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Plus size what are you wearing today 2

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Defeatthedebt Tue 05-Nov-19 07:59:53

Hi everyone,

Following from thread 1 please feel free to tell us about your plus size outfits and post pictures to give us all a bit of inspiration.

Thanks to all who have contributed and made this such a safe space.

NowWeSuckingDiesel Tue 05-Nov-19 08:31:03

Yeah a new thread and thank you so much for your inspired first thread @Defeatthedebt and for all the gorgeous posts and growing confidence. Anyway, here's me, New day new poncho, be warned, I've loads of them!

OvertiredandConfused Tue 05-Nov-19 09:04:18

Today’s OOTD!

Dress from Next and cardigan from M&S. Both current season size 22. Snag tights in chocolate and these wide calf boots from Curvissa

Love the inspiration I’m getting from these threads - both ideas and support.

NancyEspana Tue 05-Nov-19 09:24:08

Thanks so much for the new, lovely thread op flowers! I'm so pleased to have found the previous one. It's absolutely fab. Thank you for starting it in the first place.

@overtiredandconfused, I love those Next dresses! My dad usually gets me a Next voucher for my birthday which is coming up, (very soon)! I usually buy jeans or perfume with it, but I'm really tempted by those. You look great in them too. Did you say you were 5'10"? Because I often find dresses too short and / or too much boob out. But those look amazing on you!

@NowWeSuckingDiesel, I love the cosy poncho. It's grey and miserable here, so I'm all about the cosy today too!

Just planning to do some boring grocery shopping with DS today and then putting away all the laundry - there is sooooo much of it after holiday, mainly mine, due to this thread making me buy clothes.

Here I am in my latest eBay purchase; a size 18, M&S tunic / sweater, which I am absolutely thrilled with. It was a total bargain! It isn't high fashion, but I am a bit in love with it.

Same jeans and boots as yesterday, (Topshop Jonis, size 16 from eBay, Office boots, size 7, ancient).

It would probably look better without the long sleeves top underneath, but it's too cold and wet here to take it off!

Cordial11 Tue 05-Nov-19 09:28:28

Size 16. 5ft 2. Spring where I live so wearing this dress with cream wedges.

AliasGrape Tue 05-Nov-19 09:36:01

Thank you for the new thread.
I’m not actually dressed yet blush Only working afternoons at the moment and was doing some cleaning this morning so thought I’d stay in my ratty pjs to do that then jump in the shower and stick them in the wash.

Loving everyone’s pictures.

WhoKnewBeefStew Tue 05-Nov-19 09:38:25

I love looking at all the pictures smile

Today I'm in a pair of Tesco control leggings, and an over sized grey jumper. I'm home alone today so am slobbing

SmokyandtheBandit Tue 05-Nov-19 10:02:39


I posted on the old thread because it wasn't full. Should have checked here first!!

I'll post a pic later as I'm out at the moment.

wheresmymojo Tue 05-Nov-19 10:31:38

This is me today - my lovely new snag tights and jersey knit dress from Mint Velvet.

It's a bit too small on me now really as it shouldn't be as tight as it is but whatevs 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

Will wear with grey pretend leather flat knee high boots.

alwaysreadyforablether Tue 05-Nov-19 11:13:49

My outfit today is a coral with black spots swimming costume because I'm on holiday and lying in the sun. But no one needs to see a photo of that!

NancyEspana Tue 05-Nov-19 11:36:29

Hey @SmokyandtheBandit! I do that all the time!

@wheresmymojo, I love that dress on you! You have a lovely hourglass shape and it doesn't look too tight to me at all.

@alwaysreadyforablether, thlenvy. Have a lovely time!

weebarra Tue 05-Nov-19 11:40:38

No photo but a dark green la redoute cotton pinafore and a black cotton top from lands end and a pair of Clark's boots.
I'm 4ft 10 and size 18. 😳

wheresmymojo Tue 05-Nov-19 11:47:46


I do like my hourglass shape from the front. I'd like to look a bit less like an inverted hourglass from the side though.

I'm all arse and stomach and tits on the side profile 😂

NowWeSuckingDiesel Tue 05-Nov-19 11:52:11

Mojo that really made me laugh! Gorgeous outfit x

NancyEspana Tue 05-Nov-19 11:52:26

I wouldn't know what I look like from the side. I refuse to turn sideways in the mirror thlgrin.

3dogs2cats Tue 05-Nov-19 12:12:41

Morning Hush harems and an old studio8 top today, with very comfy Moshulu boots and a dove grey cashmere cardi that I had to take off cos it’s too warm. Love this thread. Got to have one of those next dresses and some snag tights.

3dogs2cats Tue 05-Nov-19 12:13:43

Bollocks old photo ,don’t know how that happened,!

picklemepopcorn Tue 05-Nov-19 12:32:57

Mojo, I get that! Like the prow of a ship, too many curves!

I hate bootleg for that reason, I don't need anymore sets of in and outs!

Love the ponchos, love the confident, love you all, darlings!

Here's today's outfit- looked great in my bedroom, but in broad bright daylight, the legs and shoes are a bit glowing!

picklemepopcorn Tue 05-Nov-19 12:34:58

Forgot to say

Skirt Tu, 22, current stock.
Jumper 22 Tesco, current stock.

Scarf, lovely piece of velour fabric in autumnal colours that I've been calling a scarf for several years now.
Brooch, felted sunflower from a craft show years ago!

picklemepopcorn Tue 05-Nov-19 12:54:04

@HighNetGirth @Bouledeneige over here!

HighNetGirth Tue 05-Nov-19 12:55:48

Does anyone here sew? I am teaching myself after getting increasingly fed up with what I can find in the shops.

picklemepopcorn Tue 05-Nov-19 12:57:07

I'm leaning the same way. Well, and because I keep seeing gorgeous fabric, or clothes that aren't my size.

Maybe we can aspire to a plus size sewing thread!

buckeejit Tue 05-Nov-19 13:15:09

@HighNetGirth I would love to sew - really want to be able to alter necklines mostly. Love @Cordial11 dress but neckline would be too high for me

Bouledeneige Tue 05-Nov-19 14:34:50

Oh I see! Posted on the old thread.

Here's today's working outfit. A dress from Toast with opaque tights and ankle boots and an old leather jacket.

picklemepopcorn Tue 05-Nov-19 14:39:05

I love that dress Boule!

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