16:8 diet

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Mummytron Mon 17-Apr-17 19:35:12

Anyone doing it and can give tips please? I know it's where you only eat in an 8 hour window but wondered if there's anything else I should know?

TheOriginalChatelaine Tue 18-Apr-17 00:04:30

I've been following a 18:6 intermittent fast for the lst two weeks. The background is this; I lost a stone in 6 weeks, from mid Feb to end of March by just calorie counting. I've lost more since then, 11stone to 9 stone 4 with half a stone to go. 1.52 m tall, age 54. That was with no exercise until mid March as I had a cold and cough. To vary things I am now including the 18:6. This is working for me:
Low carb, so no sugar therefore no processed foods. No alcohol. The benefits of that are amazing, I think I've given up for good and don't miss it. Wine was responsible for the weight I was carrying around my middle and was the last area to shift. I eat: Jacket potato maybe once a week. No rice or pasta except occasional risotto made with lots of mushrooms and chicken. Calorie counting using a free app Myplate. I began by working out my daily requirement for my weight goal and I have stuck to that with no exceptions. No treat days ad I don't feel deprived. What I do eat is: fish, shell fish, meat but rarely lamb. Pork loin chops are the highest in protein. Lots of non starchy vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, salad stuff. Lots of seasonal asparagus at the moment, pan fried or steamed, served with poached or scrambled eggs and good ham. I seem to have gone off cheese but some would be okay. Cottage cheese is great, high in protein, Lidl do a good one. I make a chicken ceasar salad using a whole poached then sliced chicken breast & one rasher of back bacon; tossed with shredded romaine lettuce and a home made dressing using a recipe I googled which includes mayo (Helmans full fat, parmesan, djion mustard, anchovie sauce) I use butter and rapeseed oil, occasionally Olive oil. To make a mayo dressing go further with fewer cals I add greek yoghurt. Limited fruit, pears are great for fibre. Stir fries. Grains & pulses if exercising. This is just to illustrate that you can eat really well and enjoy some lovely tasty meals. Two weeks ago I began intermittent fasting and what suits me is 18:6. In the morning I have as much black coffee, herbal tea as I like. Lunch at 1pm ish & dinner about 6 or 7 pm. Nothing but herbal tea or water after that. I find if I eat breakfast I feel hungry all day and would rather save my meals for later in the day. Anyway, sorry this is so long!

Sonnet Tue 18-Apr-17 12:38:44

So pleased to see this thread as I have been reading up about this and want to start.
I am almost 50 and need to loose 1.5 stone.

I too am hungry and pick all morning if i eat breakfast. I stumbled across this diet as I think I am pre-diabetic too. I am actually seeing it as a way of life though not a diet.

I have weight round my middle too.

I just feel if i don't so anything now i never will and will just get fatter

Are there any threads out here i can join ?

CryHavoc Thu 20-Apr-17 10:30:11

I started this yesterday, and came on here looking for a thread or intending to start my own.

Shall we run a support thread? I finished chicken and salad just before 8 last night, so am now planning my midday lunch.

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