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The Happy Singleton- Part Two

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mildlymiffed Sun 01-Mar-20 22:47:21

Ta-dah! Welcome to all our happily (sometimes, admittedly, less so!) single peeps! All welcome, whether your recently singled or a long-term singleton.

We've got this solo thing sorted (-ish!)

@misty9 do your thang!

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Upyerbum70 Sun 01-Mar-20 22:53:30


BuddhaAtSea Sun 01-Mar-20 22:55:29


BuddhaAtSea Sun 01-Mar-20 22:56:35

Part One here

mildlymiffed Sun 01-Mar-20 22:58:54

@Itsallpointless your home I sure looks fab. A mishmash is great, and I think reflects whoever you are as a person. I'm still quite in boxes until my lighting issues are sorted out (sparky booked in)- as they'll need to do work in my loft. And I'm still awaiting my sofa... so it's a bit of a squat still. But it's a marathon and not a sprint (as I keep reminded my impatient self!)

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mildlymiffed Sun 01-Mar-20 23:00:10

Gah. Typos. It's late, and after having a party of ten year old boys sqwauking away earlier... my brain is a little fried!

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KLS02 Sun 01-Mar-20 23:18:04

place marking!

Itsallpointless Sun 01-Mar-20 23:21:56 had me confused there as you are now the thread owner! I can assure you my place is not fab, I'm surprised I've not been arrested by the slovenly home policestill, Rome wasn't built in a day thankfully

@Upyerbum70 looking around me, it's actually more like bargain huntconfused

Accidentalaccountant Mon 02-Mar-20 06:23:52

Hello all. Hope you all had a good weekend. I was mainly playing sport and walking the dog. Is the rain ever going to stop? 💧💧💧☔

SirChing Mon 02-Mar-20 07:10:41

@Accidentalaccountant Morning! Was your sport canoeing given the weather? Although it was sunny Oop North yesterday. Looks a bit shitty today though. Roll on spring!

SirChing Mon 02-Mar-20 07:11:32

Oh, and thanks for doing the thread @mildlymiffed. Morning all!

Eesha Mon 02-Mar-20 07:22:39


Misty9 Mon 02-Mar-20 07:28:40

Oops, sorry I fell asleep! Glad it got sorted though. Happy Monday everyone

Itsallpointless Mon 02-Mar-20 07:34:53

Good morning. Annual leave today, so I can laze about on MNwinkwell at least until I go out.

After a beautiful day yesterday, the rain is back. I'm certain I have shrunk 2 inchessad

Out to lunch today..

Enjoy your day ladiessmiledaffodil

NiceLegsShameAboutTheFace Mon 02-Mar-20 07:45:16

And ….. I'm on strike so, after picket duties are finished this morning, I can chill out and browse MN too.

My singledom was reaffirmed when my ex partner - and good friend - (we separated amicably many moons ago) received a call in the office last week (I'm helping his firm with their migration to a new accounting system) from his partner. The topic of conversation was ….. that they'd run out of yoghurt. I'd forgotten that relationships could be so vibrant grin

Have a great day all. Speak soon.

S xxx

BuddhaAtSea Mon 02-Mar-20 08:57:17

😂 I’m friends with my exP too. Funny, I popped round his last night, he wasn’t in, but I picked up something and his house is so ‘cold’, there is nothing homely about it. Such a stark contrast to my home. We lived together for 3 years. And I have a really minimalist scandi type of home. But there are textures, I don’t know how to explain this, his is just cold.

Anyway, today is gym and admin day, I’m running tonight.

Itsallpointless Mon 02-Mar-20 09:36:33

Can I please ask how people have a good relationship with their ex? I do with my DC dad, but not my last two.

Just a question🤔

bibliomania Mon 02-Mar-20 09:44:19

Currently having a wobble. My dd(12) decided not to go to her dad's this weekend - I don't blame her, as he doesn't treat her well and I was expecting this day to come. I'm glad for her, but now I won't get every second weekend free to do my thing, which is to get out into the countryside for long walks or to visit new places. I can try to drag her along, but it will be a different experience with a moaning adolescent along for the ride.

Also, I went to a speed-dating thing last week - I only chose three I liked, and only one of them liked me. I emailed him days ago and there has been no response. I want to wail "Why does nobody ever fancy me?"

I'm just being self-indulgent and I'll get over myself, but I just wanted a brief snuffle on your collective bosom, if you'll let me.

KLS02 Mon 02-Mar-20 09:48:34

i couldn’t be friends with my exp, i would try if either of them wanted to be in the DC lives, but it’d be bloody hard

StarbucksQueen Mon 02-Mar-20 09:55:52

A shiny new thread smile
I'm still friends with my ex, although we do still fall out from time to time. We run a small business together, and agreed to keep that going if we could.. I think it helps that there is absolutely no physical attraction anymore - think I'd sooner stick my hand in a pan of boiling oil than have sex with him, but as a person and a friend there are some redeeming qualities, so while ever we're both OK with the friends set up then I'll run with it smile
I'm off today too, and for once the sun is shining so lots of fresh air for me smile

Emmerdaledramaqueen Mon 02-Mar-20 09:58:34

Hi, can I join?
Separated 5 months ago and still finding my feet as a singleton, do know I don’t really want another partner unless exh decides to come back. However, don’t think I would even want to live with him again. Gets a bit lonely sometimes though especially when friends are all in relationships.
Have read a few pages and am with the decorating!! Went a bit gung ho on the initial split and have now come to a complete halt with various testers all around me.
@KLS02 we are now friends and sometimes it’s incredibly hard!!

lifegoes Mon 02-Mar-20 10:00:45

Good morning all

Thank you for the second thread. I'll have a read to catch up in my lunch break. Hope all are well.

Eesha Mon 02-Mar-20 10:01:48

Hey @lifegoes, I remember you from the dating thread!

BuddhaAtSea Mon 02-Mar-20 10:07:01

My exH (DD’s dad) is an abusive arsehole that I cannot abide. His idea of remaining friends for DD’s sake was in fact an excuse to try and continue the abuse. So we have no contact. DD is a teenager, she sorts out her own arrangements with him.

ExP...that’s an odd one. No idea how we stayed friends. I’m apprehensive, he’s just nice. We get along. We have a lot of mutual interests, I suppose. There is no way I’d ever want to be with him ever again. But we sort of get along.

Itsallpointless Mon 02-Mar-20 10:22:30

Thanks for all the replies. I just wondered whether the 'friendship' changed/changes when a woman comes on the scene? I think I could've been friends (not necessarily out of choice) with my ex, but as he has a girlfriend, I couldn't see it working.

I think, for me, as much as I finished the relationship, and did not want to be with him under any circumstances, I am struggling with the 'imagined outcome' (I've been googling🙄) I thought I'd have, which this woman is having. So I couldn't sit there and listen to him having a great time with his new 'life'. It is selfish of me I know, and I really want to be wishing him all the best (I'm not a selfish person at all!) but I feel 'robbed' of that imagined outcome. I guess I wonder how she can tolerate him and I couldn't, and it makes me feel like crap, and that I have issues with myself..crikey, I am definitely 'woe is me' today😕

If anyone has understood any of the above, then fair play to you because I don't understand any of it😖

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