Ttc first baby catch up with our babies!

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Fivebyfive2 Wed 25-Dec-19 12:04:28

Just putting this on in case anyone wants to catch up? We're all at different stages, so might be able to help each other out?

@Delilah7 @RanchoRelaxo @MrsR16 @thumper59 @trashkitten10 @Bostonfern @crossfitgirl sorry I know I'm missing people, I'm blaming newborn brain!

I'll leave the link on the 'pregnancy' catching up thread xxx

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MrsR16 Wed 25-Dec-19 12:42:50

Hey ladies! @Fivebyfive2 such a great idea to have this thread! Xx

thumper59 Wed 25-Dec-19 12:50:02

Love this! Merry Christmas ladies. Fred is full Santa mode today!!

Fivebyfive2 Wed 25-Dec-19 15:41:53

Merry Christmas!! @thumper59, I think we can say Snap!! 🙂

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GemmaJen Wed 25-Dec-19 23:37:21

Merry Christmas from me and tiddler 😊. Daddy has been teaching her all about books, she's turning into quite the bookworm 😁

Fivebyfive2 Thu 26-Dec-19 00:04:01

@GemmaJen, love it!! Our neighbours got us a book, 'Joseph saves Christmas'... It made me a bit emotional, just thought it was so thoughtful!!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day and evening 🙂🎄

2 weeks into motherhood I'm still getting randomly teary (keep thinking I'm not doing enough!) I'm hoping I keep it together at the in laws tomorrow night 😕

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MrsR16 Thu 26-Dec-19 10:44:54

@GemmaJen beautiful picture!!

@thumper59 aww look at Freddie! Cute little bean 😊

@Fivebyfive2 I still get teary! I'm only a week ahead of you. Ethan had a really horrible night Christmas Eve into Christmas Day and I had a right moment at half 4 in the morning! DH was awesome though, bless him.

Happy Boxing Day ladies! Enjoy your days with your beautiful little ones xx

stormtrooperjulian Thu 26-Dec-19 12:19:58

Lovely photos! Hope everyone had a lovely first Xmas with their babies x

stormtrooperjulian Thu 26-Dec-19 12:31:29

Here's my Christmas photo...

So how is everyone doing at the moment?

@Fivebyfive2 your hormones will still be all over the place at the moment too so that won't be helping

MrsR16 Thu 26-Dec-19 13:04:55

@stormtrooperjulian awwww 😍😍 so beautiful! We're doing ok how about you? Ethan is currently fighting sleep... 😂

Fivebyfive2 Thu 26-Dec-19 17:36:49

Well! We're meant to be at bil house around 5 to see all dh's side... Joe weed all over himself as we were getting him ready, we cleaned him up and I've been feeding him for half an hour, he's still going!! Not sure when we'll get there... Dh just shrugged and said he's not bothered about going anyway 😂

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MrsC87 Fri 27-Dec-19 21:00:28

Hey no sure if you guys remember me, I had my Charlie back in July and he's 24 weeks now, 6 months on the 9th Jan! How are we all?

MrsR16 Fri 27-Dec-19 21:33:47

@Fivebyfive2 I find that with Ethan - we're just about ready to go out the door and he'll need a nappy change or be sick or do something else that stalls us for another period of time! 😂 newborns hey? Absolutely adore them, but they do take over your life!

@MrsC87 oh my goodness, look at Charlie!! He is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how quickly he's growing up... doesn't seem that long ago since you posted your positive test!

MrsC87 Fri 27-Dec-19 21:43:23

Thank you @MrsR16, the last 6 months have certainly flown by! How are you? I've not been on Mumsnet for months so tell me about your bubba! How old? Name etc? xx

Fivebyfive2 Fri 27-Dec-19 22:46:30

@MrsC87, helloooo!! Omg Charlie is so cute!! Can't believe he is almost 6 months 🙂

I don't wanna jinx things but it's been 2 days since I randomly cried about feeling like I can't do this. We gave Joe a proper bath and didn't drop him, so that's a win!

What are you ladies doing in terms of 'routine' can I ask? We don't have one really, just feeding on demand and trying to sleep when he sleeps, but thinking of trying to get into a rough routine once dh goes back to work. Any tips?? Xx

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MrsR16 Sat 28-Dec-19 00:48:46

@MrsC87 my little one was born on 6th December, 12 days early! We called him Ethan 😍 he weighed 7lb 10oz. Had a wonderful birth - 8 hours from waters breaking to him arriving! Water birth, the whole lot. It was everything I could have dreamed of! Picture attached (just because I'm super proud of this little human I grew!) I'm so glad you're doing ok 😊 xx

@Fivebyfive2 I had a moment this evening! Ethan just wouldn't settle at all... he got himself so worked up that I started feeling like a pants mum, not knowing how to calm him down! Thank god for DH and my mum 😂 messaging my mum for help while DH was cuddling Ethan haha! As far as routine goes, I'm trying to keep his normal feeds to 6, 10 and 2 (both morning and afternoon) but will obviously feed him if he needs it in between those times. I make sure to change him before I feed him so if he falls asleep while feeding, I haven't got to disturb him afterwards. He's doing pretty well so far! Had a few wobbles, but then he just stares at me and everything's forgiven because he's just so goddamn cute!

MrsC87 Sat 28-Dec-19 04:22:16

Thanks @Fivebyfive2 how old is your little one? The first few months I was very emotional, in fact until I went back on the pill I was, my hormones were all over the place!

@MrsR16 he is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy all those cuddles! With regards to routine I wouldn't bother until about 4 months old. Things change around then with the sleep regression so for now enjoy all the snuggles, feed on demand, don't worry about bedtime routine, just enjoy.
Your birth sounds amazing! Glad it went so well! Recovery been okay?

We are currently battling sleep, my Charlie won't be put down for some reason. I thought we had gone through the sleep regression but this is something else. We have resorted to co sleeping on occasions which I never thought I would but it's the only way he would sleep! It's 4am and he's fast asleep on me but wakes when I put him down 🙄 I remind myself he won't be little for long and then I'll miss these cuddles!

There is an app both of you might want to get called wonder weeks, it talks about leaps which makes total sense when baby starts being crabby or not sleeping well! We are in leap 5 which is also why the sleep is awful at the minute.

Fivebyfive2 Sat 28-Dec-19 06:02:52

@MrsR16, I also have my mum on 'speed dial' for anything, even just a chat if I'm up in the night 😂 Hope Ethan slept a little in the end xx

@MrsC87, Joe is only 2 weeks old so I know it's too early for a proper routine, but am always thinking ahead! Thanks for the ap suggestion, I'll check it out 🙂 I hope you get him to settle xx

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MrsC87 Sat 28-Dec-19 07:24:39

Congrats to you both @Fivebyfive2 & @MrsR16 💙
Ended up bed sharing 🙄

Tropicana1 Sat 28-Dec-19 21:38:49

Hi ladies!
Olivia here was born 11 days early on the 26th of December weighing 7lbs 1oz

@MrsC87 oh god Olivia will not be put down at night either, wakes and cries as soon as I try after a feed even though she falls asleep fine in the day!

Ladies, HELP me with my sore cracked nipples!! Feel like I'm dying over here and not looking forwards to another night of cluster feeding

Fivebyfive2 Sat 28-Dec-19 23:15:04

@Tropicana1, have you tried the cream in the purple tube? Apparently cabbage /lettuce leaves from the fridge help?!

Joe will sometimes go down for a couple of hours in the night after a feed, have found a few tricks that seem to help... Warm beanie in his basket before he goes in so it's cosy, swaddle /sleeping bag that I rub on myself so it really smells of me and his owl thing playing a heartbeat noise with the nightlight on. Doesn't always work but sometimes it does... He has to be pretty much asleep when I put him in though!! Xx

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stormtrooperjulian Sun 29-Dec-19 09:05:37

@Tropicana1 express a bit of breastmilk after each feed and rub it into your nipple, get some Lanisoh cream and apply regularly and check that you've got a good latch - either pop by a breastfeeding support group in your area (I found mine really friendly and helpful) or join a support group on Facebook that has IBCLC trained admin and they can check your latch from a photo and offer advice. I sympathise, I would sometimes cry as I latched him on, it was so painful, but it will get better I promise

MrsR16 Wed 01-Jan-20 21:29:46

Happy new year mummies!! Hope you all had a wonderful time with your babies! Here's to all the milestones they'll reach this year and to a very happy and healthy year 🎉

stormtrooperjulian Thu 02-Jan-20 17:56:39

@MrsR16 happy new year! Are you managing to get any sleep?

Fivebyfive2 Thu 02-Jan-20 18:05:57

Happy new year all!

Joe slept 3 hours in his basket last night which is a personal best! He was chaos for the 2 hours after he woke but ah well, small victories 😂

Dh goes back to work tomorrow... Dreading it! But might force us into a rough routine??

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