Oh god, someone setting up lines would be my dream and nightmare! It takes hold so, so quickly and the addict brain completely override's common sense. Have an arm band witty!!

serialtester Thu 09-Feb-17 19:21:36

I'm 5 weeks (nearly) clean, but I dream about it and at random times "smell" it.

INeedAWittyNameChange Thu 09-Feb-17 19:25:44

I have tried saying I don't want it but he'll say "it's just a little one" or " don't be daft" and that's it - my resolve goes out the window. I have no will power whatsoever!

SpunBodgeSquarepants Thu 09-Feb-17 19:27:33

Just checking in, hi and welcome witty
Serial*, sometimes i can taste it at the back of my throat, or at least I think I can. That's game over for me, no will power at all.

I'm feeling positive today, almost back to my usual self!

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