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Swagger Inn Thread 101 - we're out & we're proud of our love for The Musketeers

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SparklesRedHotChileLeather Thu 25-Jun-15 10:23:28

So, we have passed our 100,000 posts of Musketeer-related musings & as befits such an achievement, we got our shout-out on Twitter from Jess Pope grin Any lurkers out there, come on in & state your boffing order.

In the spirit of celebration, I am also imposing the rule that everywench's first post in here has to be accompanied by a pretty Musketeers pic. Don't let me down now mis wenchitas.

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Thu 25-Jun-15 10:31:03

I'm starting with this one.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 25-Jun-15 10:45:32

Duty, pleasure etc wink
<dreads to think how slow this thread will load now>

FolknNorah Thu 25-Jun-15 11:11:36

oooh very nice thread sparkletitas

chaiselounger Thu 25-Jun-15 11:17:23

Nice picture Sparks, nice thread.

I cant post pictures from my phone. I am at work, on work computer, and I know this is an old one, but its one of my fave's and its the only one I have got!!

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 25-Jun-15 11:21:20

As the Cardinal is not actually a Musketeer I will post this instead for Team Athos grin

AnneOfAramis Thu 25-Jun-15 11:33:58

Since we have opened ourselves to the world twitter and we have newbies, this seems a good moment to reiterate wenching 101.

This is a thread to discuss the BBC adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas Classic - The three Musketeers. You are required to state your order of preference on arrival and order wenches a drink at the bar. A modicum of discussion between seasons is tolerated relating to other Hot Beardy Fuckers but you will be reigned in should this take away the attention that these fair warriors deserve. If you have not seen the programme you must.

In the spirit of wenching and because I am at work I give you the pics on my phone.

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Thu 25-Jun-15 11:49:32

This is all going vair well, wenches. This thread is looking a million times better. I'm also donating this one as the most recent example of all-4 FAFness.

MadamedeChevreuse Thu 25-Jun-15 12:31:23

I bring you wet aramis.

Baddz Thu 25-Jun-15 12:59:35


LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 25-Jun-15 13:24:10

Another (smiley!!) one for Team Athos

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 25-Jun-15 13:26:52

And of course, in honour of Sparks for starting the thread here's one of Aramis

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 25-Jun-15 13:28:32

Ooh look at the pretty pic wenches!

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 25-Jun-15 13:29:31

And of course not forgetting Treville

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Thu 25-Jun-15 13:30:46

And of course everyone together...

You have to be impressed that I haven't posted a Cardinal only pic yet...grin

Flopsy28 Thu 25-Jun-15 14:22:30

Ooohhh, heelllooooooo room thread 101! There are benefits to not working grin The boys are, ahem, helping with the pain.

Lyndie Thu 25-Jun-15 14:27:37

FGS Sparks, really?

<boots up laptop>

LaComtess Thu 25-Jun-15 14:28:04

For this I have actually had to learn how to do a bloody picture attachment <FFS>

But worth it for this.

One of my most favourite ever.

Female visual Viagra.

Lyndie Thu 25-Jun-15 14:28:14

<goes back to iPhone>

Flopsy28 Thu 25-Jun-15 14:31:52


SparklesRedHotChileLeather Thu 25-Jun-15 14:41:13

Well DONE everywench wine flowers star [fleurdelys] hmm

I'm waiting to see who's going to be the first to fuck this up grin

Lyndie Thu 25-Jun-15 14:55:54

MrsB they break up tomorrow!! Can't wait!! I can't wait for 7 weeks of no packed lunches to make and no school uniforms to iron gringringrin

Enormouse Thu 25-Jun-15 14:58:24

And one for liv

Enormouse Thu 25-Jun-15 14:59:42

I know, I know. Not a musketeer but liv deserved something nice for showing restraint.

And I felt the motto on it was very wench.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Thu 25-Jun-15 15:00:34

<dives into new thread again>

Just in time for school run.
(Still yawning and ridiculously tired. Poor DS - I'm going to have to work very hard at not being tired-grouchy-mummy this afternoon.)

Have some more pretty...

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