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We're still teething, trying to wean and our babies just won't go to sleep when we're trying to JS for another one, it's Just Mumming no. 11

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purpleporpoise Wed 09-Mar-16 17:07:30

New Fred viroids

purpleporpoise Wed 09-Mar-16 17:10:15

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the 10th Just Mumming thread...following the trials and tribulations of our babies, following the success of Just Shagging in getting us viroids upduffed!

For those that don't know, a 'viroid' is from the original JSing thread 1, where someone was trying to type ladies (in reference to all the JSing ladies), but their phone decided to call us all viroids instead!

The name stuck and we've been the JSing viroids ever since.

The 43rd grads thread is here

The thread we have graduated from is HERE in its 56th outing. WARNING: they're all a bit kerazy not to mention randy!

The previous Just Mumming thread is HERE

There is also a private facebook group (so it doesn't give the game away in your news feed!)... if you want to join to see photos of new babies etc, just ask in-thread

purpleporpoise Wed 09-Mar-16 17:10:29

11th Fred obvs

cookielove Wed 09-Mar-16 17:47:17

Hello all amd by all I mean purple grin

I assume we roll call

I'll start wink

Name: cookie
Age: 33 (just)
Dc's: ons ds E - 19 months

E is obsessed with Frozen I have watched it way to much!!

purpleporpoise Wed 09-Mar-16 18:11:10

I'm rubbish at new freds. I just copied the intro so the links probably don't work.


Name: Purple
Age: 41
DC: B aged 6 months

Oneyorkshirepud Wed 09-Mar-16 18:26:12

Found you! Thanks for the new Fred Purple, love the new name too!

Me: Pud
Age: 33
DC: 1DD P, 10 weeks
Current activity: Trying and massively failing to not eat all of the chocolate biscuits.

Snap, permanent move to the front room for you!

La, I think it is almost worse when you have had some good sleep and then it goes tits up. I reckon sleep progress isn't linear though, so those good night's are definitely progress (B can do it!) but is still learning/will still struggle some nights.

P was doing really well with sleep. She was going down about half 7/8, then feeding at 10, 4 and 7. Both of us had slept through our 10pm alarm a couple of times and she had happily slept until 2 ish and then to 5.30/6ish so we thought perhaps she was ready to drop the 4am feed. So we tried setting the alarm for midnight and a couple of nights this worked and she slept until almost 6... but the last couple of nights that has gone to shit. 2 hour wake up at midnight, then up at 5 and not going back to sleep. (I appreciate that some of you have it much worse!) Tbf over the past few days I haven't been as good with her daytime routine she had a bit of a tummy upset and may be having a growth spurt/leap too! So, finally my question is; should I go back to 7, 10, 4, 7 or should I plod on with 7, 12, fingers crossed we get to 6? Obviously eventually we would like to go 7, 10, 7. I know that generally we have been v lucky with sleep but getting on for 3 months of not sleeping for longer than 3.5 hours at a time is starting to take it's toll. DH doing the night feed Fri night - I don't care if my boobs explode in bed - I'm going to SLEEP.

jellypi3 Wed 09-Mar-16 18:45:04

Thanks for the new Fred.

la you sound like you are really struggling sad I have no advice and you sound like you have tried everything. You poor thing.

pud I'd keep her 4am feed personally but have no knowledge or anything to back that up.

We are doing ok at night, no routine yet but we are starting a bath, bag (sleeping bag) and bed routine with a massage thrown in. Not doing it every night yet because R's skin is a bit sensitive so don't want to bath every night. She's going down about 9/10 most nights, waking at 12, 2 and 5, although last night she woke up at 3 and wouldn't go back down. So today I'm tired!

CountryGal4 Wed 09-Mar-16 18:45:47

Found you!

R 7 days old today!

MaGratgarlik1983 Wed 09-Mar-16 18:59:49

Hello viroids can I join you?
Me: magratgarlik 1983
Age: 32
DS - 6.5 months and madly teething...

RPopz Wed 09-Mar-16 19:13:32

Bloody hell, just updated on the old fred and then realised it was full angry

1 DS - 14mo.

CarrotPuff Wed 09-Mar-16 19:32:05

Thanks for new Fred purple, love the nc!

Name: Carrot
Age: 30
DC: 2.3yo DS C, 10 day old DD O.

Pud you're setting alarm for feeds??

Lalathelastdinosaur Wed 09-Mar-16 19:41:16

Yo here you are!

DS 7.5 months - B/miniLa

Write more later - pumping boobs now!

purpleporpoise Wed 09-Mar-16 19:42:31

Welcome Magrat smile

Pud is there a reason to wake her? Is she gaining weight ok? I never woke B and just fed him when he woke up but he's never needed to gain weight

ZylaB Wed 09-Mar-16 20:29:42

One dd, H who is 13 months old. JSing for number 2, but pissy sticks seem to disagree about if I've iced this month meh.

Projectile vomiting...that's what today has been about. Joy. Had men in laying new flooring downstairs too so she couldn't even play properly between being super clingy and poorly. Poor thing.

RPopz Wed 09-Mar-16 21:29:52

Aw, get well soon H!

No idea if I'm icing or not. Can't stop googling "implantation bleed" ! confused

Jcandy Wed 09-Mar-16 21:42:16

Name: JC
Age: 31
DC: G 11 week old DD

Poor H sad
Don't talk to me about sleep right now. We were up every hour last night sad and it seems my antidepressants are giving me the side effect of insomnia. Feeling so sleep deprived! Not had a sleep of more than 2 hours in a row for over 3 weeks now

MaGratgarlik1983 Wed 09-Mar-16 21:50:24

Eek that's rough jc. Pretty sure I Iced yesterday although we're not trying yet. Currently in teething hell with L :/

purpleporpoise Wed 09-Mar-16 21:51:55

JC mine too, it's driving me mad. I mentioned it to the GP but it seems all SSRI's have the same side effects.

Zyla, hope H is better soon

Popz I never had an IB but I think quite a few did on the undergrads freds

CarrotPuff Wed 09-Mar-16 23:14:21

Sorry DD is poorly Zyla, hope she gets better soon.

JC winecake

O has been awake since 7pm. I was planning to go to bed early... She just keeps fussing. Currently she's sleeping with my nipple in her mouth...

Oneyorkshirepud Thu 10-Mar-16 00:26:52

Omg Carrot, you are right! Why am I setting an alarm?! I think it started out as a routine thing but now it just seems silly!

JC that sounds terrible. And insomnia with a little baby? Ugh wine

Welcome Ma.

Gx for implantation bleeding Popz!

honeysucklejasmine Thu 10-Mar-16 04:25:43

Pud switch the alarm off! We used to set one too but A wakes herself (and us) up now no problem. The only downside is she gets a bit screamy waiting for bottle as she's hungry already, but actually it's not a big deal to cope with. And as your bfing it won't matter as you can just whack a tit out!

29 (for a few more months)
DD, A, 2.5 weeks old
Amount spent in mothercare sale: £130! blush

In my defence... I got LOADS. And it's the only clothes shopping I have done for A. Everything else she has is second hand. And there was lots of Little Bird stuff in the sale. What was I supposed to do?!?!

Was with a friend. Afterwards she said "your taste is so clear. Yellow, blue, green, florals. No pink or glitter!" which is true, but should not have been a surprise to her. I got exciting things like a sun hat for summer and a light jacket for Autumn. And a cardigan to wear with a second hand dress (that DN2 wore to my wedding) for my cousins wedding this summer. So, lots of bits and bobs.

Oh, and it all came off a gift card DHs work gave us, so it's all FREEEEEEEE! grin

Will pop some photos on FB tomorrow.

I had an early night last night. Dozed on sofa from 7pm, went to bed at 9pm after pumping. DH had A whilst he played computer games.

I've been up now feeding A and pumping again. She's asleep silently so of course I am convinced she's dead and I really should be too I guess!

Oneyorkshirepud Thu 10-Mar-16 04:32:32

Alarm got turned off! P woke at midnight. Nappy changed, fed, back asleep by 12.30am - that's a record. Feeding again now but that is good as she should go until 7ish now. Still setting my alarm for that one as that is the start of our day routine. I am a control freak so love a routine!

Honey, go to sleep! It is tempting to do normal stuff when you get a chance though isn't it ?

CarrotPuff Thu 10-Mar-16 04:38:54

Pud you mad woman, throw away that alarm!

Honey I'm very jealous of your shopping trip, well done!

So after all that fussing she's done a 4h stretch shock

CarrotPuff Thu 10-Mar-16 04:59:43

And she just peed 3 times while I was changing her!

Toast85 Thu 10-Mar-16 05:16:30

Here you are! Got lost. I did not keep up for the last half of the last Fred. Must try harder!

Toast, 30, dd 'Melba' 6 months

Sleep has gone tits up recently. It's been getting progressively worse for a few weeks/a month but especially bad the last few days. I don't know if it's because
1) we've been away and out of 'routine' (ha, what routine?) or
2) the 4 month sleep regression, but delayed due to her being prem (I thought we'd been there done that already but it's got worse!) or
3) maybe it's because she's ready for solids (which the hv seemed to think might be the case) - is worse sleep an actual indicator for weaning or just a hv myth?
4) she's a baby and this is just what they do

Either way, I is knackered.

Is the whole poor sleep = ready for solids an actual thing? Weaning is about the only thing you don't adjust for corrected age for in premmies and I am a bit of a loss as to whether we should be starting now or whether to wait a little while longer. She's showing some signs of readiness but still room to improve eg she is starting to reach for toys and put in mouth but it's not consistent and has not been desperately reaching for our food or anything yet, though looks vaguely interested when we are eating, and can sit upright with fairly minimal support but def not unsupported yet. Hv seemed to think we should crack on now she's at 6 months.

Sorry, I've rambled on. Going to try to extract baby from boob seeing as she seems to have nodded off on the job.

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