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5:2 Thread 94 : Its a New Year, a New Day and we're feeling GOOD

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ListeningQuietly Thu 07-Jan-21 15:48:13

Welcome to the latest edition - 94,000 posts done and we are still here (just with less Chocolate Frenzy) smile

Links to lots of the ~ scientific information ~ hints and tips ~ abbreviations and terminology ~ are in the header of the last thread here

But basically :
If you are new to fasting / 5:2 ~ welcome, introduce yourself and join in
If you are returning to 5:2 ~ welcome back
If you are a long standing Faster ~ great to see you still here

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ListeningQuietly Thu 07-Jan-21 15:50:41

For those who wonder :
BigChocFrenzy is taking a break from MN after several years running these threads. She drafted me in to make sure everybody stayed well and supported.
She is still watching the research so updates will come along.

I will put the full header into the next thread, updated where needs be.

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moonlight1705 Thu 07-Jan-21 15:57:58

Thanks Listening

I'm cold and hungry but not succumbed yet and just had my bowl of soup for lunch. Looking forward to my dinner smile

missfliss Thu 07-Jan-21 16:20:42

Thanks for the new thread! 3rd and final fast day tomorrowfor this week

take it a bit easier at weekends

KylieKoKo Thu 07-Jan-21 16:31:21

Thanks @ListeningQuietly

InglouriousBasterd Thu 07-Jan-21 17:29:14

Popping in to placemark! Did Monday and Wednesday, both successful so a good start.

KateMAB Thu 07-Jan-21 17:29:27

I ended up with a B2B this week as I was too busy to eat lunch and today is a mini fast as I've been to work and left DD2 home with the older kids for the first time and I was too worried to eat😢 everything was fine, I working 2 days next week but DH will be at home (putting even more strain on the broadband)

KateMAB Thu 07-Jan-21 17:30:34

On a plus point I have lost ½kg this week.

ListeningQuietly Thu 07-Jan-21 17:33:29

Glad the kids looked out for each other Kate
Its always hard the first time you have to leave them, but its a good bit of growing up for them all smile

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KylieKoKo Thu 07-Jan-21 17:35:55

Congrats on the weight-loss @KateMAB

KateMAB Thu 07-Jan-21 17:56:51

Thanks, they are all very sensible and get on really well, they had a great day, everyone was fed and done their work by the time I got back, the novelty may wear off before half term.
We do have family in the village in case of a real emergency its just that first time wobble on my part

harriethoyle Thu 07-Jan-21 19:00:53

Place marking! I'm afraid my resolution to avoid the vino save for Friday and Saturday has failed tonight after a pretty dire update about my dad's covid condition 😭 but food has been on point. Small victories. The only way forward is through...

KateMAB Thu 07-Jan-21 19:05:29


KylieKoKo Thu 07-Jan-21 19:50:52

Sorry to hear that @harriethoyle

I'm also having a glass of wine.

moonlight1705 Thu 07-Jan-21 20:06:03

Kitchen closed on 566.

So sorry to hear that harriet flowers

harriethoyle Thu 07-Jan-21 20:07:10

Thanks guys. Next 48 hours are critical apparently. It's all a bit deja vu having lost mum in August... but the support is very much appreciated xx

inthethickofit19 Thu 07-Jan-21 20:15:43

Goodness @harriethoyle really sorry to hear this and also the passing of your mum so recently 💐😢 thinking of you

CoffeeRequiredNow Thu 07-Jan-21 20:46:55

Oh Harriet, that's not good, so sorry to hear flowers

ListeningQuietly Thu 07-Jan-21 20:48:44

(((( Harriet ))))
Look out for yourself and fingers and toes crossed for your dad.

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harriethoyle Thu 07-Jan-21 20:54:29

Thanks fasters xx (and gin)

In all honesty, we hit the bottle pretty regularly to cope with mum's terminal illness and death and I don't want to do that again. Fine having a stiffner on a difficult night, but keen not to go back to regular drinking more days than not. So I'll keep an eye on that...

Fillybuster Thu 07-Jan-21 23:56:48

Thanks for the new thread @ListeningQuietly flowers

Well done on the losses @KylieKoKo - keep it up!

And huge hugs to you @harriethoyle - sounds like you’ve been having an incredibly tough time. Well done on taking on the additional challenge of looking after yourself by putting in the effort on 5:2 whilst dealing with everything else...I can imagine it would be much easier to say to hell with all of that!

Another semi successful FD. Hoping that 2almost-fasts back to back will deliver some gains. I’ve been fantasising about proper cinammon buns for weeks and ended up baking a batch today, so of course had to have one of them at 4pm with a cup of tea. Cos no, I couldn’t have it tomorrow, or I could but it wouldn’t be warm and fresh from the oven! But apart from that I only ate around 400 of super healthy stuff (butternut squash and chickpea stew, half a slice of sourdough and a small bowl of soup) so I’m hoping the scales will be forgiving in the morning. Yes, I know BCF wouldn’t approve blush

Good luck to all the Friday fasters!

moonlight1705 Fri 08-Jan-21 07:49:22

Feeling very pleased, I had put on 3kg exactly over Christmas and after my two FDs have lost 2.7kg of it.

Going to have a really healthy weekend and absolutely go for it next week. I feel I could get another 1kg off. Just shows that this can work if you pay attention to every meal and do not snack!!

ListeningQuietly Fri 08-Jan-21 10:52:01

Not sure of the total calories, but part of last nights supper was tofu rogan josh .....
One jar of rogan josh sauce (308 calories)
One box of Tofoo plain tofu cubed and lightly fried (344 calories)
stir together to cogitate while rice cooks (around 100 calories)
LUSH meal for two .....

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KylieKoKo Fri 08-Jan-21 11:55:59

@Fillybuster there's no way anyone could have baked cinnamon buns and resisted eating one.

missfliss Fri 08-Jan-21 17:57:38

Oh @harriethoyle everything crossed for him xx

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