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I've left the children (8 and 4 respectively ) home alone.

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ShowOfHands Sat 30-Apr-16 09:29:43

According to them anyway.

DH has gone to the bank. I'm in the bath. We did tell them both of these facts but they clearly weren't listening.

DS started searching for us 15 minutes ago and indignantly declared we've gone out. They've noticed the bikes are no longer on the stair wall (taken down so we can redecorate) and think we've gone on a bike ride without them.

They are making a lunch together for later. DS has armed them both with a plastic sword for protection.

Our bathroom is downstairs and I'm around 4 feet away from them.

They've got torches, spare batteries, lunch and plastic weapons. They're going to build a den under the table and "sit tight". If we don't appear by lunch time, they're phoning grandma.

Foslady Sat 30-Apr-16 09:30:47

Hahaha - love it!!!!

Iguessyourestuckwithme Sat 30-Apr-16 09:31:05


Caffeinator Sat 30-Apr-16 09:31:44

Hahaha, love the plastic swords.

snorepatrol Sat 30-Apr-16 09:32:14


LongHairDontCare Sat 30-Apr-16 09:32:41

How cute! grin

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Sat 30-Apr-16 09:33:26

Hahaha brilliant! Bless them! 😂

I bet they'll be gutted when you finally emerge!l to spoil their adventure!

apple1992 Sat 30-Apr-16 09:33:38

Very cute!!

Groovee Sat 30-Apr-16 09:35:02


In the heavy snow of 2010, Dd and Ds refused to stay in as they were lonely while we cleared the driveway. They came out all wrapped up etc.

ShowOfHands Sat 30-Apr-16 09:36:20

DS is wittering about his blood injury (a scratch from a bramble) and how nobody's here to tend to his wound. DD is rummaging in the magic box for "mergolene and a plaster".

The scratch is 4 days old and nearly invisible.

JustABigBearAlan Sat 30-Apr-16 09:36:25

Fantastic grin

At least you know your children are resourceful. And obviously lunch is one of the most important considerations at 9 in the morning grin

rewardformissingmojo Sat 30-Apr-16 09:36:26

How lovely!

NannawifeofBaldr Sat 30-Apr-16 09:36:36

Be careful, last time my children couldn't find me (aged 4) they were lifting the phone to call 999 as I walked back in the door.

I was in the garden putting out the bins (which I'd told them) and had a 5 min chat with the next door neighbour (in full view of the living room window)

AdoraBell Sat 30-Apr-16 09:40:17


Do you know what they selected for lunch?

whatdoIget Sat 30-Apr-16 09:41:11

I had to have a word with ds about the importance of listening to me when I talk to him, when I can back to the house after taking the bins out, to hear him screaming 'mum! Mum!' He had no idea where I was, although I'd told him where I was going and had probably been gone about 3 minutes. He had given every appearance of having heard what is said, and had responded to me when I told him confused

Iguessyourestuckwithme Sat 30-Apr-16 09:41:31

You need to have a very loooooooong bath

ShowOfHands Sat 30-Apr-16 09:44:59

They are nowhere near phoning 999. Grandma, yes. The police, no.

DD is washing up from making lunch whilst reading Dogger out loud to entertain the poor, wounded, abandoned soldier.

I need to get out the bath. They're going to be so disappointed.

MockTheWeek Sat 30-Apr-16 09:46:30

Love this!

When I was about four, my mum used to do the food shopping for our elderly neighbour. She went to take it round one day and probably stayed to make her a cup of tea and unpack it. I decided she had been gone hours but couldn't go and find her because I didn't want to leave the house unlocked and get burgled. She was shocked to come home and find me on the phone to the police telling them "my mummy has gone missing".

ShowOfHands Sat 30-Apr-16 09:46:41

Cheese sandwiches
An apple each
Carrot sticks

NannawifeofBaldr Sat 30-Apr-16 09:46:50

whatdog those pesky bins!

coffeeisnectar Sat 30-Apr-16 09:50:28

This is utterly fabulous. I just read your OP out to DP and he's howling!

I love your dc!

ShortbreadFinger Sat 30-Apr-16 09:53:09

My 2 year old regularly wonders around shouting "where are you, Mummy?" from room to room; when for example, I've told him I'm going upstairs to put some washing away. Cue the chuntering as he walks around of " Mummy's gone, I can't find her ANYWHERE". Amuses me no end and love the cuddle when he does "find" me! "Mummy! Here you are!!!"

UterusUterusGhali Sat 30-Apr-16 09:58:40

I wish my children were so brave.

I can't go to the loo on another floor without them wailing and clawing at the door like needy little zombies. They're 8 & 6 ffs.

GiraffesAndButterflies Sat 30-Apr-16 09:59:54

Mergolene grin bless!!

ShowOfHands Sat 30-Apr-16 10:04:14

DD is a better Mum than me. She's read enough Famous Five and Secret Seven to know what to do as a spirited and daring young chap. You pack a hearty lunch and sally forth.

I'm upstairs now. They're under the table, hidden by blankets and reading books.

I shan't disturb them just yet.

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