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Results Day 2018

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Groovee Tue 17-Jul-18 14:37:11

Hi everyone

Thought that as the 7th is fast approaching, it would be worth doing a thread to for the day and the build up.

Dd needs a B in anything to get into Uni and ds is getting his Nat5 results. Will be a tense morning.

Aurea Tue 17-Jul-18 14:53:09


My son (going into S6) is starting to get v nervous bricking it.

He has set his goals v.v. high. He needs 5As at Higher to stand a chance of getting into his chosen Law course (Oxford/Glasgow/Edinburgh). He's gone and told everyone as well, so he fears having to untell people if he doesn't achieve his grades. He goes to a state school where the support is ok, rather than exceptional.

He's already got one A at Higher though (music) which was taken a year early so it takes the pressure off a little.

He's now remembering all the things he thinks he did wrong in the exams. Physics and Chemistry Highers were the exams he found hardest.

Good luck to everyone waiting for their results. Where is everyone else hoping to go/do after results?

WaxOnFeckOff Tue 17-Jul-18 15:01:02

yep, tension building!

DS1 (just left 6th year) had 4 unconditional offers for uni and he's accepted one so doesn't need anything from his 3 AHs.

DS2 (just starting 6th year) sat 3 Highers and resat his Nat 5 Maths - he could get anything fron 4 fails to 3 decent highers and hopefully a scrape through of his Maths. I have my fingers crossed for him as I think he would now like to be able to apply for Uni and as he won't have enough this year on it's own, he'll need a decent result over the two years. He didn't work as wekk as he should have but woke up to at the last minute, hope it wasn't too little too late sad

pmac62 Tue 17-Jul-18 17:37:20

My DS has just finished 5th year and starting to feel very nervous about his results. Hopefully it will go the way he wants so he can feel a bit more relaxed next year!

prettybird Tue 17-Jul-18 18:53:34

Ds is waiting on 2 AHs and a crash Higher.

Technically he is relaxed as he has an unconditional to do PIR at Aberdeen, but he would like an A for his Maths AH and his Higher Modern Studies. He's not so bothered about his AH Physics - but ironically thinks that exam went the best (but after his experience with his Higher last year when he got screwed by a change in the marking schedule for the assignment, he's not taking anything for granted).

He says he could anything between 3Cs and 3As. I suspect there is a wee but more nervousness than he is letting on wink

Lidlfix Tue 17-Jul-18 21:12:16

Last few days of Lidlfam hols are being punctuated by sighs and what ifs. An easy year (in comparison) for me with just one set of N5s from DD3. She's really worried that she won't be able to do the 5 Highers she wants this year. I am more pragmatic and feel that if a C at N5 Maths is your lot then take it and run and find another potential Higher.

But I am accused of not being stressed enough and that I need to remember it might be old hat to me but it's her first SQA experience. grin

ClerkMaxwell Tue 17-Jul-18 22:34:29

DD is waiting on 8 national 5s. She's decided to apply to uni from S5 so hopes for good results.

DS1 failed 2 highers in S5 but had a great S6 so ended up with 7As (6 H and 1 AH). Only getting 3 Highers in S5 prevented him applying to some unis. He contemplated taking a year out and reapplying but in the end choose a more vocational course.

WickedGoodDoge Wed 18-Jul-18 08:41:31

I think DS has forgotten that he’s waiting for results. grin He’s gone straight into a level 1 swim coach training course and has been completely focused on passing that - seems to have completely forgotten about his Nat 5s.

He’s wanting to change one of his Highers from Engineering Science to Computing Science next year, but part of that depends on his Nat 5 results. If he does better on Engineering Science he might stick with it.

IndigoApple Sat 21-Jul-18 00:02:41

Thanks for starting the thread Groovee.

DD has an unconditional so not as stressful as last year but didn't realise till I saw this that it's only just over 2 weeks away! Waiting for results for 2 x AH.

Aurea Sun 22-Jul-18 10:29:24

A bit premature, but my son seems to think the first results our sent out from 1am on 7 August.

Is this correct? He's signed up for the texting/emailing service but I don't want to stay up all night if this isn't the case.

What time did you receive the results last year?


Groovee Sun 22-Jul-18 10:42:00

The last 2 years has been 8am. My dd stayed up all night 2 years ago because previous years were during the night.

Aurea Sun 22-Jul-18 11:03:09

Thanks Groovee. Does the text or email come first and is it on the dot of 8am?

We did go through this last year but we were on holiday on Skye at the time with poor reception so didn't get anything until nearly 10am!


IndigoApple Sun 22-Jul-18 11:06:18

DD has had a text bang on 8am last 2 years!

Groovee Sun 22-Jul-18 11:07:23

Text bang on 8am. Email in junk mail found at 1pm instead of when it was sent about 8ish x

Aurea Sun 22-Jul-18 11:26:00

Thanks! Feeling nervous already....

Groovee Sun 22-Jul-18 16:48:23

Dd is being her usual negative self. It's really getting to me. Ds is too laid back.

IndigoApple Sun 22-Jul-18 17:08:13

I don't envy you with 2 lots, Groovee!

Groovee Sun 22-Jul-18 18:26:05

@WaxOnFeckOff has 2 lots too. This will be my only year though x

Yogafailure Sun 22-Jul-18 19:48:43

Only one set of results this year in this house grin However after the way DD lost the plot completely in March/April I'll just take whatever she gets. I'm sto delighted that she managed to show up and sit all her highers as planned. She's still got S6 to go so can pick things up if needed.

My plan to put her off teaching backfired on me when I took her to work a few times during study leave once her exams were done. She absolutely loved it 🙈

Groovee Sun 22-Jul-18 20:30:39

Haha @Yogafailure.

Dd hadn't done any nursery experience during all her work experience. So she came in with me. One child thought she was my big sister which had my colleagues with tears streaming down their face when I corrected him and he replied " are you sure?"

She discovered that actually they are very capable and not as bad as she feared. All the preschoolers loved her. The 3 year olds got a wee look in. And she survived football outside in the rain session too.

WaxOnFeckOff Sun 22-Jul-18 20:51:57

Somebody called....? grin

Yep, two lots this year ...again!!!

Last year was a bit stressful and I felt gutted for DS2 who didn't do well, DS1 was sort of expecting 5 As for his highers which he didn't get, he missed one by only 1 mark! DS2 Failed Maths and Geography, got a D for French and an A, a B and 2 Cs for the rest.

DS1 signed up to texts last year but didn't get his text/email until after lunchtime by which point the postman had already been. Don't think DS2 has signed up as he has a bit of a phobia about opening emails. hmm It was a bit of an issue with a lot of people not getting their results until later so they will either have to increase the size of the servers or start sending them out early again I think.

wigglybeezer Sun 22-Jul-18 23:31:39

I've got two lots too, the only one that's really important is 20 year old DS1's Nat5 Applications of Maths, teaching him at home really put me through the wringer so he better pass.
He will need to pass a science subject at some point, looks like it might have to be self studied IGCSE Biology but I think we'll have a year off... He has managed to get a job in the local Co-op though so progress...

HotGingerPudding Wed 25-Jul-18 12:29:00

Feels a bit like watching a ticking clock but joining in regardless! My daughter will be going into 6th year after the break and will be getting H results on the 7th. Hoping to do 3 AHs next year and swithering between applying for History or English. Not set on any particular Uni (will be a Scottish one!) except for a general love of all things St A’s due to many holidays in the East Neuk. Hoping that this years results will keep her on track and not close any doors. Work Experience is keeping her busy this week.
Her Nat 5 results came through at 8.01 last year. No point staying up like there was in my eldest’s days - unlikely much sleep will be had though!

Groovee Wed 25-Jul-18 12:34:17

Last year me and my dd's godmother were up from about 6am! I went to the loo about 3 minutes to 8 and dd shot out her bedroom while I was on the loo. The year before she was working and ignoring me asking how she got on!

Sturmundcalm Thu 26-Jul-18 07:26:16

nowhere near as tense this year for us as DD has her uni place but there is the competitive element... waiting for results on 3 AHs and 1 H - she thought she did poorly on AH maths but ok on the rest.

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