Due November 2021 - thread 2!

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AlackAlasAlackaday Thu 25-Mar-21 08:15:59

Following on from the first thread which is nearly full, here we are with another thread to keep us going through the first trimester and beyond.

Welcome smile. I'm Alack, currently 8+something with twins, due 2 November but likely to make an early appearance. Also have DD (3).

Currently on the group we mostly seem to be food-averse insomniacs who just want a nap, so here's hoping for some pregnancy glow! grin And less anxiety as the weeks go on.

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ShutUpAlex Thu 25-Mar-21 08:39:53

I’m struggling with the school run already and I’m only 6+4! Gonna be a long 9 months. We live at the top of 100 steps that you have to walk down to get to the school...

MKe21 Thu 25-Mar-21 08:45:40

Hi all, joining from the other thread. Im 5+5 today and time feels like it's standing still when I'm not in work. Starting to feel nauseous now, mainly feels like a hangover so far but all day. With my first it kicked it badly around 6 weeks so I'm worried about whats in store.

Trying to eat healthy but I get paranoid about toxoplasmosis and raw fruit and veg so need to give myself a talking to.

Had sore boobs for literally one night a few days ago, went as quickly as they came so hoping its not a bad sign. Have a scan when I'll be 7 weeks so fingers crossed!

@AlackAlasAlackaday wow congratulations on twins! Amazing!

@ShutUpAlex I'm guessing 100steps down is also 100steps up on the way back! I feel for you, the steps round the house with my little one is bad enough some days with the tiredness and nausea never mind uphill!

Sunbird24 Thu 25-Mar-21 08:48:31

I’ve just joined the FB group!
Should be 7+4 today, one on board from my second ivf attempt, will be my first.

Robyn101 Thu 25-Mar-21 08:59:53

Just marking my spot I’m 4+6 today and time feels literally frozen
Symptoms are just absolute tiredness, few headaches and sore boobs. Starting to feel a bit nauseous in the mornings but nothing too major just yet

DaenarysStormborn Thu 25-Mar-21 09:01:33

Hi! I've just send a request in to the Facebook group too. I'm 5+3 today. My symptoms seem to come and go really fast. I was incredibly nauseous this morning for the first time...

I'm due the 22nd November with our first. Booked in for a private scan at 8 weeks so that DH can come too as the trusts in my area aren't allowing additional adults.

pineapple2021 Thu 25-Mar-21 09:06:57

I'm also from the other thread..... 5 + 1 today with first. Booked early scan for 7 + 3 just for a bit of reassurance as aside from sore boobs I don't feel pregnant really!

jennytogether Thu 25-Mar-21 09:10:01

Hello (I’m a mostly newbie!) I’m 6+5 weeks today (due 10-12th Nov) with 2nd, had a MMC in November diagnosed at my 12week scan. At the moment I’m laying low... had a BFP 1 week ago and feeling generally nauseous. I haven’t contacted midwife services yet because I feel like i need to keep this is as our private thing for a bit, and try to quietly edge a bit closer to 12 weeks so it’s not such a long wait before it all gets formal. But I see lots of you are having early scans? I’m not sure what this would show me because my baby lived to 10weeks last time...

Am I being daft? Maybe I’ll contact the midwife team next week. Would they offer an early scan? What are the benefits of this?

Sunbird24 Thu 25-Mar-21 09:16:53

@jennytogether congratulations!
Ref the early scan, I had one because last time it was the 8 week scan with my clinic that showed my pregnancy had failed, and I just wanted to know sooner. After 2 miscarriages I know that it can still go wrong, but I got to see a heartbeat this time which is a first for me.

KitchenWarrior Thu 25-Mar-21 09:19:54

Saying hi. I'm 5+4 and feeling hungover all the time, tea (my favourite thing) tastes like dishwasher. This is my second pregnancy and I'm sure I feel worse at this point than I did with dc1.

Jennytogether you would normally have a booking appointment with the midwife at 8 weeks so maybe when you are closer to that it would be good to give the gp a call.

I just want to tell everyone! But I know it is far too soon and will make it much harder if things don't go well.

AlackAlasAlackaday Thu 25-Mar-21 09:24:26

But I see lots of you are having early scans? I’m not sure what this would show me because my baby lived to 10weeks last time...

Congrats jenny, welcome! Same as @Sunbird24, if something was wrong I wanted to know sooner. It’s no guarantee, even if things look fine unfortunately it may still be a loss, but some women find them reassuring.

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jennytogether Thu 25-Mar-21 09:31:57

@Sunbird24 thank you for your reply.

So have you had a scan this time? I think that’s what you mean, and it sounds like it was positive?

I think because an early scan before 10weeks would show me the same as last time and that still ended in miscarriage, I wouldn’t trust any scan as being reliable until after that. I don’t think this will feel real until I have a good 12 week scan, which feels like a long time to pace myself until...

I will contact the midwifes at the weekend I think, I don’t want to cause any admin issues! Just self preservation... and I generally do that through denial rather than knowing too much!

Sunbird24 Thu 25-Mar-21 09:39:05

@jennytogether yes, I had one at 6+5, but only measured 6, so I’m still not letting myself relax despite seeing the heartbeat. I haven’t called the midwife either as I did that last time then had to call them to cancel a day later. Waiting til after my 8 week scan this time, not that that’s any guarantee of anything either!

Rmd123 Thu 25-Mar-21 09:39:12

Hi everyone! I'm joining from the last chat. Just joined FB private group too. I'm 5 weeks today. Have the most painful boobs this morning and all enlarged. Usually my boobs would be sore for a few days before my period but this is on another level 😂 DH said he's happy they're sore cause it means I'm growing his baby ok 😆don't know what that means but he's just super excited. Have an early scan booked for the 8th of April I'll be 7 weeks then.

Girlmama3 Thu 25-Mar-21 09:58:58

Hi everyone. I'm 6+3 today. Making my place!

I'm taking codiene at the mo for my back so don't know if I've got pregnancy afternoon nausea or codiene side effects!

Rozed Thu 25-Mar-21 10:13:00

Hi everyone. Just joining this chat from the previous one.
@jennytogether I'm having the early scan for reassurance. Before having my son, who is now 5, we were ttc for 12 years x

I have been feeling very teary today, cried twice already this morning for no reason! Apart from this and sore boobs I'm feeling fine. We have rearranged our early scan from next week to the 12th of April. I got my dates mixed up and after speaking to the clinic, they thought 5+6 may be too early.
Hope you all have a lovely day x

thetallgirl Thu 25-Mar-21 10:22:29

Hi everyone I'm 5+6 today with my first pregnancy after our first round of IVF. Still feels very surreal, probably more so as I barely have any symptoms yet - only tiredness and occasional sore boobs. I'm sure they will come!

Due to it being IVF pregnancy I have an early scan booked for next week, which if all is well will mean being discharged from the clinic.

I totally agree with the comments about time standing still! Never known time to go so slowly. Lockdown probably not helping that either.

Aisforharlot Thu 25-Mar-21 10:58:24

Anyone else have fluctuating nausea?
Monday I felt so bad, but I've only felt mildly sick at times since.

jennytogether Thu 25-Mar-21 11:00:51

@Aisforharlot yes. Mine comes and gos. I had a day without and worried, but then, just to show me, it came back strongly that afternoon!

jennytogether Thu 25-Mar-21 11:20:37

@Rozed congratulations to you, and fingers crossed for 12th April. How many weeks will you be then?

I’ve been definitely irritable and snappy, and I cried because a friend postponed a walk. Perfectly rational stuff!

HLMx Thu 25-Mar-21 11:23:05

Morning all, I've hoped over from the other thread too 🥰❤️ I'm 34, this is our first and I'm 5+2 today. I have been craving lots of fruit and vegetables until yesterday and now all I can think about is sausages, pizza, crisps, fizzy pop 🙈 I have insane insomnia, struggling to get to sleep despite feeling exhausted then wake up every 30 mins or so 🥺 does anyone know if the insomnia eases off at all please??

Hope you are all well 🌟

lucerito Thu 25-Mar-21 11:30:43

Hello all,
I'm in Canada, but somehow found this forum 🤷🏻‍♀️
I will be 7 weeks tomorrow.
Was pregnant with twins last year, but God had other plans for them 🥺
Praying that this time I'll get to hold my baby or babies. I pray the same for you all!

I'm feeling super sick, and severe back pain... I suffer from chronic pain so it is hard to know if it is related.

Bonniecoloo Thu 25-Mar-21 11:35:34

Hi everyone joining on from the last chat.
I’m 6+3 today and have been referred for an early scan tomorrow due to 2 miscarriages in a row at the end of last year. This will hopefully be my first baby.
I was worried I hadn’t had any symptoms apart from sore boobs but since Tuesday have felt really nauseous all day (haven’t actually been sick) and only feel better when eating and all I want to eat is greasy carbs!! Anyone else the same?

AngeloMysterioso Thu 25-Mar-21 11:43:51

Yo yo yo!

I was thinking shall we make a list of who’s who, age and due date? I can’t start and the. Just add yourselves underneath...

AngeloMysterioso, 35, due 30/11/2021

DizSquiz Thu 25-Mar-21 11:48:48

27, due 13/11/21

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