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boys3 Wed 26-May-21 10:54:39

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lurker101 Wed 26-May-21 10:56:30

Thanks for the new thread!

JanFebAnyMonth Wed 26-May-21 11:06:11

Thanks. Have just heard Mr Cummings explaining how the Cabinet Secretary after investigating the state of PPE procurement in mid April (Matt H had said everything was fine), stated that he had “ lost faith in the honesty of the Health Secretary”.

There’s loads of stuff there. Do people find DC credible? I think I do, but t realise he has political motivations so maybe am being naive....

FATEdestiny Wed 26-May-21 11:09:08

I'm watching DC live. I find him very believable (unpopular opinion on MN, I know). He's got evidence of Health Secretary lying to cabinets on multiple occasions.

fruityorange Wed 26-May-21 11:12:31

We know many of the Cabinet and PM has lied to us. So has Dominic Cummings.

TheSunIsStillShining Wed 26-May-21 11:14:58

This re-framing of the narrative will work. Cummings will be the good guy in people's eyes. I despair.
He is just as much of a lying shit as the others and now he has the opportunity and willing partners to repaint himself as the almost hero of the story. Disgusting.

wintertravel1980 Wed 26-May-21 11:19:34

Do people find DC credible?

I have commented on another thread - I think he believes in what he is saying but it is his version of the world skewed by the benefit of hindsight and desire for revenge.

I do not believe DC really expected UK to lock down "no later than the first week of March", i.e. way before Italy. I am guessing he has selectively edited his memories (similarly to what he did with the blog).


MRex Wed 26-May-21 11:21:25

Oh, I just answered on the other thread. I find him an extremely credible liar, amongst the best (though he let himself down with the eyesight test malarkey). There will be truth in what he says, but separating it out from the version created to make himself look good and do damage to those who he felt crossed him will be tricky.

ceeveebee Wed 26-May-21 11:22:15

Thanks for new thread

PurpleWh1teGreen Wed 26-May-21 11:33:31

Thank You for the new thread.

I find DC's I told you so story disgusting. But then this is the man who exposed his 4 year old to a high viral load in a vehicle for several hours.

FGSWhatNow Wed 26-May-21 11:49:29

Going back to the question of AZ vaccine intervals, did anyone ever get to the bottom of whether the reduction in efficacy with the shorter intervals was a purely a function of the the elapsed time since the 1st vaccine? Explaining this badly, but if antibodies take, say 20 weeks (random number) from the 1st vaccine to build, anyone given the 2nd dose early won't have had the time to build the antibodies - but does having the 2nd early affect the final outcome at, say, 20 weeks or 6 months or whatever, compared to someone who had the 2nd dose at 12 weeks?

EasterIssland Wed 26-May-21 11:59:57

Placing myself here ! Thanks for the new thread

wintertravel1980 Wed 26-May-21 12:30:46

MRex - have just seen your reply on DC on the old thread. Thank you for such a good laugh. I could not agree moresmile.

You should really copy it here - it is very, very funny and, in my opinion, 100% spot on.

Puzzledandpissedoff Wed 26-May-21 12:47:48

Thanks for the new thread boys3 ...

TruelyStruttingHotpants Wed 26-May-21 13:00:09


TheSunIsStillShining Wed 26-May-21 13:03:30

If I was an A-level English teacher I would include this whole DC story in the curriculum. Unfortunately it is almost perfectly built, orchestrated and put on display. And I guess ppl will be swallowing it hook, bait and sinker.

To rebuff even just some of the blatant twists to the actual facts someone would need to fact check and publish a counter "testimony".
I'd guess I'd expect BBC to do that at least.

But that is never going to happen.
I do wonder what his end game is though?...

MRex Wed 26-May-21 14:11:12

I do wonder what his end game is though?...
He is going after Hancock most, because Hancock wanted him (_hung_) sacked for the Barnard Castle incident, then had that dreadfully confused and messy press conference of supposedly supporting Cummings "within the guidelines" while clearly not buying it himself "understand why nobody else thinks that". Also Hancock had a key role with vaccines, so must be really smacked down over PPE if he's to be ousted from any future leadership campaign. He isn't criticising Rishi Sunak, so he clearly thinks Rishi is very popular with the party members, MPs and/or the public.

Option 1: He's very very angry about being sacked and simply wants to hurt as much as possible everyone who was involved or who didn't help him.
Option 2: He hopes to get another adviser role. Cummings will see his only hope as working for someone who is a Remainer to give them a Brexit veneer. Javid and Raab don't need Brexit veneer. Hancock would stand, hence the need for smackdown. Hunt will stand again, possible. Clark also possible. Rishi likes to be seen as careful, it's impossible to imagine him bringing in Mr Toxic, but he may not go for PM next time (only 41, he has time) and will have a big voice so must be kept onside.
Option 3: This is prep for a book, in which the hero says everyone is a fuckwit except him and makes up a load of crap that can't be proven either way. It'll be called something like Cummings and Goings On at Number 10.

TheSunIsStillShining Wed 26-May-21 14:20:38

interesting options.
Let's assume that he is a narcissistic sociopath. There are signs. Then option 1 is only a short term satisfaction - not sure it would be enough
option 2 might be a long term gain
option 3 is most likely as it will keep him in the limelight and history books.
I have filed this whole shitshow into a box in my head and come back to it in 2-4-6 years time smile

MRex Wed 26-May-21 14:28:37

Let's assume that he is a narcissistic sociopath.
Yes, that sounds fair.
I didn't include option 4, some sort of long game mixed up with Gove, which The Telegraph has as their main theory. I don't believe it, simply because Cummings knows Gove doesn't have a hope of leadership. Gove mixed up onr his stalking horse role for someone else, very much more likely.

boys3 Wed 26-May-21 14:44:43

Option 3 would seem by some distance to be the most commercially astute.

Netflix multi-season series here we come.

Not quite sure how all this quite fits with a data thread mind grin

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pussycatlickinglollyices Wed 26-May-21 14:48:23

Thanks for the new fred boys3

DC evidence adjourned for 20ish mins...due back at 3.05pm

He is just as much of a lying shit as the others well, yes.

Time for a brew

CaptainMerica Wed 26-May-21 15:08:11

Scotland cases are higher than I expected today - 546 compared to 394 last Wednesday and 318 yesterday.

The increase seems to be mostly in the areas surrounding Glasgow.

EducatingArti Wed 26-May-21 15:14:26

Is the new variant spreading there do we know?

CaptainMerica Wed 26-May-21 15:22:10

Yes - in Glasgow it is, according to the briefings, but I've not seen any data of the % of each variant in Scotland.

Cases in Glasgow City itself aren't increasing too quickly though. Glasgow has increased restrictions at the moment.

Piggywaspushed Wed 26-May-21 15:28:18

I think the problem with the DC thing is that even if he is telling the unadulterated truth he has been positioned form all sides a s a liar and spin master? My concern, therefore, is the media and public will dismiss the important insights (and facts) he does share and the govt of the day won't be held to account for what does look to be some chaotic and shambolic leadership and decision making.

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