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Anyone with 40+ BMI want support to loose weight during lockdown ?

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PonyosGreenBucket Thu 02-Apr-20 22:49:48

I've decided to start tomorrow because I'm scared to death I'm going to die because of my weight.

Height. 5Ft 5
Weight. 17st 3lbs
BMI. 40.1


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chicken2015 Thu 02-Apr-20 22:59:21

I am actively looking to loose weight was doing it from jan but this is making me want it more i am just just bmi of 40 like 39.2 or something , ive started jogging and being very careful what i eat , its definitely give me kick up bottom i needed

TheReelSlimShady Thu 02-Apr-20 23:11:25

Sending you encouragment!

I used to be quite overweight but it took my dad having a massive heart attack to make me see the light as it were. And if I can do it, really anyone can.

PonyosGreenBucket Fri 03-Apr-20 10:15:10

I woke up wanting my usual shit but am going to make myself a shake. I really have to do this. Crunch time.

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Teabaseddiet Fri 03-Apr-20 10:17:28

I'm going to try. I'm cutting down on the carbs & avoiding the treats I have in for the kids.

LadyLovelyLockz Fri 03-Apr-20 10:22:30

Me please 😓

PonyosGreenBucket Fri 03-Apr-20 10:26:22

I'm starting exante. I have a huge stash of it. Going to do that till it runs out then low carb.

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MollyWindley Fri 03-Apr-20 11:21:24

Me too....just checked my BMI, it's 38.3 so clearly I have work to do...I of course knew that but as ever put off doing something about it. I'm going to have to do this the old fashioned way of eating less ( maybe moving more but that's mainly limited to gardening right now) Anyway I'm in this with you!

Zxyzoey31 Fri 03-Apr-20 11:41:36

Good luck, have a look at Dr Jason Fung on youtube or his books such as The obesity code. He talks a lot of sense.

FabulouslyElegantTits Fri 03-Apr-20 12:49:30

My BMI is 37.7 - I've been poorly and felt like writing it on my arm in sharpie in case there was a queue for a ventilator and they had to guess my BMI (no bra always adds a stone to me!!)

anonname Fri 03-Apr-20 12:54:08

Yes please, me too . I’m 5ft 9 and 21 stone - down from 22 stone 9 on New Year’s Day .. desperately need a kick up the arse . My BMI is about 42 - I need to lose another two stone to see a palpable difference I think .

I’ve been using Team RH and a fitbit but gave up a bit last few weeks with all this, anxiety and old issues with agoraphobia and comfort eating took over !

Skybluepink123 Fri 03-Apr-20 13:08:18

Me too. BMI is just over 40 and I’m terrified what this could mean if I became infected. That stress in turn leads to more comfort eating and so the spiral goes on.

Newbeginningforme Fri 03-Apr-20 13:31:17

And me to. I started a few days ago.
My stat are currently:

Height: 5ft 10.5inches
Weight: 21st 4lb
BMI: 43

MollyWindley Sat 04-Apr-20 10:27:20

How did everyone get on with their first day? I'm just trying to stick to three small meals a day, which I did but I think my serving of pasta last night was probably a bit too generous. I'm going to weigh myself on Monday to see how I'm progressing.

Newbeginningforme Sat 04-Apr-20 11:01:15

I am using myfitnesspal with a calorie goal of 1630 a day. I started around 4 days a go and it's going well at the moment and scales said I had already lost a bit of weight. Going forward I will only weigh once a week.
Have also dusted down my old fitbitband will start some gentle walking.

PhysaliaPhysalis Sat 04-Apr-20 11:06:36

5'7" and 16st 10.

I started C25K (again!) on Monday.
I get obsessive about calorie counting so I've decided I'm going to make one lifestyle change at a time instead. At the moment, I'm cutting out snacks - since Monday I've had a handful of olives. I'm baking a cake at the moment so I'll have a slice of that, but I won't feel bad about it.

I'm cooking from scratch more too - my commute is about 50 minutes so I'm usually knackered after a day at work and just do what's easy.

And my biggest enemy is myself - when I make changes I always get frustrated that I haven't dropped 6 stone even though I didn't have that Lion bar at lunchtime so what's the point? hmm grin Will try really hard not to think like that.

LuluJakey1 Sat 04-Apr-20 11:23:03

Just encouraging you all. I have been there myself and know what it's like. Had BMI of 37. something and currently it is 25.2

It has taken me years of yo-yoing to feel it is really under my control. I can never be complacent- my default eating pattern is unhealthy and I so easily slide into it.

My tips are:
calories in - calories out (from living + exercise) = sig minus number or no weight is lost.
count calories - my aim for weight loss was 1500 a day + exercise
aim for low carb, low fat, high protein
I watch my 600lb life - love Dr Now
No excuses. Just do it.
My exercise is walking- I walked miles with DC in pushchair and still do
Spend time making inviting meals for yourself that look good and are filling
Use a slightly smaller plate
Don't waste calories on full fat milk, full sugar drinks, sugar in hot drinks, full calorie mixers. Low cal/fat whatever is possible.
3 meals a day, no snacks
Just think of today- it is like any addiction, just get through today
If you fall off the waggon just get back on
Never give up, don't beat yourself up

You can do it! All of you! You'll feel great.

MollyWindley Sat 04-Apr-20 11:27:56

@Physalia I think one of my biggest challenges with weight loss is wanted instant results, the kitkat I turned down last night should mean I lost half a stone this week...which of course won't happen!....I just have to hang on in there with gradual change ....ugh, but I keep telling myself the whole coronavirus thing is a long challenge as well!

Teabaseddiet Sat 04-Apr-20 12:24:55

I've cut right down on carbs, which also means much less snacking. Not much else yet but it's a start.

PhysaliaPhysalis Sat 04-Apr-20 13:55:02

That's exactly my usual mindset MollyWindley - I am trying to change it and I have accepted that sometimes I will slip back into it. But all will not be lost, I'll have to acknowledge it and move on. Really hope I can manage it.

Bringringbring12 Sat 04-Apr-20 13:57:18

How about listing previous diets in all it’s glory.
And then “owning” it. Using that as a benchmark. So small change day 1. Can be teeny tiny, but it’s a step forward.
And then a glance back at your post where you list former diet when feeling like you’re not making progress

Uptheduffy Sat 04-Apr-20 14:01:38

If I don't make positive steps in the right direction I know I won't just stay as I am under lockdown, I've already consumed so much chocolate in the past two weeks as it's just what I have to give both calmness and pleasure, I will get bigger and bigger. When I've lost weight it has involved running or going to the gym, which I can't do now. But if the fear of this virus isn't enough motivation what would be? I don't think it's just about being a number that leads to treatment in hospitals, I'm sure every bit of weight loss and every exercise taken will just improve your chances of fighting it off and recovering.

Whatusernamecanihave Sat 04-Apr-20 14:02:15

Thank you for making this thread, I'll join in please I have anxiety, depression and an underactive thyroid which has led to a 6st weight gain in 3 years ☹ now weigh 16st 6lb and Im absoloutly petrified of getting this virus and me not being able to breath and then not being able to be ventilated and leaving 4 little ones behind! It is sending my anxiety through the roof and have started to get myself into a right mess ☹

So far i've had a pitta bread with chicken and salad today, hope you are all doing ok x

anonname Sat 04-Apr-20 14:29:15

I’ve done Joe Wicks workout for seniors this morning ... I’m 28 🥴 but thought it might be a good place to start ! Left me a bit out of breath but felt better for doing something at least . Going to try do the same every day . I can top out 6000 steps if I make the effort , I’m too scared to go out really but will keep trying .

CovidConcerned Sat 04-Apr-20 14:40:33

Yep will join, walking with kids is helping so I have lost a bit since lockdown but plenty more to shift.

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