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Don't suppose anybody anybody in Wakefield area is free to be a witness at our wedding tomorrow afternoon?

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robino Tue 29-Jun-10 17:05:47

That's it really. We're running away and getting married by ourselves with the DC (you can't really call it eloping when it's Wakefield wink) tomorrow afternoon.

We were going to accost people in the street and still will if this doesn't work but thought we'd give it a shot here.

We can offer you a free glass of bubbly in return grin

BuzzingNoise Tue 29-Jun-10 17:06:38

I'm free after 3.30 smile

compo Tue 29-Jun-10 17:06:53

aren't you worried about wierdos / hairy truck drivers turning up??!!

no school mum friends you could ask?

congtats smile

HouseofCrazy Tue 29-Jun-10 17:07:05

Wow! How exciting!! Am not in your area but good luck and have a fab time!!

clarabella23 Tue 29-Jun-10 17:07:39

I'm not in wakefield, but wanted to say good luck and I hope you have a fab day!

Jazzicatz Tue 29-Jun-10 17:08:39

Think thats such a lovely idea - actually made me cry. Good luck with your day and married life

robino Tue 29-Jun-10 17:10:26

Sorry buzzing - too late, but thanks.

Not asking anyone we know; it'll all get back to family and make life more complicated than need be!

And I suspect the danger of choosing weirdos in Wakey bus station is just as great as finding them on here!

mollymax Tue 29-Jun-10 17:12:00

Wish i lived in Wakefield....have a fantastic day.

30andMerkin Tue 29-Jun-10 17:13:37

You might get volunteers! My parents got married in a whopping great church but only had around 10 guests, so some little old ladies wandered in off the street to see what was going on. The same could happen if you're dressed for a wedding!

GloriaSmut Tue 29-Jun-10 17:14:27

I never honestly thought I'd be saying this but I wish I lived in Wakefield! Good luck tomorrow and, as my FIL used to say "May the Mice never leave your cupboards hungry"!

FreakoidOrganisoid Tue 29-Jun-10 17:14:58

Nowhere near but congratulations!

RunforFun Tue 29-Jun-10 17:15:28

I'd love to do it...

But unfortunately I'm not in Wakefield or anywhere remotely near.

Have a lovely day x

BuzzingNoise Tue 29-Jun-10 17:16:40

That's a shame, but have a great time anyway!
How about asking in the army recruitment place (over the road from the registry office) and getting some men in uniform?

littleoldme Tue 29-Jun-10 17:17:33

I would if I wasn't stacked up with work. Hope you have a fab time and hearty congratulations.

SagacityNell Tue 29-Jun-10 17:17:42

If you can pay for my train ticket from manchester i will come and take pics for you too. (i am ok but not a pro)

AlCrowley Tue 29-Jun-10 17:18:17

Try the local page maybe?

Good luck. DH and I will be celebrating 5 years soon. Being married is great

5inthebed Tue 29-Jun-10 17:18:56

How fab! I don't live anywhere near, but good look and congratulations!

StainedGlass Tue 29-Jun-10 17:21:05

Bumping for you.....How fab!

Have a lovely day grin

RumourOfAHurricane Tue 29-Jun-10 17:25:22

Message withdrawn

Deemented Tue 29-Jun-10 18:08:09

Bump - hope you have a fantastic day!

robino Tue 29-Jun-10 19:26:05

Thanks for all the good wishes.

SagacityNell - thanks for the kind offer but you'd practically double the cost of the wedding wink!

BuzzingNoise Tue 29-Jun-10 19:44:27

You could try NetMums?

nymphadora Tue 29-Jun-10 19:56:32

Nowhere near but its so nice it made me cry blush I am pregnant if thats any defence. Anyway


and congratulations grin

OrmRenewed Tue 29-Jun-10 19:57:46

Oh I wish I was! smile

SagacityNell Tue 29-Jun-10 20:00:14

I thought as much! If i could afford it, i would still do i but things extremely tight.

Good luck congratulations and have a good day xx

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