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To think I might actually die trying to sort out DM's iPhone?

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TreacherousPissFlap Fri 05-Jul-19 18:17:14

DM has a new phone, she's very pleased with it.
The very nice man in the shop told her all her settings would "follow her over" to her new phone. Her settings have not followed her over hmm
It now appears that DM has no less than three different FB accounts. I assumed she was changing profile pictures, turns out she was just logged into different accounts of the same name. This also explains her indignation that people have not replied to her messages.
She does not know her AppleID and appears to have locked it to DSDads fingerprint- sadly he died two years ago so is not really being much help.
Any requests for passwords are met with blank looks, as if it's an utterly outlandish thing to request.

EmilyThornby Fri 05-Jul-19 18:18:51

DD? What are you doing on mumsnet?! grin

Ffsnosexallowed Fri 05-Jul-19 18:20:09

I feel your

MojoMoon Fri 05-Jul-19 18:20:51

When you do get it sorted out, splash out the four quid or whatever it costs for the LastPass app. It's a password manager. Set it to her fingerprint and make sure you know what the master password is.

Good luck

TreacherousPissFlap Fri 05-Jul-19 18:21:22

See I know I'm not your daughter because my mother has pottered off to the pub with DH, leaving me surrounded by an iPad (locked to a dead mans finger) an old iPhone (full of a load of old tosh but not what I need) and a brand new shiny iPhone, totally devoid of any useful information but very shiny nonetheless grin

Leah2005 Fri 05-Jul-19 18:21:41

My dad and step mum decided they wanted Facebook. They were then appalled that Facebook could suggest people to them that they may know. They wanted Facebook removing so I went to uninstall. They couldn't remember their password so we had the reset password link sent to their email address. They couldn't remember their email address (or the password attached to that either). Apparently I'm not very good with computers because I couldn't remove it for them. I understand your pain.

Whoopstheregomyinsides Fri 05-Jul-19 18:23:00

Start from new - it’s the only way.

EmilyThornby Fri 05-Jul-19 18:24:00

Pub sounds an awfully good idea! wine

AfterSchoolWorry Fri 05-Jul-19 18:24:22

I'd just start all over again.

picklemepopcorn Fri 05-Jul-19 18:24:38

Ooh yes. This costs me hours every week, and DS1 hours every week. She gets so angry because it won't work the way it's supposed to. I have to give instructions over the phone, too. It's painful. Sooooooo very painful.

TreacherousPissFlap Fri 05-Jul-19 18:25:07

It's oddly reminiscent of the Boxing Day when DSDad was still alive, spent desperately trying to unlock their new iPad that they had set the password to while off their tits on sherry.
The man in the Apple store told me wryly we were the third he'd seen that day grin

TremblingFanjo Fri 05-Jul-19 18:27:05

This is why I have children - now they fix my DP's "broken" devices grin

GreenTulips Fri 05-Jul-19 18:27:15

Do you have a working iPhone near you?

glastonbore Fri 05-Jul-19 18:27:17

This happened to me. Or the dead man fingerprint as it knew mine but wouldn't let us use it without code. No one knew the code.

We did i it in the end with the help of you tube tutorials!

Good luck.

EmilyThornby Fri 05-Jul-19 18:27:24

My DD sighs as she takes my phone, closes umpteen billion tabs, and rearranges the icons into sensible folders.

"What's Simon's Cat?" a game. "Do you play it?" No. Don't get rid of it, just in case!

Takes me forever and a day to find Facebook or Google again. grin

I'm not helping, am I

Longdistance Fri 05-Jul-19 18:27:37

Don’t you need to old iPhone? Irrc, I waved my new iPhone over the old one and everything transferred like lightening.

anitagreen Fri 05-Jul-19 18:28:26

@TreacherousPissFlap I'm so sorry op but the line you've written has me absolutely howling
See I know I'm not your daughter because my mother has pottered off to the pub with DH, leaving me surrounded by an iPad (locked to a dead mans finger) absolute gold I'm sorry for your loss also x

Seeline Fri 05-Jul-19 18:28:46

pickle I too have to do the instructions over the phone, and for her pc too. She won't ring my BIL who works in IT. She rings me - because I live closer 😂

DonkeyHohtay Fri 05-Jul-19 18:31:50

I hear you. My dad treats me as tech support too. Even though I have no specialist knowledge.

He phoned me last week to tell me that a mate of his at the golf club had a phone call high could SPEAK TO HIM! all he had to say say " Hi Susie" (hmm) and "what's the weather" and Susie would tell him!

No dad. You can't get "Susie" on your Nokia brick.

anitagreen Fri 05-Jul-19 18:33:09

My Nan is the worst for this one of her other relatives made her a snapchat account so I receive endless snaps of her fringe or of a cup of tea or she phones me by accident and you can hear her saying " oh what have I done here mick mick Michael" shouting to my granddad to turn the call off as she doesn't see the red button grin

Alsohuman Fri 05-Jul-19 18:35:07

OP, thank you for “off their tits on sherry”. 🤣

user1471453601 Fri 05-Jul-19 18:37:52

My DD feels your pain. I wanted an upgrade on my iPhone. My DD offered to "Be me" in the phone to the supplier (I'm very hard of hearing and can hear just about nothing on my mobile).

In my head the conversation should have gone along the following lines

Me. Hello if like to give you some more money every.month.

Provider, Cetainly, and what would you want in return?

Me. An upgrade on my current one to iPhone whatever.

Provider. Any preference on colour?

Me. Yes, silver please.

Provider. And will you be paying from the same bank account?

Me. Yes.

Provider. It's on its way.

Oh no. The conversation included (but was not limited to)

Provider. Do you live in an area you consider to be isolated? Do you feel isolated? Do you have any mental health problems?

Ffs, I wanted a phone, not an appointment with the Samaritans.

DD reckoned it was a safe guarding issue. Yes I'm old, but I've got a bank account and I wanted to give them more money.

picklemepopcorn Fri 05-Jul-19 18:38:15

My dad died, leaving my mum an iPad and iPhone that he worked perfectly competently, but the deadman's fingerprint, email account password issue .... we couldn't reset because mum didn't want to lose any of dad's stuff. We get a lot of 'but why won't it...' and 'but that's what I did...' and 'well it ought to...why doesn't it?'.

SayNoToCarrots Fri 05-Jul-19 18:40:04

😂 anyone else have parents who are really good at buying devices that just don't work efficiently, through no fault whatsoever of the user. This is true even when the user's child gets it working with a few taps.

ContinuityError Fri 05-Jul-19 18:41:47

My DM is the same. Shiny new iPad for which DS and I are now a 24/7/365 helpline. Things like “password” and “app” and “email” have been explained a gazillion times. I now have the email logins and just sort stuff out remotely.

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