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Hushistas getting themselves summer ready!

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ilovecherries Tue 16-Apr-19 16:33:28

New thread

ilovecherries Tue 16-Apr-19 16:37:22

Old thread

Ellapaella Tue 16-Apr-19 16:38:23

Thanks for the new thread @ilovecherries
Just checking in.
As per my last post needing help with a summer dress for Rome - needs to cover shoulders and knees for church sight seeing, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 😘

neveradullmoment99 Tue 16-Apr-19 16:39:36

@cherries, the jacket looks beautiful on you. You have to keep it. I have been scouring for a 12 to no avail. It is delicate, I agree.

dontcallmelen Tue 16-Apr-19 16:47:31

Thanks cherries for new thread.
Ella haven’t seen much about at the moment, Sainsbury’s can be worth a look they have the odd gem or possibly Boden, Oasis, Zara <weird sizing> Cos, lkbennett have a sale at the moment, white stuff had a few linen dresses in.

Laska2Meryls Tue 16-Apr-19 16:52:05

Checking in .. thanks for the new thread cherries , I really like the jacket on you , and yes to the Collonil spray stuff Soy posted , I have used it also .. you can get it through Amazon

ilovecherries Tue 16-Apr-19 16:55:13

Next have linen dresses with short sleeves. You do tend to see them everywhere if you get a print, but I quite like the plain navy/black/white to accessorise my own way.

SoyYo Tue 16-Apr-19 17:05:25

Thank You @cherries for the new thread, we’ll all squeeze and make room for old and new posters smile
@ella your break sounds lovely and invigorating (despite the 🍷) can’t think atm but will search for you.
That’s useful @laska my collonill spray is nearly empty so amazon is the place to find 👍

neveradullmoment99 Tue 16-Apr-19 17:06:46

@cherries, looks like we are doing a bit of a sway ha ha...I have ordered the blush biker just to see!!!

SoyYo Tue 16-Apr-19 17:07:04

Thank you for the Kiera culottes love btw if you go for them a 10 is plenty big enough (or 8 for Ella and all high street size 10). The wide stripe trousers are also lovely if you’re short like me and can allow shrinkage and save having them taken up wink

neveradullmoment99 Tue 16-Apr-19 17:07:57


neveradullmoment99 Tue 16-Apr-19 17:08:37

@soyo, sorry I missed your picture but yes to both those trousers. They look fabulous on you!

SoyYo Tue 16-Apr-19 17:08:49

I want the star biker!!! stomps foot do alert me if you see a 12 back in stock...

twosoups1972 Tue 16-Apr-19 17:10:14

Wow a new thread already, thank you cherries You made me smile talking about the Triumph Doreen bra. My mum used to persuade me into one when I was in my teens! Does give great support though but I can understand it being too restrictive for after surgery. Keep the suede jacket, it looks fab on you!

SoyYo Tue 16-Apr-19 17:10:27

No worries @never I look forward to seeing the blush biker on you smile

dontcallmelen Tue 16-Apr-19 17:11:38

Yy the plain next linen dresses, I had a lovely white one a few years ago & used to wear with coral or lemon sandals, earrings, bag ‘twas lovely but the last couple of years next sizing on the hips especially seems to have got a lot bigger.

ilovecherries Tue 16-Apr-19 17:14:29

Never, I think the blush biker will suit your colouring a lot better than mine. It made my look slightly jaundiced, I fear.

Soy, I am trying not to be TOO jealous about those trousers!

Ellapaella Tue 16-Apr-19 17:15:35

I do like the Next linen dresses - tried one in last summer, they sold out so quickly.
I might go for some light weight culottes to wear with a light t shirt and sandals. Worried I'm going to be too hot walking round Rome all day.

ilovecherries Tue 16-Apr-19 17:19:04

Is it the one that says its for nubuck and velours? I can't see one that says it's specifically for suede.

dontcallmelen Tue 16-Apr-19 17:24:15

Peacocks have some really nice linen dresses, such a shame they are lined in shiny polyester though, they also have some nice stripey midi dresses in as well.

SoyYo Tue 16-Apr-19 17:37:40

@cherries yes go for the one specifically for suede to be on the safe side...I’m a bit gung ho and I think the one I have is mainly for leather (but it’s in German so not 100% sure) and originally bought for some suede shoes I also bought at the same time in GmbH...that’s what they sold to me and I’ve used it on both leather and suede but if the U.K. does a specific suede version even better. It’s a super fine spray 👍

dontcallmelen Tue 16-Apr-19 17:44:53

Sainsbury’s have 25% off at the moment.

dontcallmelen Tue 16-Apr-19 17:54:23

Ella just had a look on Sainsbury’s Tu premium, they have a couple of nice chambray dresses & a linen cropped leg jumpsuit.
Also have leather bikers a stone one for £74.00 & a grey & black ones for about £90.00, I have the black one with the stud lapel & it’s really lovely.

ilovecherries Tue 16-Apr-19 18:06:48

Hmm, can't find a suede one. I will have a look in the cobblers tomorrow, they might have something. I haven't committed to keeping it yet, I'm just getting my ducks in a row ;)

Ellapaella Tue 16-Apr-19 18:07:24

Thanks Len I'll go have a look

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