Faith, trust & baby dust! ✨💕✨ TTC 12 months + 🤞🏼 On this rollercoaster together with a little love, support and giggles to get us by! 💕

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HopefulGlow Sat 30-Oct-21 10:20:33

Hi all!

We were getting to the end of the previous thread, so thought it’s best to start a new one.

A quick catch up I think mainly everyone on the old thread is as 12 months + TTC.

Newbies are always welcome.

Just sharing our journeys, supporting each other when possible, and having somewhere to moan and let it all out


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Msrivia Sat 30-Oct-21 17:32:19

Hope it's okay if I join? TTC 14 months now with zero success. I'm 30, DH is 32, no obvious issues but waiting now for the first lot of blood results from the gp. I'm apparently not immune to rubella despite having had two mmr vaccines so we're having to take next month off while I get a third jab. Starting to find it very hard now, especially because several friends have recently announced their pregnancies- I'm delighted for them but it's hard when I never imagined it would take us this long. Would love to have some support from people going through the same thing!

HopefulGlow Sat 30-Oct-21 17:50:50

@Msrivia Hi! And welcome 💕 of course you can join, we are all in the same boat here but I’m sorry you are!

It’s good that you’re starting the process of getting answers though. Which bloods have you had?

I’m just going into month 13, cycle 16. I’m due on in my period in 4 days.

I’ve recently had my scan. After having both bloods and everything okay. The scan came back okay too so now my doctor has referred me on to gyno to investigate the unexplained fertility. 🤷🏼‍♀️ The journey continues!

I’m so sorry you have to deal with friends announcing too, that must be so hard. Are they aware of your journey? ✨💕✨

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Msrivia Sat 30-Oct-21 19:19:20

I've had the day 3 and 21 progesterone, Gp is also checking thyroid and a few other basic health ones like b12 - hopefully results next week. She's said if there isn't anything abnormal then she will refer us to a fertility clinic, so that will mean a few more months of waiting and trying. My DH has already had sperm analysis and everything was fine.

I think my friends have some idea because we've been married for 2 years and I've always said I wanted kids, but nobody knows how long we've been trying. DH isn't too keen for people to know because he hates the idea of anyone feeling sorry for him!

How are you feeling this month? Unexplained infertility is so hard - obviously no one wants to find a problem but just not knowing is stressful!

HopefulGlow Sat 30-Oct-21 19:50:18

@Msrivia that’s really good that they’re covering all bases. My OH hasn’t had his SA yet, he has a chat with the doctor this month so hopefully that will get done soon.

I know what your DH means, having everyone knowing can feel like pressure too!

I’m feeling the same as usual this month, which makes me think it’s a another month down. My boobs have been a little achy, but that can fluctuate for me after ovulation anyway. I remember one month my boobs were swollen, new veins appeared and they were so sensitive! I thought for sure that was it….but nope 🤷🏼‍♀️

No I know what you mean, infertility at all is horrible. But I suppose if you know what’s wrong you can try and work with it & get the right help.

Are you in the TWW too? ✨💕✨

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AZ1992X Sat 30-Oct-21 20:11:58

Welcome! @Msrivia

You’re more than welcome here. I hope having others to speak to that are also going through the same will help, it certainly has been for me - the girls on here have been so supportive ❤️

I’m on Cycle 15 I believe, I did get a positive in April but sadly had a miscarriage the following month and nothing since. All my bloods have come back fine and I’ve been told I need to wait until April to be referred for further investigations and fertility services.

I’m glad you’ve got the ball rolling and had all your bloods checked - they sound very similar to what I was checked for. Hope everything comes back ok for you and that there isn’t too long wait until you get your fertility appointment.

How are you getting on this cycle? X.

HopefulGlow Sat 30-Oct-21 20:18:58

Looping you ladies in too 💕

Welcome to the new thread @AZ1992X 👋 I agree, you ladies have been such a support! 💕

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Msrivia Sat 30-Oct-21 20:34:06

Thanks everybody! AF arrived a few days ago, it was a day late (very very unusual for me) so I had gotten my hopes up - pretty gutting when it arrived. I've been pretty emotional about it for the last few days, starting to feel like it will never happen. I'm getting the mmr next week and you're not supposed to get pregnant within a month of having it, so have to take this cycle off - and possibly next cycle too depending on how my fertile window falls, I have a 26-27 day cycle usually.

I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage @AZ1992X, that must have been so hard. Where are you with this cycle?

xoJellyBean Sat 30-Oct-21 20:52:48

👋🏻 hi everyone, hope I can join you. Been trying 20+ months tbh I've lost count. Loosing the will!!

AZ1992X Sat 30-Oct-21 21:00:01

@Msrivia Sorry to hear that, it’s awful when that happens as you get your hopes up to only get them broken again.

It’s completely normal to feel down, I always find it particularly hard too once AF arrives. I know it’s hard but try and keep positive - I’ve seen quite a lot of success stories where people have gone on to get positive tests and have babies after trying for so long.

I’m sorry that you’ve got to have at least a cycle off due to your mmr, that must be the last thing you want to do.

Thank you ❤️ , im trying to remain positive and just think everything will be ok. I defo have my ups and downs though like most of us do. I’ve not long ovulated so have a while yet till AF is due.

Amy259 Sat 30-Oct-21 21:13:45

Thanks for the new thread @HopefulGlow!

Welcome @Msrivia sorry to hear you’re going through it all too, it’s such a tough ride isn’t it? Your GP seems on the ball though, that’s great that they’ve checked so many of your hormone levels already.

I’m a bit of a tag along here atm, DH and I were trying for 15 months and during cycle 14 I had a hycosy, where they put dye up and check your tubes are patent. My right tube was blocked and the procedure managed to unblocked it, and I fell pregnant last month. So I’m about 5.5 weeks now, and living somewhere between elation and petrified - much closer to petrified tbh. The girls have let me stick around to keep in touch though ♥️

Hope everyone has had a good Saturday? Mine has ended with strictly and a dominos - the dream! Xx

Amy259 Sat 30-Oct-21 21:15:40

Welcome @xoJellyBean too, I’m sure I recognise your name from an old thread x

xoJellyBean Sat 30-Oct-21 21:25:04

Yes @Amy259 I recognise you too. Didn't realise you had some good news!! Congrats. I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy 🥰 x

HopefulGlow Sat 30-Oct-21 22:01:19

@Msrivia that’s a good cycle length! Sorry to hear about you missing out due to the mmr.

I’m always very up and down when AF comes. At first I’m always grateful it comes in the morning, so I’m not waiting all day. Then I get really emotional, thinking it’s never going to happen. Then I try and be thankful I’m getting a period and it’s a new month to try. Such a roller coaster.

There’s some really strong and inspiring ladies on this thread though, you’re in safe hands!

@xoJellyBean welcome! So sorry to hear it’s been so long. How do you stay positive? 💕 have you had tests and everything too?

@AZ1992X how are you keeping occupied on this tww?

@Amy259 is our little ray of hope and sunshine in this thread! I love knowing that one of us has gotten their BFP! We will all get there soon and I can’t wait….although I definitely agree some days it feels like it’s never going to happen.

I forgot to ask Amy, did you ever get any symptoms or anything different before your missed period? Or was everything as it normally is? I know you were an early tester, but I don’t know if I asked you?

Your dominos sounds deeeeelish! I ended up making a lentil spag bol & garlic bread, followed by brownie cupcakes 😂

I’ve decided I’m going all out tomorrow and making cauliflower cheese with my roast 😁

How’s everyone else’s weekend going? ✨💕✨

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xoJellyBean Sat 30-Oct-21 22:13:17

@HopefulGlow thank you! Ahh positivity left me a looong time ago 🤣👀 I'm fed up waiting on NHS and have went private. 1st appt in a couple of weeks! Had my bloods done at the GP and I have suspected PCOS!

Amy259 Sun 31-Oct-21 07:58:54

@xoJellyBean thank you 🥰 struggling to enjoy it quite yet, still absolutely terrified. But hopefully as time goes on, if everything is okay, I’ll relax more.

Have you not been offered any investigation on the NHS yet??

@HopefulGlow I feel far from a ray of sunshine 😂 ehh not before my bfp but that was like 9dpo.. by the time af was due I had really sore nipples which I still have, and some headaches which have now gone. And no bloating, whereas with af I normally bloat really bad.

I love lentil spag bol, yum! And a brownie cupcake chaser sounds delish!

I realised I didn’t answer your question yesterday - I’m just going down to Stranraer with work until next Saturday. It’s a big cattle job but I’m hoping to volunteer as the organiser rather than be more hands on with the cattle..

Girls I think I’m officially too old to appreciate the clocks going back?? I still woke up at my usual time (which was now an hour earlier!) - gone are the days of an extra hour in the clubs 😂

Nora11 Sun 31-Oct-21 08:11:25

Oh please can I join? We have been trying for about 22 months, had 1 BFP earlier this year but it was a chemical 😢 Currently going through some private tests as starting to find it really hard and felt like we needed to do something rather than wait for an NHS referral (our GP won't refer us until it's been 2 years and then don't know how long it will be until we actually get an appointment). We have our consultant appointment tomorrow and feeling nervous about what they will say as from the results we have had back, it looks like we may be dealing with MFI, but not sure how bad it is! Really hoping we still have a chance to get pregnant naturally... 🤞

xoJellyBean Sun 31-Oct-21 08:49:02

@Amy259 totally understandable! I will be the same if it ever happens 👀🙈 no... haven't heard a thing from the NHS clinic!! Which is why I decided to bite the bullet and go private! Terrified of a diagnosis though lol

@Nora11 we've been trying around the same length of time, the wait is awful! Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Keep us posted ☺️

Amy259 Sun 31-Oct-21 08:57:03

Welcome @Nora11 sorry to hear your gp has been so hesitant to refer you, it’s so unfair how different things are across the country.

@xoJellyBean that’s mad, when did your GP refer you to gynaecology? Did the GP not follow up on the suspected PCOS? I’m so sorry they’re making you wait so long. I’m in Scotland and here it goes: GP after a year, gynaecology referral for scan and hycosy, then you have to wait until 2 year mark for ivf referral.
I had the gynae referral call over the phone then got impatient and went private for my scan (at like a high street early pregnancy place, but it was a gynaecologist) and then for a stand alone hycosy at a private fertility clinic. We had our bloods and DH’s SA with nhs though, just paid for my scans.

HopefulGlow Sun 31-Oct-21 09:01:05

@xoJellyBean I would feel exactly the same in your position. Still waiting on the NHS is frustrating! But great news you have a private appointment soon.

I’m sorry to hear about the PCOS, but after a bit of investigation you will find it easier to get your BFP! I read of so many people who have.

@Amy259 well you’re mine 😂☀️

You see I need to remember that! You read and see so much about people having symptoms before their missed period, when actually that’s most people’s first sign. I always thought it would be really obvious and I would just know. Maybe I won’t 🤷🏼‍♀️.

Oh goodness definitely be more of the organiser! I’m sure the cattle are lovely but you don’t want to risk them getting spooked or being too boisterous. Your trip away sounds lovely though, do you do it a lot?

Augh I’m just the same with feeling old haha my friends had a huge birthday party with fancy dress and I just had to ask them very nicely if they would mind me meeting them for lunch or a meal instead. 😂 I couldn’t stand the thought of being round people who are absolutely wasted and there’s me in the corner yawning at 9pm! 😂

@Nora11 welcome! Sorry you’re on this train too 💕

That’s awful about the NHS. Why is it different in every doctors? Surely they should all help and start running tests after 12 months. It only seems fair!

Really sorry to hear about your chemical too.
What appointments have you had so far? Also what’s MFI, I’m not sure what that is?

Try and be positive about tomorrow, although it scary and I would be super anxious too. At least it’s a step in the right direction and you will be getting answers ✨💕✨

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Amy259 Sun 31-Oct-21 09:12:50

@HopefulGlow haha thanks ♥️

I think I definitely would’ve known before my period was due tbh, but not before my positive test. When I got the bfp I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t test. Symptoms probably started about 2 days before af was due, then got stronger since.

They’ll be in a race and a crush, so I’ll be on the other side of a lot of a steel 😂 but there’s still risks when blood sampling so I’m going to try and duck out of that! I’m sure it’ll be fine, and then not long until I’ll tell work. I’ve never been away for a big job before, and I probably won’t be allowed once I tell them, so I’m looking forward to it!

Haha I love that, that would definitely be me too. And I used to love a party!!
Were you able to try this month, I can’t remember if it was you who took a month off? How are you feeling come up to af? Xx

HopefulGlow Sun 31-Oct-21 09:31:19

@Amy259 well that’s good to keep in mind! Boobs/nipples changes seem to be a big giveaway for lots of people.

Oh wow! That’s amazing, but yeah definitely good if you sit out after this haha your job sounds so interesting!

Me too, I used to go out midweek and be up for work the next day?! Makes me cry just thinking of doing that now 😂

Yeah we still managed this month. I’m trying to keep positive but it’s hard. I’ve been super stressed the last few weeks and I know that’s not good.

My boobs have been super achy when I wake up for the last few days too, but that can sometimes happen 🤷🏼‍♀️ Suppose we will see come Wednesday.

When will you be telling work? ✨💕✨

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Teachermummy83 Sun 31-Oct-21 09:36:57

Joining for some moral support.
Been trying for over a year now for number 2. Our 2 year old took us nearly 2 years, a million ovulation tests, and DH having a circumcision, we thought it wasn't possible. Age isn't on our side, I'm 38 he's 47, both overweight but a Regular cycle, tracking symptoms and DTD regularly during the fertile week (but that's nearly impossible this time with working and a toddler at our heels) Getting really demoralised again. Not aided by DH hurting himself and us missing this Month completely 😭
And the worst bit if the comments "it's time for another one" and "she needs a baby brother or sister". I just want to scream.

Amy259 Sun 31-Oct-21 09:38:56

@HopefulGlow yeah definitely nipples 😂 although for the first week I kept pinching them to check they were still sore so I’m sure that added too it 😂😂

I last had a big day out back in March and the hangover the next day was MAD. That’s what I gave up drinking really, I couldn’t handle it!

It’s such a great job, I love it so so much, but the sad fact is that 90% of it occupational health don’t want you to do when pregnant. Some of it is understandable, like sheep carry really dangerous diseases to pregnant women so I wouldn’t want near them anyway, but some of it is a bit far - you can waive your rights and choose to crack on with parts you feel able to, but that’s a chat I’ll need to have with DH.

I’m away this week then on annual leave the week after, then I’m at 8 weeks 😬 so I have a private scan booked then, then I’ll tell my boss I think. Assuming all is okay (I still can’t stop saying “if” when I talk about future milestones).

Will you test, no? Just wait for af? Keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻 Xx

HopefulGlow Sun 31-Oct-21 10:12:09

@Teachermummy83 welcome! Sorry to hear you’re going through this again.

Have you managed to speak to your doctors for any help?

Is your DH feeling better now? When is your next fw?

People can be so insensitive with comments like that, it makes me so angry!

@Amy259 hahah oh my goodness I do that! Give them a good grope and see how achy they are haha my OH says that’s why they’re still sore because I squeeze them to see 😂

That’s completely understandable, you will definitely have to take a look and see what you’re more comfortable doing. I didn’t know you weren’t meant to go to zoos or farms when pregnant either! Crazy!

Eeeek that’s so exciting and will make it feel more real telling your boss. 💕

No I will wait again 😂 I can’t bare seeing another BFN, even though AF is just the same haha I found some videos on my phone of when I used to record the tests, my face after is so sad. I can’t do that again.

A BFP before or for Christmas would be amazing! But I’m not holding my breath 😂 ✨💕✨

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