I know IABU but I am totally fed up of lockdown

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detachablehoof Tue 28-Apr-20 00:18:13

So. I know I have an awful lot to be thankful for. My family are all in good health, we have no change in our income (yet), my husband is able to work from home, we have a big garden and had plenty of nice weather to enjoy it. There's just us two and our toddler in our house. We're a lot more fortunate than many.

But... I quite honestly don't know how much longer I can stand it. I'm grieving our old life, missing my parents so much, and finding it SO HARD to keep my toddler occupied at home.

I just want to go back to normal 😭 and it doesn't look like there will be a "normal" for a while. It's all just so uncertain and indefinite. It feels like there is nothing to look forward to any more and every day is a chore.

Anyone want to offer some solidarity?

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Orangesandbananas Tue 28-Apr-20 00:22:07

I feel the same today. My youngest teen is losing the plot, getting so angry at the slightest thing, and hating home schooling.

I really miss our old lives when my kids were happy going out to school or out with friends. I miss seeing friends and family, and just walking around normally, going into shops and cafes, I miss having all the normal small problems I took for granted. I miss having the assumption that life would carry on normally for ever.

SquirtleSquad Tue 28-Apr-20 00:24:39

Meeeee! 3 DC at home 4yo twins and 10 month old baby. DH working from home but his 20 strong team have been furloughed so he's doing all of their jobs from our spare room so in the nicest way possible is absolutely no help to me keeping the kids entertained.
I'm so fucking tired.

BettyFilous Tue 28-Apr-20 00:25:21

DH and I both hit a wall (metaphorically) today and said we’d had enough now. We are nowhere near getting back to some kind of normality, so we’ll have to live with ups and downs. Sucks though.

ssd Tue 28-Apr-20 00:28:58

Me too. And to think I moaned before!!!

headlock Tue 28-Apr-20 00:31:29

Coukd your parents move in with you whilst we're locked down?

SnowsInWater Tue 28-Apr-20 00:33:01

Me too, I should be coming back from a two week holiday today, my first overseas trip after a year of cancer treatment, DS had just got back to work after suffering PTSD after the bushfires here (Aus) and he is really struggling being stuck back at home, I really worry about his mental health. DD is doing her best but really misses school and her friends. I know all the things we have to be grateful for but God, I am just so over it, I want to go out.


ZagaduBoo Tue 28-Apr-20 00:36:55

Yup 40th birthday last week, meant to be on holiday right now. Instead I have a voucher. Expensive day at home.

Northernsoullover Tue 28-Apr-20 00:43:25

Me too. I don't think its lockdown I'm upset about though. Its the fact that normality is gone and all the fun stuff has been sucked out of life. If lockdown restrictions are reduced what will actually change? My university won't be open, I won't get my holiday, I won't be hugging my mum.
I know these are petty disappointments in the grand scheme of things but I'm still disappointed.

123Dancewithme Tue 28-Apr-20 00:46:36

I’m in the same situation as you OP. Finding it so hard to keep my toddler entertained and every day is the same at the moment.

Mimishimi Tue 28-Apr-20 00:51:26

Same. I have no work (hair and makeup artist). DH thankfully still has his well-paid job at the moment and says 'what are you complaining about? Do all the dancing/language learning you want to do' which I have been doing but now I am getting anxious and thinking the rest of my life will be like this!!

LilacTree1 Tue 28-Apr-20 00:56:31

I burst into tears over this today

The fucking money worries. Etc.

Foxglade Tue 28-Apr-20 00:57:50

I’m totally fed up of the fact that next month when the schools start to re-open I’m going to be risking my life by going in to work, due to being vulnerable but not quite vulnerable enough to shield!

Puppybum Tue 28-Apr-20 01:02:48

It's like there's no point to anything. Every single day is exactly the same, I'm pissed off I wake up sometimes

LilacTree1 Tue 28-Apr-20 01:52:56

It’s grieving. But with the knowledge the financial side will only get worse.

CaroleFuckingBaskin Tue 28-Apr-20 02:22:47

Yep. Slowly going mad. The thought that they are going to announce another 3 weeks on 7th may is finishing me off. I know it's for the good of everyone but we could become a nation of mad folk grin

user764329056 Tue 28-Apr-20 02:29:33

Yes, am the same, it’s how relentless this all is with no sign of improvement, everything feels hopeless

DramaAlpaca Tue 28-Apr-20 02:39:32

Me too. I was OK, but I'm starting to struggle now. There's so much I could get done while I'm at home, but I've lost my motivation. I'm normally so positive but this is getting to me. I just want it to be all over. We are all healthy, no money worries, no small children to entertain, big house and garden so plenty of space, DH, DS and I get on well - but I'm so thoroughly pissed off now that I don't know what to do with myself. Sorry for the rant. I know I'm very fortunate compared to many, but I miss my older DC who live away from home, my family and friends, my job, my freedom and my old life sad

Ohh, that was cathartic, I feel a bit better for getting that off my chest grin

PheasantPlucker1 Tue 28-Apr-20 02:43:14

Im the same.
Also sick of it being all my fault

Teenagers are pissed at me they cant see their friends, small kids are pissed I wont take them park or swimming, kids useless Dad is pissed I wont let him drag kids round all his friends and families houses.

Ive given up and just tell then to tweet Chris Whitty and ask him instead now.

Jonesy28 Tue 28-Apr-20 02:45:17

Me! I'm still going to work but now doing a v stressful job for what I see as no reward l. I want to plan holidays, days out, treats and i cant. I'm so sad and fed up

warriorsmain Tue 28-Apr-20 02:51:40

I could have written this and feeling exactly the same. We've had one weekend break cancelled, another we were due to go on this Thursday and a week booked for first week of June. I'm grieving the year we had planned and I just want normality back. Like you, we're so lucky to be in a good position but I just want life back to normal.

warriorsmain Tue 28-Apr-20 02:53:27

@lilactree...I'm sorry to hear things are not good for you financially; that's really got to make this whole situation so much more stressful.

Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow Tue 28-Apr-20 02:54:35

Oh so yes. Add to my situation that I’m still working part time in a stressful job, selfish DH who reckons his job is more important, unsupportive boss and a horrible company to work for and I’m fucking bust

warriorsmain Tue 28-Apr-20 02:58:16

@Calledyoulastnightfromglasgow are you working from home or having to travel in still?

LostDesire Tue 28-Apr-20 03:05:29

Gosh, yes, a lot of people feel this way around my parts. Also a lot just not following the rules anyway.

I think it's ok to say it out loud, "I'm sick of this fucking lockdown bollocks".

Main thing is we still follow the rules but we can moan about it. Just because people are dying does not mean, you can't feel bored of this. You are allowed to feel whatever you want.

We will come out if this lockdown at some point. Things will get better. We will be able to have tea and cake in a cafe again talking about that new shop that just opened up and how it's full of crap tat lol.

But for now we have online to have tea and cake and moan about how that cheeky sod took the last box of wash powder, when they already has two in their trolly. The crafty sods!


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