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Thickos on TripAdvisor

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bupcakesandcunting Fri 18-Mar-11 09:03:10

I usually check reviews about places on Trip Advisor before booking a holiday. I've been having a snoop round this morning for a holiday and went onto Trip Advisor to read the reviews and honestly, some of them look like they've been written by a bear mashing his paws into the keyboard and hitting "send"...

AIBU to disregard reviews by people who moan that "nobode understand ENGLISH" "no chips/salad just greek food" "wayter rude" or should I be giving them the same attention as the others?

Hullygully Fri 18-Mar-11 09:28:19

I want to go there. Is the code for "i" essentail when booking?

wordfactory Fri 18-Mar-11 09:29:01

Christ on a bike - stay at home.

squeakytoy Fri 18-Mar-11 09:29:35

I read one once, where the list of complaints was..

The receptionist didnt speak good English
There were no vegetables on the breakfast buffet
The carpets were the wrong colour
The walls were a bad shade of blue
The building was old (it was Rome!!!!!)
The city was too noisy (see above!)

cantspel Fri 18-Mar-11 09:29:58

The tripadvisor forums are the best laugh. People get really arsey if you say something bad about a hotel or area they like..

Hullygully Fri 18-Mar-11 09:30:32

we have just returned,we booked a 3*aoa this hotel,breachs trade description act ,it would have trouble to scrape into 1*.the food is disgusting,cold, not cooked properly,no facilities at all,pool area filthy ,room deco and furniture,not good .no pubs or restaraunts in the area ,it is at the top of cardiac hill,

yummy Torremolinos

humphreythehamster Fri 18-Mar-11 09:31:25

Oh no I agree, some of the negative reviews made my mind up to book the holiday for this year. Whinging that there are no clubs or pubs, no Englsh food, complaining that there are no watersports as they might disturb the 'freaky looking stupid turtles' nesting on the beach etc etc. Booked immediately

ShirleyKnot Fri 18-Mar-11 09:31:33

"The staff were friendly enough but the food was very continental, lots of fish with bones and wierd looking dishes. The guests were 99.9% spanish"

Fucking Spanish food eating Spanish Spain bastards in Spain.

Hullygully Fri 18-Mar-11 09:32:22

'freaky looking stupid turtles'

beyond superb

EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Fri 18-Mar-11 09:33:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hullygully Fri 18-Mar-11 09:33:52

Bar area very small with most uncomfortable seating. I asked for a pint of beer and got one and a half small wine glasses of beer instead. When I complained I was told they would call cops.

That'll learn em.

Hullygully Fri 18-Mar-11 09:34:21

cockroaches are rarely a good thing.

Hullygully Fri 18-Mar-11 09:36:05

“spoilt by there own nationality”
Date of review: 24 Nov 2010
my husband and i visited friends in torremolinos and we stayed at the marina sur for 4 nights! on our arrival we were met by a lovely lady who appreciated us trying to speak some spanish, she was very helpful at all times as was the evening waiter who went out of his way to get us what we wanted for dinner as we were the only guests on our first night, however the morning waiter was not as freindly he couldnt even raise a smile! other staff on the reception were very nice too. the food was ok we did manage to eat most things although we did use the microwave to heat up the food as it was just warm. we enjoyed our stay until the last night when a group of spanish people arrived and on hearing us speaking english decided to make our last night hell! they banged on our romm door, shouted, and laughed at us and actually had us awake most of the night! we complained to reception but this just made things worse as they just laughed at us and did it all the more! next morning at breakfast i was shocked to see that they were not indeed teenagers but middle aged buisness men and women, they giggled at us, i did however let them know in my little knowlege of their language what we thought and i think i did embarrass a couple of them, so if any of you people are reading this or ondeed your husbands,wifes or partners, i hope they know what goes on on your little buisness trips!! bedroom hopping the works ! i do hope you dont get in trouble !!! like hell i do i hope you get in big trouble cause you deserv it all of you, you are a disgrace to your fellow country men and women who we do have a lot of respect for. we dont blame the hotel entirley but we do think they should have put them on a differant floor to s or send them too the swingers hotel down the rd.

More cunting Spanish in Spain.

tulpe Fri 18-Mar-11 09:36:22

I think "advice givers" are worse than hotel reviewers, tbh.

Have just been heavily patronised by two tossers on Lonely Planet forum who clearly assume (wrongly) that I haven't stepped foot out of the UK ever and that I must simply do exactly as they say or I may as well not bother hmm When I dared to challenge their attitude I was read the riot act about wasting the time of "experienced travellers" and berated for taking free advice but getting huffy for pointing out they were being a tad patronising.... FFS

coastgirl Fri 18-Mar-11 09:36:54

People always, but always, bitch about climbing hills or steps to get back from the beach. Which a) makes you wonder where they live that there are apparently no hills or steps anywhere and b) shows a deep ignorance of basic coastal geography. If the resort were all level with the beach, it'd be underwater, fuckknuckles.

ShirleyKnot Fri 18-Mar-11 09:38:21

"sam was brill with the entertainment even better when you join in ,and eddie was brillant singer wish i had bought he's cd it was'nt like this when i came in 2009 there was no sam and no eddie or entitanment and it was a bit boring. i hope it was not like this because the rock was closed and we had the rocks entitanment because they made are hoilday and gave the hotel fun and a bit of life were coming back in oct hope you still have entertainment there cause if not i don't think we will go back agin"

I am spent.

EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Fri 18-Mar-11 09:38:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Fri 18-Mar-11 09:39:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Fri 18-Mar-11 09:40:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EngelbertFustianMcSlinkydog Fri 18-Mar-11 09:42:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Fri 18-Mar-11 09:46:01

<adds 'fuckknuckles' to swearing repertoire>

tiredemma Fri 18-Mar-11 09:47:28

These are the type of people that made me have homicidal thoughts when I worked overseas.

I was once threatened with 'Watchdog' hmm

Oblomov Fri 18-Mar-11 09:50:23

I have written 2. One was good, 1 was bad'ish.
The first everyhting was good. And then when i read other reviewers, they where writing stupid things like it was too far from ... the wild bits of ibiza. er, thats why we chose it you nonses !!
The other one, the room was good, pool fab. but service awful. because they were short staffed they would only give you 2 drinks or meals at a time, but we are a family of 4. after yiu have queded behing 40 other people. complained, they said they would move us to a self catering complex, ( but we had paid for all inclusive)in a weeks time, for our second week. had never been an all inclusive resort until the week before. Even my review, was not all bad.

Within a few words, you can tell from the review whether someone is unreasonable or not.

ShirleyKnot Fri 18-Mar-11 09:52:49

"we are not fussy eaters, and dont expect burger and chips when we go abroad,and will try almost any food from around the world, but really "beef nuts" and " fried toast with aubergines" what part of the world do they come from?????"

Beef nuts. <wipes tears>

C4ro Fri 18-Mar-11 09:59:28

Re: your "both continents" American comment. They mean North AND South America... and probably that they went to Cancun, Mexico for spring break once.

Unless it actually mentions cockroaches, most Americans find European hotels crap when they are in old slightly rickety buildings (small pokey rooms) or don't have air con everywhere.

The "authentic travellers" that take the lonely planet guides as the bible and think themselves so far above the rest of us mere tourists are Hee-larious though. In Egypt my sister and I met loads of them making their way down the Nile. All looking for spare heads to join their specific felucca trip, arranged with a driver at the only lonely planet cafe recommendation in the area- none of them prepared to join anyone elses due to their great connection with their felucca driver.

tulpe Fri 18-Mar-11 10:02:31

C4ro - oh yes, the "travellers" who are definitely not tourists or holidaymakers......hmm

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