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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

I don't want to look expensive thread. I like colour, prints and comfortable quirky stuff.

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NevermetaGilesIlike Wed 12-Apr-17 09:19:36

Thought I'd start a thread for anyone who finds capsule wardrobes in muted tones tedious as feck.

Ditto little diamond studs and designer bags with glossy bobs.

I personally admire the style of Alys Fowler and Helena Bonham-Carter.

Also love a bit of Gudrun/Lagenlook and other cheerful offerings.

A successful charity shop rummage is a joy to behold. I like messy hair, well -loved clothes and making my own stuff too.

Anyone else?

Reow Wed 12-Apr-17 09:22:29


Love Helena Bonham-Carter. She's a lunatic. I'd rather look eccentric and interesting. Love charity shops.

Spudlet Wed 12-Apr-17 09:23:16

I'm somewhere in between, I reckon. I like quirky but don't always have the confidence to go full hippy!

My favourite piece of clothing is a tweed wool maxi skirt - it makes me feel like a cross between an Edwardian lady and an art teacher grin Pretty sure that doesn't fit in with the 'expensive look' ethos!

SheilaHammond Wed 12-Apr-17 09:25:19

Ooh yes! Me too.

I'm very pale skinned, nearly 50 and a bit overweight. The neutral capsule wardrobe accentuates all these, and not in a good way.

I'm for the short funky haircut with pink high lights, layered clothes, one biggish pattern on something, very nice smart shoes in a dark colour (don't want the full clown look).

I'm often told I look nice (or 'brave' !). Either way, it makes me happy to have something distinctive on. And I love it when I see someone who looks entirely like themselves, IYKWIM, rather than Mrs High Street Shops. It genuinely makes my day.

kohl Wed 12-Apr-17 09:25:36

MEEE!! My look could best be described as art teacher in space.
Massive skirts, 80s frocks, plastic beads, clashing prints, bright colours, metallic threads and sequins all year round.

JamesDelaneysHat Wed 12-Apr-17 09:25:54

I would personally look like shit but I absolutely love seeing people who are individual and quirky and can carry it off. I do think there's room for all style types but I know it's the sleek, expensive stuff that gets more airtime on MN S&B board.

kohl Wed 12-Apr-17 09:27:23

Life is too short to wear beige or look neat.

PicInAttic Wed 12-Apr-17 09:28:05

I think this may be more my place than the 'looking expensive' threads. I read those whilst nodding but only in the same way I read recipes I'll never cook!
I need colour, pattern, quirky too. I need stuff that makes my most stylish cousin roll her eyes and tut : )

SheilaHammond Wed 12-Apr-17 09:28:25

The tweed maxi skirt sounds lush. I'd team that with silver converse or silver sandals, depending on weather. Plain tshirt in a bright colour.

I draw the line at hats though. I can never make them work.

Hellofromme Wed 12-Apr-17 09:28:49

I don't see the point in being understated. When I look at celebrities like Jennifer Anniston I think, what a waste. Simple understated clothes in muted colours, why would she do that when she could look wow.

I would rather wear no earrings than little diamond studs.

But I am a bit all or nothing.

kohl Wed 12-Apr-17 09:29:54

however, there is, most definitely room for all styles & that's why clothes are so brilliant!

Spudlet Wed 12-Apr-17 09:31:52

Sheila I lusted after it for years, quite literally... it was £60 which o couldn't justify spending on myself but I finally splashed out with my last pay packet before becoming a SAHM! I wear it with my chunky biker-ish ankle boots and a stripy top. Will add my favourite long earrings to the mix once DS can be relied on not to swing off them shockgrin

Chamomiletea Wed 12-Apr-17 09:34:55

Please share photos!!

heavenscent86 Wed 12-Apr-17 09:46:29

This is my thread. I love bright colours and the vintage look, mainly 40s/50s but with a splash of other eras thrown in.

NevermetaGilesIlike Wed 12-Apr-17 09:48:16

My latest favourite buy is my red canvas fitflop clogs which are the right mix of comfortable and quirky for me. I wear mine with rolled up jeans and stuff that clashes.

My favourite colour combination is purple and orange 😀
Mustard boots is my current lusted for thing.

I also like some of the shoe offerings from El Naturalista, Conker, Art Company, Fly and Trippen.

Gravitate towards pottery teacher wear in my head 🙂

Clothes wise I used to like Toast but it is crusty now. Like some Nomads stuff nowadays but looking for suggestions. I make a lot of my own necklaces and crochet other stuff.

Would love to see other folks cool stuff.

I also think Frankie's style from Grace and Frankie is ace.

ZilphasHatpin Wed 12-Apr-17 09:49:05

Ugh! <shudder>

NevermetaGilesIlike Wed 12-Apr-17 09:50:26

<shudders at pearls>

NevermetaGilesIlike Wed 12-Apr-17 09:54:28

Ooh! Just thought -things I don't like and would never wear:

Blazers, pearls, blouses with pussy bows, pencil skirts, stilettos, suits, titchy jewellery, gold, nude shoes, macs, body con dresses and designer bags. Also natural tights and bobs.

Some people suit them but I don't.

JacobFryesTopHatLackey Wed 12-Apr-17 09:58:18

This seems like my sorta thread. I love steampunk stuff with a couple of bright jewel coloured items and quirky jewellery thrown in. And many, many geeky t shirts.

My current favourite item is an emerald green, brocade print military cut coat.

ZaraW Wed 12-Apr-17 10:00:23

Agree I have no interest in looking French or "expensive " love pattern especially in summer I just bought the J Crew berry print shirt and love it.

GinAndOnIt Wed 12-Apr-17 10:01:16

I'm somewhere in between! I like muted tones and classic cut clothes, but cannot for love nor money seem to do the whole neat hair/makeup thing. I just can't be bothered. My hair is almost always exactly like Alys Fowler's, and my nails normally have soil all around them. And sometimes I just get bored and shove on some zig zag leggings and bronze shoes.

I used to be more adventurous, I think.

ZilphasHatpin Wed 12-Apr-17 10:01:20

grin @ pearls! Who wears pearls??

NoSuchThingAsTooMuchCoffee Wed 12-Apr-17 10:06:38

Me too. I want that tweed skirt!

If anyone had any good shop links, please post.

I am 39, have totally lost my way clothes wise, and mostly wear the same blue jumper and jeans in rotation. I need colour!

NoSuchThingAsTooMuchCoffee Wed 12-Apr-17 10:06:56

*has, not had!

KittyB52 Wed 12-Apr-17 10:10:09

I would love to wear more colourful quirky stuff (I used to have a very distinctive style when I was younger) but I am short and plump so not sure it would work. I don't like/suit current fashions though and am due a change.

Any photos/inspiration/blog recs would be appreciated.

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