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Submissions are invited of poetry to commemorate the life and mourn the death of DS2's guinea pig

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Threadworm Thu 22-Jan-09 10:11:11

Died yesterday after a mercifully short illness.

In Memoriam

So, farewell then
That was not your real name.

Internet paranoia has made me choose
An alias.
And Keith's mum says that Beetle is
A very good name
For a guinea pig.

Especially one that was black and fat.
That was probably what killed you.
Being so fat
I mean.

E. J. Thread, aged 17 and a half.

wingandprayer Thu 22-Jan-09 10:24:14

My condolences on his loss.

Brilliant Thrib style btw grin

Threadworm Thu 22-Jan-09 10:33:36

Thank you for your thoughts wing <blows nose and soldiers on>

I am genuinely a bit upset (as well as having fun). It was sad putting his rigid little body in a hole in the ground. And we did not expect him to die for years.

More poems, please, anyone.

GiraffeAHolic Thu 22-Jan-09 10:45:44

The cage where once you munched your food,
The bedroom carpet that you chewed.
The sawdust where you made you bed,
The paper where you laid your head.
All these things will bring to mind,
thoughts of a guinea pig,oh so kind.

In guinea pig heaven, now you lay,
In God's giant wheel, now you play.
I hope it's fun in guinea pig heaven,
And I think your name was really ....Kevin!


TsarChasm Thu 22-Jan-09 10:45:57

When will you be publishing your anthology. That is excellent.

My submission shall be more in the style of Betjeman....<clears throat>

Oh guinea pig
Sadly departed
Empty hutch
Broken hearted

No more chopp-ed apple needed
Lettuce bowl
Forlorn un-heeded

Shoe box coffin
Tea towel shroud
Funeral drum
and sobbing loud

Oh well mum that's all over
Can I have I a dog called Rover?

Threadworm Thu 22-Jan-09 10:47:57

Excellent! I suggest a tweak to line 2, for the sake of accuracy:

'The bedroom carpet where you pooed.'

Threadworm Thu 22-Jan-09 10:48:30

oo, x-post. Reading Tsar now.

wingandprayer Thu 22-Jan-09 10:49:03

<manly pat>

Noble furry pet
You roam eternal lawns now
Unfettered by size

GiraffeAHolic Thu 22-Jan-09 10:49:33

That's fine editorial rights can be discussed at a later date

Threadworm Thu 22-Jan-09 10:49:44

Wonderful! I can hear the Betjeman train in the distance.

Hassled Thu 22-Jan-09 10:49:47

In moments of profound grief such as this I find the Haiku the most fitting tribute.

On a brighter note
In Peru you would have been
Someone's roast dinner.

Threadworm Thu 22-Jan-09 10:50:25

Excellent, wing. They are coming thick and fast now.

TheNinkynork Thu 22-Jan-09 10:50:55

Hassled grin

Threadworm Thu 22-Jan-09 10:50:58

Dinner! Why didn't I think of that. <gets shovel>

PenelopePissedoff Thu 22-Jan-09 10:51:13

Three words Threadworm.
Ge ni ous!

I believe William McGonagall wrote..

Beautiful Guinea Pig as black as this dreadful day!
Alas! I am very sorry to say
That your sadly short life has been taken away
On the Twenty-First day of Two Thousand and nine,
Which will be remember'd for a very long time.

Oh! ill-fated Pig of Guinea so vast,
Tragically its rodent lungs did breathe their last,
Boys and Girls will gather to remember your name
And all men will pray you did not die in vain
On this dreadful day upon which we rage
For Beetle, departed from his silv'ry cage.

wingandprayer Thu 22-Jan-09 10:51:39

LOL Hassled

Threadworm Thu 22-Jan-09 10:53:08

Penelope, so moving!

Hassled Thu 22-Jan-09 10:54:09

Penelope, I was a bit teary reading that. Can barely see the laptop now.

Picante Thu 22-Jan-09 10:54:21

Is it wrong that this is making me all teary-eyed?

Katisha Thu 22-Jan-09 10:57:33

Reader, if you seek his monument, look at the bedroom carpet.

Threadworm Thu 22-Jan-09 11:02:51

Here's one from my dog.

Natural prey
Bedecked in hay.

Awesome squeak
And yet so weak.

I heard you munch
I yearned to crunch.

Carrot eater
Jaw cheater.

Cies Thu 22-Jan-09 11:07:20

LOL, these are fantastic grin

IorekByrnison Thu 22-Jan-09 11:08:17

How sad. But what brilliant poems (especially the dog's).

Threadworm Thu 22-Jan-09 11:12:03

Oh! I forgot! There is a photo of the late GP on my profile!

Merrylegs Thu 22-Jan-09 11:12:46

Germans have their Meerschweinchens
The French their cochon d'Indes
But you, my little cavy
Were the finest in this land.

(RIP little pig. sad)

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