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January 2021 Babies!

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Popcat120 Sun 26-Apr-20 20:31:03

Just got my BFP this weekend.
I got my first faint positive Friday morning with an frer, and today it's much darker (11dpo)!

Leading up to my bfp, I've had icky feeling, tiredness, dizzy spells, headaches, cramps.
Not feeling as icky as with my last pregnancy yet though!
Provisional due date of 7th January using the NHS calculator.

Come and join once you've got your bfp for January 2021, for a few pregnancy pals!

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Meg92x Sun 26-Apr-20 21:13:10

Hiii! I’ve just got my BFP today at 16 dpo. We had been trying for a while, then decided to stop trying and boom.. pregnant. I already have an 8 year old son so it’s been a while for me but we are both so excited!

Popcat120 Sun 26-Apr-20 21:18:44

Ah hello!
Congratulations @meg92x!
How are you feeling?

I've a 19 month old... So it's not quite a distant memory, maybe I'm crazy doing it so soon, esp during a pandemic! 😂

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Megpeg1 Sun 26-Apr-20 21:26:26

To be honest I’ve been feeling not too bad, my period was a day late today & I just decided to test & to my surprise 2 blue lines 💙 the only thing I feel right now is hot flushes, and I’m roasting hot when I wake up in the mornings!

That’s a nice little gap, I feel crazy doing it all over again Especially as you said during an epidemic lol.. but definitely excited!!! I’ve bought 2 other different tests to take tomorrow as I’m still in disbelief.

TheBeesKnee Sun 26-Apr-20 23:41:38

Hello, I got my first ever BFP today after 18 months of TTC. It's been a brutal year, massive rollercoaster, but I am due on 10th January 2021 according to the calculators.

I am only 7 DPO so super tentative, but feeling completely blown over! I was shaking like a leaf when I saw the line, I couldn't really believe it.

Only yesterday DP and I were discussing putting money aside during lockdown for IVF once this is over. This feels so surreal. I'm trying to curb my excitement as I am WELL aware of the statistics, but at the same time... it's finally happening?! ❤️

I actually had sore breasts on Thursday and have been very emotional on Friday and yesterday. Today I blew up at DP and cried over vegetables, which is very out of character for me. I decided to do a test as a process of elimination as it's been a difficult month with the lockdown, as well as divorce and death in the family. I wasn't sure if the stress and grief was getting to me or whether I was hormonal. I think a mix of all three at this point!

Popcat120 Mon 27-Apr-20 06:29:11

Congratulations @TheBeesKnee
That's fab news, bet you're thrilled.

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Jonesbabynumber1 Mon 27-Apr-20 13:49:55

Hi everyone can I join, glad to have found a January group. I got my positive 3 days ago and it’s gotten stronger. Been TTC for 7 months with my first. Over the moon to get a strong BFP Today as AF due today. I’ve been having nausea but that getting less now. I’ve rang GP and booked for midwife. NHS calculates I’m due 4th of January. Anyone else having cramps?

Jonesbabynumber1 Mon 27-Apr-20 13:51:02

Congratulations to you all ❤️

Popcat120 Mon 27-Apr-20 14:40:19

@jonesbabynumber1 congratulations!!
Yes to the cramps... They were so bad last night, and day before.
Had to go bed with a water bottle.
Honestly felt like I was on my period!

I was feeling really sick this morning, gagging at everything. I had this With DS too.

Ive calculated 7th January for me, haven't contacted midwifery unit yet, I know There's an online form to fill in. Maybe I'll do that next week.

I'm only 12dpo, so haven't even missed a period yet, I don't think it'll sink in, until I've missed the period.

Im needing to tell work soon as I'm a nurse, bottled it today, only been there since Feb, and I dont think it's going to go down too well, and feels too early to be telling people!

Hope everyone is ok, and symptoms not too bad!

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Jonesbabynumber1 Mon 27-Apr-20 14:55:37

Hey @Popcat120 glad I’m not alone with the cramps. I feel like once I’m over today as AF due today I’ll feel better. Are you still testing this is all knew to me as it’s my first. Im in wales so no online form here have to go through GP. I was in same position with work as I’m a social worker for adults and we still doing community visits. I’ve told my manager as a few people working from home, luckily she’s told me to do the same, but felt strange telling her so soon, but I was glad to get it out the way as it’s a weight lifted.

Popcat120 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:01:33

Oh that's great, working from home is the safest option. I've got a friend who nurses in community and she's been told to work from home too.
I'm not sure that'll be an option for me though, there isn't any work I can do from home.

On the testing front, I've done 3frer and 2 CB since Friday 🙈😂

No more now, it was a pretty strong CB this morning, so I'll (half believe) I'm truly pregnant! Lol

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SpacePug Mon 27-Apr-20 15:09:33

Hi everyone! I didn't expect to be in this a positive test this morning, noticed period was 4 days late so popped to boots this morning for test. I have a 16month old DS and got married in Nov last year , have not been trying so it has come as a shock, as first baby took 6 months of tracking ovulation to finally get there. NHS calculated my due date as 1st Jan 2021 (my DS will 2 in Dec)
Excited now that it has sunk in. Also nervous for what this means with the current situation how it is. Eeek!
I have some period type pains coming and going and feeling a bit bloated. The test is boots own brand pink dye which I took this afternoon, but the lines are clear as day. I have a spare test to take in morning to see how strong it is with first urine

Jonesbabynumber1 Mon 27-Apr-20 15:51:01

@SpacePug congratulations. @Popcat120 that’s a good line on clear blue as not as sensitive as frer. Maybe they can put you in a low risk area of work, there has to be some plan, I’m sure your not alone in being a nurse and pregnant. These are mine too sat middle yesterday and bottom today x

Popcat120 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:02:40

@SpacePug congratulations!!
I have a 19 month old DS, he will be 2 years 4 months when baby comes, I think that'll be a lovely gap!

@jonesbabynumber1 they are really good lines too!
Eeek how exciting for us all.

I know there's a girl who's 25 weeks pregnant, and she's still in our department, and there's a girl who i suspect is pregnant, early on and still in our department.
Hopefully I can stay in our department just avoid any suspected or confirmed covid.

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heybb Mon 27-Apr-20 16:05:06

Hi everyone,

Hope you don't mind a newbie joining in..
@Popcat120 Hello again! I remember seeing you over in the conception boards 😊

I got my first bfp mid last week (I've taken a few since).. NHS due date calculator suggests 2nd Jan! Bit earlier than I thought it'd be lol

Spoke to Gp today who advises I need to self refer which I plan on doing tomorrow as I need to weigh myself and I had a big lunch 😂

Looking forward to speaking to you all much more over the next few months!!

SpacePug Mon 27-Apr-20 16:08:13

Thanks popcat120 congratulations to you too and everyone else. Nice to be in the same boat as others . Wonder how the booking in appointments work now, are they still have to face?

Popcat120 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:09:02

Hey @heybb! I remember you too! 👋🏻
Congratulations again!

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Popcat120 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:12:25

@SpacePug I suspect they will be over the phone!
I want a private early scan, I did with my DS at 8 weeks, then was happy to tell my mum, but suspect I'll have to go on my own.
Hope things are better for our 20 week scans and we're allowed partners by then!

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mrsevo88 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:12:41

Hi all, I got my bfp on the weekend too.
By my dates I'd be due 1.1.21.

Really nervous, had a previous ectopic and mmc. Not yet had a successful pregnancy.

I've not really had any symptoms yet, other than bit if cramping and the husband is getting a bit of a battering with my bad mood.

Wishing all lots of luck!

Trying2b Mon 27-Apr-20 16:15:06

Hello! BFP for me too, hurrah! This will be baby number 3 for us. Took 6 months ttc on this occasion, with one mc thrown in for extra stress last month. Feeling blessed to fall again so quickly but of course also feeling very nervous. Got my BFP at 9dpo, getting stronger each day and now on 12dpo. Baby due 6th Jan x

Popcat120 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:19:01

Hello @mrsevo88 and @trying2b
Congratulations to you both! 🎉

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mrsevo88 Mon 27-Apr-20 16:23:45

Thank you @popcat120 ! You too!

Trying2b Mon 27-Apr-20 17:37:55

Thank you! Congratulations to you too!!

I've registered my pregnancy online today and also enquired about a private early scan - I think I'll book for about 7/8 weeks pregnant (hopefully will still be pregnant then!). I had extra private scans with both my other children and loved getting to see them, found it very reassuring.

Popcat120 Mon 27-Apr-20 17:46:09

@trying2b same, Ioved the extra private scans.
I had one at 8 weeks and 18 weeks last time.
The 18 week scan was just magical, that's when I fell In love!
The sonograoher was so lovely, took her time showing me everything, sucking his toes, bending and moving.

So glad I did have that scan, as my 20 week scan was awful!
Awful rude sonographer, baby wouldn't move, she literally Shoved me nearly off the bed to get him to move! Put a complaint in about her!

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Amanda855 Mon 27-Apr-20 17:50:32

Hi Ladies,

So happy to be able to join this group. First BFP on Friday after 2 years of trying! NHS date calculator suggests 3rd January as due date.
Glad someone mentioned cramps as my stomach has not stopped since the weekend. It feels grumbly and almost like trapped wind (lovely) wouldn't say it is painful but i am very aware of it.... hopefully this is normal! Xx

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