Applying for Uni 2019 Part 8: Results Day - congratulations, champagne, clearance, commiserations... Our DC will get through it whatever happens.

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NewModelArmyMayhem18 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:50:16

Following on from our previous thread.

Good luck to all DC awaiting results and university places.

School question: Is it only the SLT and the Exams Officer(s) who get to see the results today?

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Fibbsdottir Wed 14-Aug-19 16:58:16

Place marking! Presumably dds course is now full as it's no longer in clearing. This is making me even more worried as i thought at least if it was still in clearing she'd have some leeway if she doesn't get the grades

LIZS Wed 14-Aug-19 16:59:05

I think HODs will have seen them too. Children with Staff parents who sat exams will spend tonight elsewhere.

Piggywaspushed Wed 14-Aug-19 17:01:49

HoDs certainly don't see them at my school!

marine04 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:03:29

Very nervously awaiting tomorrow. My ds has an offer from Warwick so I follow them on social media and they have been very, very active on there promoting clearing; they also seem to have a lot of courses in clearing. His insurance choice hasn't promoted itself half as much. I wonder if this means it's acceptance rate has been badly hit by the controversy over the university's disciplinary actions earlier this year.

Decorhate Wed 14-Aug-19 17:03:36

Thanks for starting the new thread. It seems such a long time since I started the first one!

Decorhate Wed 14-Aug-19 17:07:19

Re which school staff have seen the results, in my school it’s just the exams office staff & the headteacher.

@Fibbsdottir Maybe there are no spaces in clearing because they have accepted lots with dropped grades? If this is a year with less 18 year olds it would make sense for them to do this


marine04 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:07:25

Will clearing grades drop tomorrow? Most places are still advertising courses at the grades asked for initially. Exeter's Penryn campus is the one exception we've found.

Cherryblossomandcornflakes Wed 14-Aug-19 17:07:47

Just checking in with my chocolate and wine

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:07:59

@Decorhate it seems a lifetime ago doesn't it?

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AutumnCrow Wed 14-Aug-19 17:08:32

This was me last year. The Mumsnet thread kept me sane.

Good luck to you all flowers

One thing I'd add - Clearing is there to be used and DS ended up with bloody good place offers (hard science subjects) from Cardiff, Exeter, and Reading, and others like Oxford Brookes and Coventry.

Get your DC on the phone early, be there to support them, don't take over; but DO chase up accommodation options and be sceptical and ask questions about 'guaranteed Halls' promises as this is usually the really expensive stuff in private halls that no-one else wants or can afford.

Miljah Wed 14-Aug-19 17:10:42

Dunlurking - from the last thread: Thanks re Graphic Design and Foundation courses.

I wonder if you have to declare your result if you don't do well? I've had this discussion before but got nowhere.

If you're currently 'good enough' but choose to 'take one step beyond' but don't do as well- does that put art colleges off?

I imagine they're going to ask for a Pass and portfolio- but what if he 'drops out' of Foundation (several do due to finding they actually don't want to do screen printing/pottery etc! Especially if they've just spent the last 2 years doing, effectively, graphic design, thus KNOW where their interests lie!)?

I know the extra year should do him good but I still worry that this Foundation Year might just be an excuse, but, as I said before, it is his life, not mine!

Fibbsdottir Wed 14-Aug-19 17:12:28

Maybe there are no spaces in clearing because they have accepted lots with dropped grades? this is what dh says. Fingers crossed that includes dd in there somewhere.

Miljah Wed 14-Aug-19 17:12:43

marine04, you're right, Warwick certainly didn't cover themselves in glory, did they??

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:14:04

From @ucas_corporate just now:

"Tomorrow is #alevelresultsday and our latest set of acceptance statistics will be published here, and on our website, at 08:00."

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Fibbsdottir Wed 14-Aug-19 17:16:20

What are "acceptance statistics"?

I'm so stressed nothing is making sense to me

Laniakea Wed 14-Aug-19 17:17:21

Dd’s firm and insurance are both back (!) in clearing now with a one grade reduction each & the note “All course vacancies listed are subject to change, but entry grades will not go down during Clearing and Adjustment.”

I assume that means she’ll get into her insurance (ABB) with BBB but not lower. She thinks she might get A*BC in which case she wants to retake chemistry. Another year of A levels might kill me!

Shimy Wed 14-Aug-19 17:17:39

Thanks for the new thread @NewModelArmyMayhem18 smile.

Mustbetimeforachange Wed 14-Aug-19 17:19:47

Thanks for the new thread. DS says the leaked grade boundaries for FM don't make sense (in terms of modules, looks like some of the boundaries include the same module twice?) so he thinks they might be fake. He's happy about the reported 55% for an A for maths though!

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:23:43

"Acceptable statistics" are probably ones that are correct at the time of going to press (so potentially subject to some revisions later on)?

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Laniakea Wed 14-Aug-19 17:26:13

Bloody hell though I just found her course in Liverpool clearing listing at BCC ... she got an AAB offer from them!

FrameyMcFrame Wed 14-Aug-19 17:27:17

Checking in on the new thread

DD has been asleep.

Only a few hours to go before this long stressful wait is over.

Keeping everything crossed 🤞 for all our DCs

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Wed 14-Aug-19 17:30:01

I'm just hoping the weather isn't sympathetic background (raining heavily here).

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Dunlurking Wed 14-Aug-19 17:32:38

Thank you for the latest thread @NewModelArmyMayhem18
@Miljah good luck with whatever he decides. I have a feeling universities can see all results regardless of whether you declare them or not. @marine04 good luck to your ds. Mine has just graduated from Warwick (Liberal Arts - first year to do so). Certainly there was a lot of anger on campus about it all. The university handled it very badly indeed. Hopefully they will have learnt something from the experience. I’m quite sure the bad publicity will have dragged the application numbers down.

Danglingmod Wed 14-Aug-19 17:34:21

Keeping busy here so checking in for tomorrow but only barely...

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