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Thread 33 | TTC1 | From warm wombles to needles and exploding boobs - we've got it covered. Join us - we love to talk!

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Jamon Wed 22-Nov-17 22:38:05

<spreads out luxuriously on empty new sofa>

Join me TTC1ers xx brew

Jamon Wed 22-Nov-17 22:43:07

Struggle I know i would find that news hard to take too love xx I am cheering so hard for them both. Agreed with others on focusing back on you and getting womble ready to receive them with love.

Jamon Wed 22-Nov-17 22:45:07

Sorry to hear you had a hard night pyjamas what is it about the middle of the night that can make everything seem so hopeless? Glad the support group helped - it's incredible how much reaching out to others helps. I've mentioned it before but aside from this place (you are all my favourites) the Instagram TTC community is also amazing

MouseLove Wed 22-Nov-17 23:26:06

Firstly thank you ladies for putting my ass in check the last few days. AF arrived and I had a good talk with myself. I’m putting it out there. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook/text/whatever, please pm me. I’m toying with the idea of limiting my MN time as I keep straying onto the conception boards and honestly, it’s not good for me & I don’t really have any advice in the infertility board* 😢*. X

Flash* I’m sorry AF came.** It seems we are right** in sync.** 😢 My full flow came yesterday.** I’m trying** B6 this cycle and continuing with** Raspberry Leaf tea.** Sending hugs, chocolate and luteal phase high fives, shall we try for a bit longer next cycle... 9 months sounds nice. Ps. You are not flipping going to Vietnam. No way. Nuhuh!! Xxx

Jam I think Acupuncture has released something in** me.** I’ve had sore** boobs for the** first** time ever, lots of emotions and some quite deep moods.** I think counselling is next on my list.** I don’t think I’m fully over my loss and** with** every month that passes after having those dreams squashed I** become more desperate.** It’s scary.** I’m so sorry you were baby bombed so harshly. Remember that baby has no reflection on your path. You will get there. It will be you soon. Hope your injections have been ok and you’ve been drinking your water (I am TERRIBLE at drinking water) Xxx

Skip I’m so glad you’ve decided to go ahead with** IVF.** So brave!! Fuck your so called friends. Life is too short for that bullshit. You are not a bloody drama queen. 😑

I’m so sorry you and** DH are having an emotional time. Infertility** is a bitch and it breaks us in different** ways.** My DH got upset this weekend when I** was having** my funk.** He said everything else in life if i can’t do it, he will fix it, but this he can’t fix.** It makes him feel inadequate even though** we both know it’s me with the issues.** I think having** a very honest and real convo with** DH is needed and you** need to lay your soul on the line.** He needs to know how much he’s hurt you and it’s NOT ok for him to be like that. Xxx

Chlo I’m sorry to hear about your cyst. Little buggers. I have a feeling I have some (as I have in the past) but don’t see this as a step back, see it as a step forward with your treatment. Rooting for you hunny. Xxx

Lemon ffs sorry about your appointment. Grrrrr!!

Kerry thank you** so much for** the** link, I** read it on the** tram, cried, and understood.** I so desperately don’t want to be that sad person at Christmas but I feel like I** might be.** I’m so sorry to you too.** X

Geeup I** think one of my 2018 resolutions (and I** never make them) is to make more time** for others.** But please don’t feel like you’ve done anything** wrong. You’re friends are shitty for not inviting you to the** christening. Plain and simple.** You deserve better. Keeping my fingers crossed for third time lucky. Xxx

Kwick I’m so bloody excited for you. Congratulations on being PUPO.** But can you come up** north and sort** me out. Think I** need a kwick hug!! Xxx

Penguin no words.** I’m soooo sorry.** You are so brave and strong. And I’m so sorry** it happened on your** birthday** weekend.** What a shit.** I hope you** had/have a nice birthday otherwise. Xxx

Pyjamas you are a strong** and determined** woman.** You have** a plan and I** have everything** crossed for** you for your next try* AND* your interview. You got this** girl.** Your support group sounds wonderful.** Xxx

Struggle It.** Only.** Takes.** One.** And** you** have** two.** Come on little eggos!!! 🤞🤞

MouseLove Wed 22-Nov-17 23:26:38

Urgh. Bloody funky bold. Sorrrrryyyyy

kwick Thu 23-Nov-17 05:53:18

jamon thank you ever so much for starting the new thread - great title and pictures 😘

mouse you are courageous, valiant and strong. I will dig out my passport so that I can come up north and give you a mahoosive hug!!!

Shall we do an intro on this brand new shiny thread which will be full of BFPs?

Let me start -
I am kwick, I have been on this thread since December 2015, although I started TTC with my first IUI in September 2015. From then until now I have had 10 treatments, 2 BFPs and sadly 2 MCs. I just had treatment 10 on Monday - with a 5 day blastocyst transfer that came from two lovely donors.
By way of treatments I have done natural IUI, medicated IUI, natural IVF and medicated IVF (but not necessarily in that order). This is my first donor embryo transfer.
I have done the majority of my treatment through CRGH, but changed after my 2nd MC to IVI - where I have done the pre-treatment bits in London and the actual transfer in Spain (meaning I can benefit from having donors that better fit my ethnic profile).
I am no spring chicken (43) and I am also footloose and fancy free!
I have a “patent pending” 2ww top tips list but for some reason I cannot upload it to the thread 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 - I will avail on the wonderful and kind nature of Jamon to do the honours 😘
I have to be up in 40 minutes... been awake since 4... gonna try and get some 😴
Love you guys!

sk1pper Thu 23-Nov-17 07:13:33

Thanks for new thread Jam xx

Is it bad that I can’t even be bothered to post stats properly anymore? I’m age 30, been trying for 27 months, cycles regular, periods and ovulation horrendous and painful, diagnosed with endo, IVF in January.

Talking of periods, mine is imminent and that “heavy” feeling had been waking me throughout the night. I just hope the cramps don’t start while I’m at work...

InspectorPenguin Thu 23-Nov-17 07:49:15

Thanks for the thread Jam!

Quick place-marking intro on the train:

37, TTC since Jan 2016, no hint of BFP in that time, no official diagnosis.

IVF#1 in November resulted in BFN and none to freeze. Review with the consultant next Friday to hopefully understand what went so wrong.
#2 likely to take place in Jan/Feb.

Trying my best to keep busy and distract myself for the next couple of months - and desperately need to start exercising again!! 🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Jamon Thu 23-Nov-17 07:53:32

Epic update mouse think you should move down south 😙

Here is Kwick's pic

polkadotpixie Thu 23-Nov-17 08:02:12

Hi ladies, please may I join? I read all of the last thread but was too shy to post!

I’ve only been TTC #1 for 11 months but CD21 bloods have shown that I’m not ovulating reliably and we have our first fertility appointment next Thursday so I just don’t feel like I fit in on the normal TTC boards. If I’ve not been trying long enough to post here I totally understand though and won’t be offended

I’m 33 & have been married just over 2 years. I’ve always had painful periods but regular and normal however in the last year or so they have become very light and only last about 2 days. I’m terrified I’m starting the menopause early although my FSH came back at 6.9 so I’m hoping that’s not the case & I just need some help with ovulating

My husband’s SA was fine so we think the issue lies with me. Infertility was always my worst fear and no it seems to be coming true. I’m trying to be rational but I’m not coping very well sad

I’m only just starting my fertility treatment journey so don’t have experience but I’m always happy to listen and support others smile

kwick Thu 23-Nov-17 08:08:33

Fanks jamon!!!

Welcome polka!!!
I think you need pjs to explain about fragmentation (my prehistoric brain has been unable to retain the details).

Wow it is already Thursday!!!

struggleisreal Thu 23-Nov-17 08:22:48

Thank you all for you kind words - this thread really is a lifeline! Woke up at 5 this morning and spent an hour and a half fretting and feeling very sad but feel a bit better now - what will be will be with these two. The embryologist was quite confident we would get to Friday, but I’m a bit less sure. Not even sure whether I’d rather put one back that is destined to fail or just know now.

But like others have said, at least they know a bit more about how I respond to the drugs.

Back at work today which is a good thing I think as I’m not expecting to hear from the clinic today and I definitely need a distraction!

Hope you all have good Thursdays!

MouseLove Thu 23-Nov-17 08:25:31

I got so eager posting last night that I forgot to be polite. THANK YOU Jam for making a new thread. I love the title. 👌

Mouse, 33 (34 in a week!!)
Married 8yrs
Originally started TTC in September 2013 but due to circumstances (I basically had to leave my job) we had to stop and then back on the pill until 15 months ago. Been TTC hardcore since.

Mmc at 10 weeks in February, nothing since. Hyperthyroid. Luteal phase defect. Short cycles. Light AFs. BMI fatty. Usually no symptoms of, well, anything. Last two cycles noticed a change with acupuncture. Ultrasound & 21 day blood results due 1st December. The day after my birthday.

bassetmum Thu 23-Nov-17 08:40:21

Putting in my place marker!
30 (today!!)
Cycle 18 - sh£t didn’t realise i was on that many but not been ttc technically since may due to a hyperactive thyroid. Hoping the consultant will give me the go ahead in January and change my meds so I can try again.

Sorry I missed replying to your questions about my party and the gym. The gym is a local one ran by ladies for ladies so I don’t have the fear of being stared at by gym blokes. They put together programs for you to follow too which is really helpful. My party was at a local hotel with a dj and buffet etc was a fabulous night and I had too many g&ts haha.

Sorry I haven’t been more active on the thread I feel a bit of a fraud as obviously most of you guys are facing ivf etc and I am not at present but as I have been with some of you since August 2016 I don’t want to leave.

Jamon Thu 23-Nov-17 08:43:05

Welcome polka you're very welcome to join us. Infertility was my worst fear too - I'm learning to cope with it and helped daily with that by this lovely lot - hope we can help you too

I'm with your embryologist struggle and have everything so tightly crossed for you.

There is a TTC account on instagram called @ivf_explained who is a lab director and posts incredible pics of embies and blasts explaining the science behind it all - he also responds directly to people with questions if anyone has embryo questions.

My stats are hello I'm Jamon I'm 33 (almost 34 too mouse) I've been TTC since December 2015. Married 2.5 years. DH has low morphology (2% then 1% then the dizzy heights of 4%) and we are classed as Unexplained Infertiles. We have just started our first IVF cycle and I'm on day 4 of injecting stims (Bemfola).

Question for stabbers - last night I injected the needle then realised I hadn't set the dose. So I pulled it out, set the dose and reinjected. Is that okay? You're not supposed to swap needles are you?

Kathrino Thu 23-Nov-17 08:48:35

Also place marking as I’m more of a lurker than anything at the moment but here are my stats:

33 (34 on Monday, we are nearly birthday twins Mouse!)
Married just have two years and TTC ever since then. Unexplained at the moment and hopefully starting IVF in the new year.

Happy birthday Basset! cakecakecake

Thanks for the new thread Jam!

Welcome polka, I’m sorry you find yourself in this situation.

Also, quick question, does anyone take a pre conception multi vitamin without iron? Was taking pregnacare but my iron levels were a bit funky in a recent blood test and my GP has advised me to stop taking anything with iron in.

planegazer Thu 23-Nov-17 09:00:05

Yay a new thread! Thanks jam Wow I've loads to catch up on!

struggle I'm thinking of you! Hopefully work distracts you a little x

kwick eeeek! Excited for you! How long until you can test?!

pjs hope you are good?! Fab news about getting through to the last 2 in the new job! 🙌

mouse hugs pet, I hope you are working things through. This shit situ we are all in makes everything so much harder. You'll get through it together x

Hi, hugs and chin chin to everyone!

My update:

I'm plane I'm 34 mfi and I'm low ovarian reserve, a match made in infertility heaven 🙈 starting icsi in jan funded privately as due to my low reserve im only eligible for egg donor on nhs.

My wee gran has sent off an intention (prayer) to st Gerard, saint of motherhood, fertility, conception. If anyone is interested in that kind of thing have a google. 😊

It's nearly the fricking weekend!!! 🍾 have a great Thursday ladies xx

OverinaFlash Thu 23-Nov-17 09:06:18

Thanks for the shiny new thread Jam! New thread, new start!

Also I'm getting the feeling it's a resounding no to Vietnam wink Glad noone thinks I'm being melodramatic! I will be telling the boss tomorrow.

Mouse so lovely to hear from you. Glad to hear that you think the acupuncture is having an impact. I've been thinking about starting up with it again. There is a Chinese doctor who specializes in herbal medicine and acupuncture, as well as also being a qualified western medical doctor. Maybe I will see what my blood/DH's SA turns up and go from there. We're also expecting results circa 1st December.

basset happy birthday! More birthday gin for you!

kathrino lovely to see you.

Welcome polka! Glad you've joined us, we're a chatty bunch as you've seen!

I'm Flash. TTC since March 2016. Surgery for ectopic pregnancy in April 2016, one tube removed. No BFPs since, and am currently having first lots of blood tests/DH semen analysis.

AF arrived full on this morning, but I have been actually bleeding, rather than spotting for about 2 days previously, so god knows what last week's 21 day bloods will show. Got to decide now whether to have my day 2-5 bloods tomorrow on day 2 or Monday, on day 5.

Jamon Thu 23-Nov-17 09:24:21

Mouse you have SO much to bring to this board, you're so sweet and funny I love your posts. Completely understand if you need a break but might I suggest you stick with us and never look on conception again?? 😙

Jamon Thu 23-Nov-17 09:25:07

Massive hug for you flash and F-you AF

Jamon Thu 23-Nov-17 09:25:50

Kath glad you're still with us xx hadn't heard that about iron. I'm on pregnacare too, hmmm. Which one are you switching to?

MouseLove Thu 23-Nov-17 10:34:55

😘 I’m thinking I will just stay away from all other threads other than this one and see how I go. If you see me posting elsewhere, please slap my hands.

As for vitamins. I take separates, as I’ve read lots of weird and scary things about combined prenatals and it completely had me spooked. (Even though none of it is probably true lol)

So I take vitamins D, C & B6 (started this cycle) and 5mg folic acid.

D is for general health and recommend by NhS
C is for my luteal phase and spotting
B6 is to lengthen my luteal phase 🤞

HepKestrel Thu 23-Nov-17 10:36:37

hep signing in.

38, ttc since oct 2015.
1 bfp resulting in mmc with ERPC sep 2016.

after a few "low stress months" ha!!!! bollocks, and back opk-ing this month.

Anyone else get depressed looking at there bottle of folic acid/pregnacare running out and the prospect of buying another bottle?

OverinaFlash Thu 23-Nov-17 11:04:26

Hep I am a lazy folic acid taker as I can't imagine AF ever not arriving. I'm determined to be better at it this month though. Although I was looking at starting up the Seven Seas Trying for a Baby vits and thought "Only 28 in a pack? Maybe I should bulk buy them!" So much for positive thinking!

plane that sounds interesting. I will take a look. Exciting that you are getting started in Jan. Sorry if I misunderstood, does that mean you will be using your own eggs by going private?

planegazer Thu 23-Nov-17 11:13:41

Hey over yeah hoping to use my own wee wee eggys!! Go planes ovaries go!!! I😊 how are you?
The Vietnam thing.... we went last November , we were trying at that point. The risk though at that point was negligible- we researched it quite a bit. Not sure if it's gotten worse though but I wouldn't go anywhere there was a moderate risk. Is it your progesterone that's getting checked now? day 2 should be fine. How long is your bleed normally? X

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