The lovely friendly perfumistas thread 30: summer has arrived (allegedly) and we all smell incredible 😉

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Mrs08 Tue 03-Aug-21 12:22:26

Hi all,
Couldn't see a new thread?
Hope this one is OK!

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MissBattleaxe Tue 03-Aug-21 13:41:21

Found you! Thanks for starting a new one @mrs08!

Mrs08 Tue 03-Aug-21 13:51:15


Sotd mmm pp WITL as I need a bit of comfort today

Was up most of the night with mum who was taken to hospital in the end (3 hour wait for an ambulance...)

She has a bad kidney infection they now think. I didn't get back home til 4.30am. Rather tired.

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FloraMacDonald Tue 03-Aug-21 16:39:08

Sorry to hear about your mum, Mrs08.
MrsB, I love green & spice, but I'm not a fan of floral at all. Would you like my sample of Ealing Green? I could probably get to a post office tomorrow if you PM me your address.

MissBattleaxe Tue 03-Aug-21 17:18:38

@FloraMacDonald That's very kind Flora, but I already have a little bit. I'm hoping to get a 15ml bottle when I order my 4160 Tuesdays trio!

Mrs08 Tue 03-Aug-21 17:53:38

Thanks @FloraMacDonald

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Mrs08 Tue 03-Aug-21 21:00:33

I forgot 3 of my avon perfumes! My newest ones...oud Grandeur, patchouli Indulgence and ambre Ardent.

All 3 are lovely but I'm wearing oud Grandeur the most atm.

Mums been admitted and is on IV fluids and antibiotics so 🤞 she'll feel better soon.

I want something really comforting tonight so sotd will be pp mmm btf

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Mrs08 Tue 03-Aug-21 21:01:53

I got a scenthusiasm sample from 4160...I must be anosmic to it....smells of nothing at all (like chanel no5 for me too...)

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Tue 03-Aug-21 22:22:44

Thanks for the new thread! Fingers crossed your mum gets well soon, mrs08.

SOTD Stella.

Mrs08 Wed 04-Aug-21 07:40:48

Thanks @Judystilldreamsofhorses x

I've DABT (again) I'm blaming the stress!!! 😬🤔
I've bought another 3 for 2 from 4160 Tuesdays...
Lemon sherbert (I only ever had a 9ml of this)
Shazam! And white queen.
I've also ordered 2 new emma bridgewater mugs...
Stress shopping is an actual thing 🙃
No idea on sotd yet...Once ds2 is off to play scheme I might go back to bed!

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Mrs08 Wed 04-Aug-21 16:17:26

Sotd pp mm btf

Mum will probably be in for another couple of days but she already sounds better.

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FragrantlyScent Wed 04-Aug-21 19:37:45

Here you all are! I was wondering why the other thread suddenly went quiet. Have been a bit uninspired fragrance-wise this past week so haven't posted, but I've been reading all your lovely updates. smile

Hope your mum feels better soon Mrs08. flowers

Mrs08 Wed 04-Aug-21 19:45:32

Thank you x

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Mrs08 Wed 04-Aug-21 20:17:47

She sounds far perkier this evening

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 04-Aug-21 22:53:04

SOTD Heeley Sel Marin.

Glad your mum seems on the up, mrs08.

OneNightTimeMenaceStrikesBack Thu 05-Aug-21 01:16:24

hope your mum is ont he mend soon mrs08 thanks

sotn is Fuckign Fabulosu by Tom Ford. I still dont really know hwo to describe this other than interesting its leathery, its herbal, its musky but its so well done that no one thing is overpowering. its not what i expected when i blind bought it, i expected soem big blousy oriental tbh with that name but this is actual much more subtle than the name would suggest. I would say this is for fans of leathers and greens smile

Mrs08 Thu 05-Aug-21 09:29:00

My (cough) 2nd 4160 3 for 2 trio has arrived...
I'm absolutely in love with shazam! 💜
How have I never smelt this one before???
I forsee a larger bottle in my future 😃
I know have 15 bottles of 4160 frags...I'm trying not to view it as excessive 🤣
Sotd is avon lbd weekend

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Mrs08 Thu 05-Aug-21 09:47:21

Shazam! really reminds me of something else...I cannot put my finger on it. So annoying!

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Mrs08 Thu 05-Aug-21 10:44:36

It's LADDM it reminds Mr of!

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Thu 05-Aug-21 21:09:35

SOTD Geranium Odorata.

Mrs08 Thu 05-Aug-21 21:18:18

Sotn 4160 Shazam!
Wow, this stuff is gorgeous!
It really is reminiscent is LADDM imo

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FragrantlyScent Fri 06-Aug-21 01:00:17

SOTD Aramis Devin. Bitter green opening, then a hint of petrichor (my new favourite word!), like smelling a bowl of freshly planted and watered hyacinth bulbs. Maybe slightly floral, with the pepperyness of carnation. Then the dry, mildly woody green of snapped twigs and crumbled bark. Something slightly fresh and mentholated weaves in and out occasionally, maybe the caraway? It's quite complex, and I love it for that! smile

FragrantlyScent Fri 06-Aug-21 01:16:47

Am very tired.

Meant to say - like smelling the soil from a bowl of freshly planted and watered hyacinth bulbs.


alwayscrashinginthesamecar1 Fri 06-Aug-21 04:10:47

I'm new to the thread, and wonder if you lovely perfumistas can help me out? I am looking for a perfume with a beachy smell, but I just haven't found the one yet! My ideal would smell like an Australian beach on a hot summer day, but I realise that's a bit specific! So, I'm not really looking for fruity or coconutty, just more salty, ozoney and maybe a bit herbal. Does such a thing exist? Any recommendations gratefully fully received.

NotMyCat Fri 06-Aug-21 07:53:51

SOTD clean reserve skin. God I love this grin it's like my skin but better and the salt is gorgeous in it

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