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CUNTING Sainsburys

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Greensleeves Wed 31-Jan-07 20:57:21

We have been sitting here eagerly awaiting the arrival of £180 worth of shopping (unusually large shop, cupboard shop as well as regular groceries) which was booked to arrive between 7 and 8. Once it became apparent that it was late dh checked their schedule online and it transpired that they hadn't got us down for a delivery at all . So we called customer services and were told by a very rude, offhand person that if we hadn't received the confirmation email, it was our own fault our shopping hadn't been delivered. We did receive the confirmation page on the website after we checked out - but we didn't receive the email, which we wouldn't have noticed because our nroadband connection has been playing up over the last few days. So dh tried to check the order out again and book a different time (the earliest available, 11-12 on Saturday). The site refused because "you have already submitted this order"!!.

So we call customer services again and speak to another rude, unhelpful twat who fobs us off - he clearly has difficulty getting the order through the system again too but won't admit there's a problem with their system (dh works in programming and it was bloody obvious there was a problem). He then books a delivery at 3-4pm on Friday without consulting us, then tells us that it's booked - we have to tell him to cancel it because neither of us will be in on Friday (is that so unusual?. So he re-books it for the Saturday 11-12 slot. When dh asks for the forms to be sent for an official complaint (on the grounds that we have now got to do another shop to tide us over until Saturday, and our Saturday is being bollocksed up, and it's THEIR cock-up) he becomes even shittier, and when dh asks for his name, he says "I don' have to give you my name".

Now I have two confirmation emails in my inbox for deliveries of £180 worth of shopping, one for Friday and one for Saturday. They have different order numbers on them, so I'm pretty sure that if we don't do something we will be billed twice and receive two identical deliveries!

Just what you need when you're laid up with a stinking cold and thought your much-needed shopping was arriving imminently.

expatinscotland Wed 31-Jan-07 20:57:48

Supermarkets are evil.

MamaGlorious Wed 31-Jan-07 20:58:54


Greensleeves Wed 31-Jan-07 20:59:30

That's the sort of response I was hoping for.

<<seethes and boils>>

MamaGlorious Wed 31-Jan-07 21:00:26

Email them a VERY nasty complaint

<<eggs Greensleeves on>>

harpsichordcarrier Wed 31-Jan-07 21:00:48

lol at thread title
children avert your eyes

frumpygrumpy Wed 31-Jan-07 21:01:23

Let them deliver it all. Then phone and make the complaint. See if they can be arsed coming back to uplift

expatinscotland Wed 31-Jan-07 21:01:52

I don't go to supermarkets.


One of these days, soon, you are going to have to know how to get your own food.

And a supermarket is going to be why you don't.

Avoid them like the plague.

Talk to the working man or woman, the farmer, the tradesperson. Learn from them.

Greensleeves Wed 31-Jan-07 21:02:00

dh and I are drafting lenghy and withering epistle as we speak

you have to take your pleasure where you can

<<spits blood and feathers>>

Pruni Wed 31-Jan-07 21:02:41

Message withdrawn

Greensleeves Wed 31-Jan-07 21:03:31

I have an allotment expat, I grow my own veg/pulses/fruit, make my own bread, jam etc. But it's January. And I have kids. And I live in suburban Exeter, not Walden frigging Woods.

I want my bloody shopping

Pruni Wed 31-Jan-07 21:03:39

Message withdrawn

frumpygrumpy Wed 31-Jan-07 21:04:09

dare you to answer the door naked

WideWebWitch Wed 31-Jan-07 21:04:16

Am liking your thread title GS, this'll get deleted, bet you.

Call back, ask to speak to a manager. Insist. Ask for a name, get onto someone sensible. Have to say Tesco cust svces very efficient.

TeeCee Wed 31-Jan-07 21:04:53

Have you seriously used that C word in a thread title about Sainsburys

fishie Wed 31-Jan-07 21:05:04

ooh yes. i bet they'd never come back for the second lot. they'll have a record of your call (and therefore oikywank's name for special complaint).

WideWebWitch Wed 31-Jan-07 21:05:54

In fact, cancel the order, do another with Tesco and make sure you email Sainsbos to tell them why. Or just send them a link!

Greensleeves Wed 31-Jan-07 21:09:02

I couldn't face doing it all again, it took ages.

What I really want to do is leg it up to Sainsburys, locate the little twillop and kick seven shades of shit out of him.

brandnewhelsy Wed 31-Jan-07 21:09:14

I just read this for the title! I stopped Sainsbury's online because I found it too difficult to use. Can we see your epistle? Will it have the title of this thread in it?

IntergalacticWalrus Wed 31-Jan-07 21:09:39

Go Greeny Go Greeny!!

Last time Sainsbos did a delivery here, the driver woman looked like she'd stepped off the Set of League of entleman, and moaned about how she could't find the place, and when I checked my shopping, they has missed loads of stuff they had cahrged me for. I never did an online shop with them again, and obnly spend my money with them when I utterly have to.

btw, LOVE the thread title.

frumpygrumpy Wed 31-Jan-07 21:09:53

Shit comes in seven shades?

I'm leaving Tesco..........

harpsichordcarrier Wed 31-Jan-07 21:11:56

<prepares Greensleeves defence to inevitable libel claim from Sainsburys>

HappyDaddy Wed 31-Jan-07 21:12:24

Send Dumbfluff.

Greensleeves Wed 31-Jan-07 21:12:37

The letter is going to be a real stinger. The one thing I do have lots of is time....oh, and venom...

Greensleeves Wed 31-Jan-07 21:13:30

PMSL, yes HC, I bet they've got a crack team of legal eagles researching common usage definitions of the verb "to cunt"

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