Leaving Lockdown Low Carb Bootcamp - our last week!

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BIWI Mon 27-Jul-20 08:18:12

It's odd, thinking back to when Bootcamp first started, how different things were. 9/10 weeks doesn't seem like it's a very long time, but it seems a very long time ago since we began, and we were in a very different place - with Covid-19 - to where we are now.

It is all feeling much more optimistic. Hopefully things will continue in this positive vein, and we can all get back to some kind of normality - or whatever is going to pass for normal now.

I hope very much that this Bootcamp has done what it set out to, i.e. to refocus us all and get back into the swing of a healthier way of eating, a healthier mindset and ways of caring for ourselves.


Anyway, here's the spreadsheet

Next Monday will be the final weigh-in, so I hope that this last week is a successful one for us all.

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Laska2Meryls Mon 27-Jul-20 08:31:07

Thanks BIWI, it has been a very successful one for me. Many thanks for continuing to support us after the initial 4 week BC you started.. And for me the addition of 16:8 had really made the difference this time ( and of course being finally in the right headspace to stick with it and finally give up the every day wine habit which I had got into after dreadful previous18months full of upsets and grief also)

Am now feeling much more positive about life in general as I get slimmer and fitter ..
.(As for Covid, well still being cautious about what we are doing)!

But anyway, another loss of 2.25 lbs ! Making 19.25 overall ! Very pleased..
I will be continuing definitely after end of 'official'' BC

SulisMinerva Mon 27-Jul-20 08:38:43

This is my week 3 and I’m pre-menstrual so not much movement. I did manage to successfully navigate a family bbq at the weekend - stuck to the meats, olives and grilled veg. My stomach is noticeably flatter than it was a few weeks ago and my pyjama bottoms are feeling a bit looser. Small wins. smile

I’ll also be continuing after the end of the official bootcamp as I still have a lot to lose and I’d like to fit back into the trousers I bought when I last did bootcamp!

Takingontheworld Mon 27-Jul-20 08:56:10

I don't think I ever ended up on the spreadsheet ... i can't work them blush

I'm 1.8lbs away from seeing 13.something on the scales.. I'd be so immensely pleased if I could see that on the scales for final weigh in. Im 2.5/3 lbs away from the 2st loss mark too. X

Rshard Mon 27-Jul-20 09:03:58

Thanks BIWI for the new thread, can’t believe this is week 10! This boot camp has been a lifeline for me and came along at exactly the right time in lockdown.

I’ve stayed the same this week, first time this bootcamp so ok with it. Well done to everyone who is posting a loss on the scales, looser jeans or feeling healthier and happier.

I’ll be hanging around after this week for sure.

Ifeelfat Mon 27-Jul-20 09:08:42

Morning all

Well my ‘week’ away was a disaster on the alcohol front, as I knew it would be - 4 nights of a bottle or so of wine. BUT when I got back on Friday I stopped, and I ate properly throughout. A 2kg gain on Friday has dropped to a 0.5kg gain by today, so it could be worse. I’ll koko this week with an extra push for this last week. Bloody ridiculous that I can’t have just one glass of wine though, I’m literally like a child in a sweet shop. Definitely an abstainer rather than a moderator...

Not having done one of these bootcamps before, it’s really interesting to see how the number of us that are still putting our weights in every week has dropped so dramatically. Is this the same with every camp? Where do they go? Do they lose interest, or KOKO but not record?

Anyway, this is my WOE for ever really I reckon, so even if bc ends next week I’ll still be here, logging in to see how you all are and how you’re getting on. There are some real characters and some great conversations and it’s been really supportive, so thanks (especially) to BIWI, ShagMe, NumbsMet, Taking and of course the spreadsheet lady (whose name I’ve temporarily forgotten and if I leave this page to find it I’ll lose my post...) there are lots of others too but these are those who’ve posted stuff that particularly resonated with me for some reason.

Off to drink water and walk dog.

Ifeelfat Mon 27-Jul-20 09:10:33

Wow Taking, nearly 2stone in 10 weeks is phenomenal! Bloody well done!


Laska2Meryls Mon 27-Jul-20 09:10:59

A nearly 2st loss is incredible! Well done you🍾

Laska2Meryls Mon 27-Jul-20 09:21:20

Ifeelfat I am the same on wine , except in the last two weeks I have managed to have just one glass on a Friday night.. I actually think that because I don't start the evening with a G&T ( having changed to Seedlip) I dont get into drinking mode, and can just have the one with dinner. This is so unlike what I have been before..
But what I have adopted is the 'Well it wont work unless you actually do it' mantra 8n my head this time.. And I have said it when non BC food has been offered.. Of course its been easier due to curtailed socialising !

One tipI have found does work when chocolate craving hits though is to chop a small piece off the block of creamed coconut that I use for curries etc.. it really has the same effect and is quite sweet tasting , but you cant eat much of it I find unlike chocolate

BIWI Mon 27-Jul-20 09:25:29

@ifeelfat (you really need to change that user name!)

Not having done one of these bootcamps before, it’s really interesting to see how the number of us that are still putting our weights in every week has dropped so dramatically. Is this the same with every camp? Where do they go? Do they lose interest, or KOKO but not record?

It's the same every time. Initially it used to worry me, but I've realised it's just the way of things. Each time I start a 'join up here' thread, we get loads of people signing up - sometimes over 200 - and yet even then, many of them never actually start!

Some drop out in the first week because they can't bear the carb withdrawal, and aren't prepared to push through it.

Some get pissed off with me and how I run it/talk to them/talk to posters I know! Who knew?!

Some just get bored with it or find it too hard to keep up because of the realities of their lives

Some have unrealistic expectations and think that low carbing is some kind of miracle diet and that, without much effort, they'll lose half a stone a week.

So lots of different reasons!

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Laska2Meryls Mon 27-Jul-20 09:28:19

Yes agree, I have signed up and not got past first weekend at least twice before !!

Laska2Meryls Mon 27-Jul-20 09:34:29

This time I was utterly determined..It was discovering that I had developed a fat neck and another extra chin and lying down in bad on my back was actually feeling quite restricted around my throat that did it !
I was far too embarrassed, knowing a very successful bootcamper personally to admit how much I had gained and actually enter my actual start weight on the spreadsheet, but I can now happily admit that I am now one stone to my target weight of 10.7 smile..

KTD27 Mon 27-Jul-20 09:39:22

You lot are an inspiration! When’s the next one start?? I’m girding my loins to begin my own low carb journey tomorrow ... hope to be just as successful as some of you!

Hopeislost Mon 27-Jul-20 09:45:14

The scales are only showing 0.25lb off for me this morning they were 2lb lower in the week! for a total loss of 8lb so far.

Well done everyone on the losses! I'm another one that will keep going with this and would like a chat thread to keep in touch with people on.

How long til the next boot camp starts? 😉

AWryGiraffe Mon 27-Jul-20 09:58:29

I've only joined the last couple of weeks, I read every post but don't always join in. Looking forward to the next one!

Tornfelt Mon 27-Jul-20 10:01:24

Thank you @BIWI for the new thread. I haven't posted much, but have been boot camping for the last nine weeks and I am very happy with the results. I will be keeping up this way of eating as I feel so healthy on it. I've lost 13lbs altogether. Thank you for the advice you gave me a few threads back regarding running when I felt very sluggish and thought it might be this woe. I've got past that now and have had some great runs this last couple of weeks where I feel lighter and like I can run for miles. Most importantly I am just really enjoying feeling fit and healthy. Thank you everyone for all the support you put on here.

Ifeelfat Mon 27-Jul-20 10:03:06

It’s really interesting to put these conversations and the whole low carb WOE into the context of the Covid-19 obesity debate. I think BIWI needs to be appointed as a govt advisor to sort us all out...

It’s SO difficult to lose weight long term if you don’t reduce or cut out sugar, and therefore carbs, and of course in areas of deprivation the outlets offering both of these predominate. I see very overweight people struggling and failing to keep to ‘diets’, taking their shopping lists to the supermarket and filling up the baskets with WW yoghurts or SW snack bars and I think there needs to be an honest, centralised, public conversation about the sugar vs fat debate...

Anyway, dog is now crossed legs...

Takingontheworld Mon 27-Jul-20 10:35:11

As you guys well know I'm prone to a couple of "the weights not moving/I've sts, I'm so low dramatics...."

Although the bingeing has totally stopped (I'm actually afraid to say this out loud, just incase, even when i had a "bad evening" it was a very very reserved version, nothing like before) i think I'm still very emotionally tied to it, but this has shifted from big emosh= binge to not seeing results= big emosh.

Does this make sense? Some of you more than others know I've had a rocky few months personally so perhaps its a manifestation as i have to hold my shit together at work and for the kids so basically 24/7 suppressing stress response!

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is- thank you for listening to my moans and pushing me through those weeks. If this WOE didn't make my body feel so good, I'd have definitely packed it in during week 3 and 4 especially. I'm amazed at myself really. I have finally, for the first time in 10years, lost over 1st and NOT GIVEN UP. Truly, i never thought it would happen and i definitely expected to quietly just dropout of this bootcamp blush

I can say for the first time, I actually see myself going all the way this time.

2st is huge, but I'm a big girl and I'm at a weight i have been in recent years if that makes sense (i put on a st and half in the last 2 years or so) but i hold my weight very evenly so its not showing much on the outside. I'm expecting to see / feel biggest change in around a stone and a halfs time and its really pushing me on imagining other people actually noticing if that makes sense. Very shallow!

MrsKoala Mon 27-Jul-20 10:40:48

Morning all. Thanks for kind words on previous thread. I really appreciate it.

Anyway. I have lost 4lb this week shock putting me at 11st 6! Which is 16lb total. I am so shocked. I thought I was going to be maintaining.

Burnshersmurfs Mon 27-Jul-20 10:56:01

Oh crud. Have belatedly checked the carb count of the barrow-loads of beetroot I harvested from the allotment this week. They were lovely though!

Wormthatturned Mon 27-Jul-20 10:58:05

Well we're very topical and ahead of the curve! On the news today is all about losing weight for COVID. Fear of death was one of my main motivators to actually get started with this but I'm now motivated to continue by the dress in the wardrobe which I'd love to wear without looking like a sausage trying to escape from its skin.
I've lost another 1lb but still not reached pre-seaside weight - let mine be a cautionary tale!!!!

Randomfatty Mon 27-Jul-20 11:08:15

morning all - have been missing in action for a couple of weeks due to injuring my knee very badly so that I couldn't walk - which has meant that I've had to take some hefty painkillers which meant I had to start eating breakfast and up my carbs as otherwise I was feeling nauseous with the painkillers - so back on it as of yesterday - so hoping this week isn't too bad as I try and get back into it.

Will keep with the 16:8 as I like that - and the low carb this week - I'll weigh myself next Monday as I don't want to be disappointed with where I am. Good to hear everyone else is KOKO - I will be keeping on with this until I'm at goal. (do we have an ongoing chat thread for this @BIWI) Good thing the gyms have reopened and went to my first session yesterday, so feeling a bit stiff today but good. This will help with the routine for me as I try and do 3/4 sessions a week plus some running which I have missed for the last few weeks sad sad

Lunch is chicken salad and Dinner is heck sausages with celeriac and leek mash.

felippertyfeck Mon 27-Jul-20 11:20:03

Well done everyone! Making it this far seemed quite a challenge at the beginning. The baking of cakes and consumption of carbs was off the scale at some points in our lockdown household. Bootcamp has been my savior. Thank you so much @BIWI @Athelstane and everyone posting, even though I sit in the background - can’t keep up with the pace of the threads - it is a massive help that you are all there KOKO as well. I am on the right track again now thank goodness. Navigating going away from home has been the latest hurdle. Cooking on a two-burner stove and catering for everyone - carb hungry men - has been tough but I’m gradually developing a routine. The next hurdle is to find a low carb food that helps with seasickness - I used to munch ginger biscuits with sugary black tea whilst out on the water! Not anymore smile Good luck everyone for the final week, some amazing results, you are all such an inspiration of what can be achieved. KOKO

ealingwestmum Mon 27-Jul-20 12:40:26

Thanks for new week BIWI, weighing in at maintained weight of 119lbs. I was never on the spreadsheet from the start of this camp as I had kept steady after losing around 19 lbs from the Jan camp (as a lurker).

Ifeelfat - I guess I kept head low with being on the lower side of weight gain to my size, and I was conscious many others had so much more to lose, but now realise that it is all relative, and this is one of the least judgy threads on MN. My near 17 yr old has been hugely supportive, being a completely different frame/height to me, and whilst over 2st heavier and not adopting same WOE, she too has benefitted from the knowledge that not all carbs are equal. Our veg weekly budget is enormous grin

ealingwestmum Mon 27-Jul-20 12:45:17

...just realising how weird 'nearly 17 year old' sounds. I am clearly distracted with hunting for prospective driving instructors from Sept!

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