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Liberty Advent Calendar

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Chickydoo Tue 01-Dec-20 07:48:20

Well here we go.
I couldn't see another thread, so thought I would start one.
Will try & post pictures if I remember.
If I forget perhaps someone else could post.
Day no1 coming up

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Pomegranatespompom Tue 01-Dec-20 07:49:46

Thank you for the thread @Chickydoo
A steady start today. Looking forward to trying. I normally use another from the same brand.

KatharinaRosalie Tue 01-Dec-20 07:50:30

Not too impressed with the first day's offering. Decent brand and a product I will use, but such a tiny sample.

Chickydoo Tue 01-Dec-20 07:51:25

Aveda leave in conditioner
Smells lovely, but only a small size, will try this morning

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MiaN Tue 01-Dec-20 07:52:43

Not too impressed either. M&S last year had full size same brand, same type of product and I am glad it's not exact same as I did not like it at all. Hope this works better for me

Pomegranatespompom Tue 01-Dec-20 08:01:25

I was being generous with my steady 🙁 hopefully it will ramp up!!

Chickydoo Tue 01-Dec-20 08:18:25

I think they should have started us off with something a bit more exciting. Especially this year, a good day 1 would like the spirits.

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gower4 Tue 01-Dec-20 08:29:42

Joining please! Day one Liberty is always a bit boring, but at least it's not hand cream this year!

queenofkale Tue 01-Dec-20 08:37:38

Yeah it is a tad boring - but something I will actually use! I'm going to try it tonight I think.

Luvacuppatea Tue 01-Dec-20 08:37:39

Joining in. I didn't like the stuff in the M&S box / calendar (can’t remember which it came from) last year, but I do remember chucking it out when I had my first ‘coronavirus clear out’ back in April! So I’m actually pleased that this is a small size - less to power through (or chuck) if it’s not for me. Will give it a go later.....
@gower4 - looking at the state of my hands, I think I could actually do with a hand cream this year 😂.

mynameiscalypso Tue 01-Dec-20 08:39:09

Agree with all the comments - generally like Aveda products so will use this but it seems small and unexciting for Day 1. I always think these things should begin with a bang!

supadupapupascupa Tue 01-Dec-20 09:26:59

Rolling in to say hi! I have been DYING to get this advent open, and now it's December my daughter has decided it's her flipping job to open it and hand it to me grin

Orcadianrythyms Tue 01-Dec-20 09:27:59

Yay - glad to see a thread. It is a brand I like but tiny and I 've already washed my hair this morningsmile . I was hoping for something a bit more wow. I also bought the JL jewellery calendar when it was reduced and just spent half an hour trying to put in the world's smallest hoop earrings! Onwards and upwards for tomorrow

whitershadeofpale Tue 01-Dec-20 09:30:14

Joining in the general sentiments. I like Aveda stuff and will use it tomorrow but I agree day 1 should be something more wowing.

Pomegranatespompom Tue 01-Dec-20 09:32:06

@supadupapupascupa my DD is the same and she has 2 of her own - hatchimals and a chocolate one.

checkedcloth Tue 01-Dec-20 09:47:54

Morning - joining in here too.

Not going to use this until post lockdown hair cut. Small size. I like the brand but agree something more Wow would have been good for day 1

Mabelene Tue 01-Dec-20 10:06:35

I’m quite happy with this, it will get used and if I like it I’ll re purchase. I generally like aveda anyway

imp2007 Tue 01-Dec-20 10:24:26

Yey found you - thanks for this years thread. Happy with today not super exciting but something I will use x

AllTheDogsIveLovedBefore Tue 01-Dec-20 11:49:49

This is my first Liberty calendar having wanted it for so many years so it was a real thrill to open the first door this morning. I'm happy with it as I love the original Aveda so it will be great to try this...I also plan to focus on getting my hair back into good condition over the next few weeks and months so this will kickstart it.

MiaN Tue 01-Dec-20 14:46:34

me too actually. The box is gorgoues!

AsPerMyLastEmail Tue 01-Dec-20 15:27:37

Hello I opened my Liberty AC back in Oct as I purchased it with the intention of using straight away (the LookFantastic one is my one-window-a-day-no-idea-what’s in it- ‘proper’ AC).

Been looking forward to this thread to discuss the products on a daily basis. I’ve used this one up already. I agree it was a boring start. Product is good and useful (hence me having finished it) but I’ve had better conditioning treatments so I won’t be repurchasing.

Tangomango1 Tue 01-Dec-20 17:17:04

Hello everyone! This is my first every Liberty Advent Calendar after wanting one so so much! Have had the M&S ones before that I loved, and to have this one is such a luxury smile I am looking forward to opening & sharing the contents with you all. I do like Aveda as was introduced to it by M&S last year but have not tried this one before. Will try it tomorrow when I wash my hair before work and will report back.

Stokey Tue 01-Dec-20 18:04:15

Hello, joining the thread. This is my second year on the Liberty calendar, I've still got a couple of bits left from last year including a dry shampoo which I've never used. I used to use Aveda shampoo a lot but wasn't blown away by last year's offering. Do you use this instead of conditioner or condition as normal and then put it in after your shower? I'm easily confused!

Arsenicinthesugarbowl Tue 01-Dec-20 19:11:15

Another one joining after years of covering this calendar. Was hoping for something a bit more exciting for the first day but remain hopeful for tomorrow grin

Arsenicinthesugarbowl Tue 01-Dec-20 19:11:35

coveting confused

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