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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 16-Jul-18 09:58:47

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Great family films are often passed down through generations and not only do the films themselves bring great memories but also the memorable characters. Coming together to watch a film as a family can be a great way to spend time with your loved ones. Prime Video would love to know what your family films are and why?

Here’s what Prime Video have to say: “The smash hit family film Paddington 2 has just been added to Prime Video, joining thousands of great movies and TV shows the whole family can enjoy. Paddington 2 sees the loveable bear settled into life with the Brown Family and starting to do some odd jobs so he can buy Aunt Lucie a birthday present. Before he can get it, the gift is stolen by a master thief and Paddington is the suspect.”

“To celebrate, we want to hear what classics you watch with your kids. Prime Video has many to enjoy including Yogi Bear, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Gruffalo, Casper, The Wizard of Oz, Nanny McPhee, E.T, Beethoven, Tom and Jerry, Pingu, Thomas and Friends, Scooby-Doo, Kung-Fu Panda and Shaun The Sheep.”

What do you enjoy watching with your whole family? Do you go for the classic such as ET and The Wizard of Oz or do you prefer the new films such as Kung Fu Panda? Or maybe your family has a staple film that you all watch on special occasions?

Whatever your favourite films are to watch as a family, share them on the thread below to be entered into a prize draw to win 1 of 3 Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablets, made just for kids.

Thanks and good luck

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OnceTwiceThrice Mon 16-Jul-18 11:11:07

Any of the Harry Potters always go down well, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or, more recently, Star Wars, would be the choice of my 10 year olds for a family movie night

AlwaysFuckingTired Mon 16-Jul-18 11:14:27

1. The incredible journey
2. Charlie and the chocolate factory (the original!)
3. The Snowman

The Snowman is our Christmas Day film tradition. All of these films I loved as a child, so can't wait to share them with my DC.

BristolMum96 Mon 16-Jul-18 11:16:05

Monsters Inc, emperors new groove, shark tale - all winners in our house

OfIceAndFire Mon 16-Jul-18 11:23:37

Despicable me

Star Wars

The Lorax

LadyMonicaBaddingham Mon 16-Jul-18 11:25:18

Cool Runnings
The Great Escape
Blazing Saddles
Coming to America
The Italian Job (original)

Seafoodeatit Mon 16-Jul-18 11:33:54

The sword in the stone, all the toy story films, moana, monsters Inc and tangled.


GhostsToMonsoon Mon 16-Jul-18 11:54:46

My children like How to Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me, Captain Underpants, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, and my daughter likes Frozen and Tangled.

BuckysRoboticArm Mon 16-Jul-18 11:56:39

Toy Story, Aladdin, and Mary Poppins - the same ones I liked when young too smile

Wargghhhh Mon 16-Jul-18 12:01:02

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and ET - I think because both evoke such lovely memories for me, that I enjoy them even more watching them with my kids... I hope they too have similar lovely memories of the films as they grow up :-)

Imgettingcheesefries Mon 16-Jul-18 12:12:50

Mrs Doubtfire, all my kids love it. And Mary Poppins, they don't really like it but I love it so still try it again with them every Christmas

doctorboo Mon 16-Jul-18 12:16:14

My three love a mix of Captain Underpants, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, anything involving minions and Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie. To be honest Paddington 2 was a surprise hit, as they didn't like #1 as they found it too scary!

Chickenpox111 Mon 16-Jul-18 12:23:19

Toy Story 1, my four year old loves this and I remember my younger sister loved to watch it too. It is just brilliant and his favourite character is Mr. potato head and Buzz.

Ferngully is another favourite, I remember watching this when I was young and my son adores it too.

The Santa Claus is a favourite at Christmas time and we watch it every year without fail.

bikerclaire Mon 16-Jul-18 12:30:20

Our daughter (21m) loves Dumbo, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Sound of Music, The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland and The Polar Express. We don't all sit and watch all of them but it's surprising what new bits you notice when just dipping in to each story here and there! When she's a bit older I'll be sharing all my favourites as a girl - Splash, Labyrinth, Flight of the Navigator and of course the ultimate - Watership Down!

PsychoPumpkin Mon 16-Jul-18 12:34:24

We like to watch Matilda, my eldest identifies with her because they both love to read.

Rachaelmerry Mon 16-Jul-18 12:50:38

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sensesensibility Mon 16-Jul-18 13:15:17

Mary Poppins is on loop in our house at the moment! Also The Sound of Music and Moana.

Sixgeese Mon 16-Jul-18 13:16:52

It depends on the child, DS and DD1 like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, but DD1 and DD2 like Disney and films like Ella Enchanted (at 13 DS thinks he is too old for them)

strawberrypenguin Mon 16-Jul-18 13:36:06

We always watch Muppets Christmas Carol together as a family the day we put the tree up! Not much good for this time of year though!

Tangled, Wall-e and Cars usually go down well. Looking forward to being able to watch Ghostbusters as a family soon too (youngest is still a little too young)

PaddingtonBearHardStare Mon 16-Jul-18 13:42:15

My DS is 7 and has inherited DH's love of Bugsy Malone. I hadn't seen it until recently but we all sit down and watch it now and singalong

AmberLangslow Mon 16-Jul-18 13:43:27

Paddington 2
Back to the Future III
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

DayKay Mon 16-Jul-18 14:00:49

We love watching classic films. My kids have loved
all the Pixar movies,
All the Back to the Future films
The Goonies
But our favourite and the one we ve seen the most is Labyrinth.

Byrdie Mon 16-Jul-18 14:10:17

Just three!!? I could list a lot more. The three that we watch most together are probably 'gnomeo and juliet' (i know... it grows on you though!), 'my neighbour totoro' and disney's 'INSERT ANY DISNEY PRINCESS FILM'!!! (Current fav for this month are cinderella, tangled and mulan.)

Byrdie Mon 16-Jul-18 14:12:25

Doh - just reread - the 'three' was the number of prizes!!!! Good to limit myself or I'd be listing films still. Faaar too many films that we love.

stickladilove Mon 16-Jul-18 14:19:07

DD 8 , Matilda, Moana recently Coco
DS 4 , Despicable me 3
They both love Paddington and kung fu panda movies

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