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35+ TTC#1 Thread 6

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BambiOnIce80 Thu 28-Feb-19 07:44:34

Spring is in the air and it's time for a new thread!

Basically: a wonderful bunch of ladies supporting each other through the TTC journey when trying for a first baby after 35.

Here's hoping we get some spring BFP luck for all of us!! 🍀🐣🍀🐣

BambiOnIce80 Thu 28-Feb-19 07:53:03

@79andnotout @CNizzle @Carley32 @Kescilly @QuantumGirl @PixieN @VenusStarr @Pinkywoo @MrsRRC @Blondcat @Amanda81 @Russkispy @Weathergirl1 @Catconfusion @birdbybird @beverlymarsh @flyingplum

... Sorry if I've missed anyone!

Russkispy Thu 28-Feb-19 08:02:08

@BambiOnIce80 thank you for the new thread.
Day 6 of stims (I'm on short protocol), and had my first scan yesterday which went well. Have 10 follicles and the endometrium is looking good. Second scan tomorrow with the last on Monday. Then flying home for egg collection on Wednesday
@QuantumGirl how are you doing?

VenusStarr Thu 28-Feb-19 08:08:51

Thank you for including me @BambiOnIce80 smile hope you're OK, saw on the last thread that your temp is still up, are you going to test or wait until you're late?

@Carley32 my dh started wellman tablets after his semen analysis result in January (motility was slightly low), might just be a coincidence but they may have helped us. Fingers crossed

Great news about your scan @Russkispy 😊

It's very misty and grey here this morning, hoping the sun makes an appearance again today. Have a lovely day everyone x

Carley32 Thu 28-Feb-19 08:15:26

@Amanda81 ooo well done on the run 👏. I was going to not use anything this month and see where it took us. DP felt the strain a little last month (but now he’s the one saying to use them once more), which maybe I should. Because of the odd heavy af, I’m wondering if my cycle may become shorter 🤞.

@BambiOnIce80 we had a lovely day thank you. The weather was amazing!
Not much like today mind!

Will definitely be avoiding Zikka areas.
That’s brill news on you full length cycle. Yay! What is your conclusion on last months shortbcycle after?

Thank you for the add to the new thread 😊.

@VenusStarr well he’s heard a few positive stories about them and so have I. So I guess worth a try. Although I feel like I should be doing more 🤔 to help too. 🤞

Damp and grey here too.

QuantumGirl Thu 28-Feb-19 08:21:32

Yay new thread! 😀 thanks *@BambiOnIce80*. Loving that your temp is still up 😉☺️
@Russkispy Glad your treatment is going well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you this time will be the lucky one for you. CD52 for me and still nothing, no news, nada, zippo. Have started cramping on Monday but that could be anything. Have been reading about people who didn't have a BFP until their 7th/8th week and would like to understand how this is possible @BambiOnIce80 if you would like to put your scientist hat on and let me know what you think it would be very appreciated 🤓😊. I have a Dr appointment on Monday but I'm prepared to see her rolling her eyes 🙄. If that's the case I will book a private scan and see what's going on in there. There was another thread on conception board a few days ago with a lady who went for a fertility scan and found a sac in there and no BFP. It must be a ninja baby 😂

79andnotout Thu 28-Feb-19 08:26:02

Thanks @BambiOnIce80 ! I'm north of the border again on another work trip. Had a really crap night sleep as the sash windows on this old hotel don't close properly, beautiful though they are, and the West End traffic was going all night outside. I'm too used to sleeping in the countryside these days! Also the pillows are crap. Which spoils and otherwise lovely hotel experience. I might start taking my own with me!

Glad your cycle is longer this time.

Good luck for this round @Russkispy. Sounds like it's going well so far.

79andnotout Thu 28-Feb-19 08:28:13

Sorry to hear still no AF @QuantumGirl - maybe a scan is a good idea.

Pinkywoo Thu 28-Feb-19 09:51:52

New thread already! I'm 6 weeks today and have been having some spotting which is worrying, on the plus side DP has taken over all housework so I can rest! I'm not generally a worrier (frequently told I'm too laid back) so keep telling myself that it's very common at this point and as long as there's no red blood it should be ok.

Kescilly Thu 28-Feb-19 10:21:11

Oooh new thread!

@Russkispy I’m glad the scan went well and that it all looks promising.

@QuantumGirl I always wonder what’s going on when that happens as well. I think it’s possible to test too late and have too many hormones so that home pregnancy tests can’t measure it anymore. I’m not sure about if people are testing continuously though.

@79andnotout I never understood people who bring their own pillows, but I think I’ve gotten fussier as I’ve gotten older! I hope that you get better sleep tonight.

@Pinkywoo I had some spotting immediately after my BFP and it was all okay. It’s so difficult to know what to worry about and what’s normal sometimes. Hope you’re doing well otherwise.

I’m back in the hospital for my second GTT (which I had to request). I passed the first one but it was quite early at 20 weeks and with my risk factors, I was worried I’d develop GD later. They told me I didn’t need another but then scheduled it.

Unfortunately I’m still coughing loads and couldn’t have so much as a cough drop, so barely slept last night. And then today they were 40 mins late for the first blood draw, so it’s nearly a 3 hour test instead of 2 hours.

I had hoped to have a massive lunch after the test but I’m supposed to meet someone and now I’m worried that I won’t have enough time.

BambiOnIce80 Thu 28-Feb-19 11:04:04

It's grey and misty here too @VenusStarr, but we're on holiday for 2 days so I really don't mind! 🎉😁🎉😁

Keeping everything crossed that the spotting is going to be one of those normal early pregnancy things @Pinkywoo (listening to @Kescilly** it sounds like it is🤞🏻).

Ah, that's bloody frustrating @QuantumGirl 😕 How long is it since you had that EWCM (I hope you managed to get some DTD in, just in case 😉)? Listening to what you've previously described, I'm wondering if you've ovulated really late this cycle? @Kescilly** is right about tests not being able to pick up hCG the later in gestation it gets - something called the Hook effect (🤓). Basically, there's so much hCG that it swamps the test and it can't pick it up. I think a very rare minority have 'variant' hCG proteins, which means they'll never get a BFP from a strip test because the test doesn't recognise their hCG protein (pretty damn rare though). I hope the GP doesn't roll their eyes at you and at least offers you some bloods to see if ovulation has occurred seems such a long cycle is highly unusual for you.x

I hope Glasgow's being good to you @79andnotout, other than the crap night's sleep?!

Fingers-crossed it's not GD @Kescilly** 🤞🏻

Pretty damn sure AF is on her way this weekend - I ov'd CD17 and we only managed to DTD CD10, 11 & 20, so totally missed FW due to DP's need for a break 😔 Gotta be out, really... unless there was one particularly plucky, super strong little sperm from CD11 that managed to make it to CD17 🤔 Either that or we're in immaculate conception territory! 😇😜

Anywho. We're on our way to the Highlands and the data is going to be getting pretty patchy/downright non-existent soon 📵 See you all in a couple of days.xx

Carley321 Thu 28-Feb-19 12:34:03

Have a fab time away @BambiOnIce80 it sounds like you both deserve it!

Sorry about the name change again (using the laptop).

VenusStarr Thu 28-Feb-19 13:07:09

Have a great weekend away @BambiOnIce80, I'm just packing for our weekend away 😊

Idontwanttobe40 Thu 28-Feb-19 14:14:48

Could I join in please... I am 40 in a few months but hanging on to my 30s!

First time ttc. Came off the mini pill mid Jan, had 2 periods since then so hoping cycles are back

pitterpatterbaby Thu 28-Feb-19 15:41:44

Adding myself on again. Cd9 cycle 3 1 cop so far

Catconfusion Thu 28-Feb-19 18:15:08

@Amanda81 I think wondering about the placenta is a logical idea. I'm so sorry you got so far in and had to go through what you did. To be left wondering is horrible. I guess just difficult to know why.

I saw my GP yesterday and got the results of the tests they did after the surgery on what was removed. All looked normal. Obviously they didn't do genetic testing but baby had implanted well and my lining was a nice thickness . Looks like my body did all it could so probably chromosomal. She didn't think my irregular cycles were a problem either. Just said try again when ready.

Doc ordered a full blood count, checks on my thyroid and for vitamin B12 (my Dad can't absorb it so checking I haven't inherited the condition). It was horrible going back to hospital. I have tiny veins so can't be tested at docs. We avoided walking past EPU as I couldn't face it.

Anyway I hope you're well. The running sounds great! smile X

Catconfusion Thu 28-Feb-19 18:24:21

@Pinkywoo just wanted to say many of my friends had spotting or bleeding and were absolutely fine. I hope it's just that and it dies down quickly. If not get a referral to the early pregnancy unit for an early scan. As someone who's had a missed miscarriage I got to 10 weeks and my baby stopped at 6. The early pregnancy unit told me that any bleeding should be investigated. Mainly as a precaution. You get to see baby early too. Missed miscarriages are only 1% of pregnancies so pretty rare. However very traumatic and much better to know early on. I hope I haven't worried you as I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine but a scan will give you some reassurance if you need it! X

Carley32 Thu 28-Feb-19 21:46:42

Have a fab time @VenusStarr.

Hi @idontwanttobe40 😁

@Pinkywoo I’m sure all is fine. But best get it checked to take the stress away. Hope you are ok xx

pattyhoo Fri 01-Mar-19 09:05:17

Just checking in to the new thread.

Morning all day and night sickness has hit me this past week and I'm exhausted from it. Worried about discharge last week and cramps so I think we'll get an early scan.

Hope you are all doing well xx

Amanda81 Fri 01-Mar-19 10:10:54

This thread feels like a lucky one. Thanks for creating @BambiOnIce80

I hope all is okay @Pinkywoo Has the spotting subsided? And did DP do all the housework...

@pattyhoo a reassurance scan can greatly reduce anxiety. I hope all is okay.

I hope you are having a nice break @BambiOnIce80

@Carley32 or @Carley321 (😂😂🤣) sorry I am absolutely terrible at remembering details, is your usual cycle a long length? Where are you at now in your cycle? I think I'm 6dpo...tww is distracting me from being productive on work...need to refocus 😳

@Kescilly I hope the cold disappears soon. I can't imagine how bad it must feel being ill and not being able to medicate. Are you able to have menthol during pregnancy? I like jakemans cough sweets, but not sure if these are something you are allowed.

@Catconfusion good news on the tests. I hope the results on the blood tests all come back squeaky clean and as you'd expect. Also 🤞🏻for Oing over the next few days.

My temps are really close this cycle, but have had a shift to determine when I ovulated. I'm 6dpo and my temps are very slowly rising...I'm super busy at the moment so thankfully not symptom spotting every minute like a lune, although I am sure that will kick in after the weekend 🤪

beverlymarsh Fri 01-Mar-19 11:00:08

Hi all, thanks for starting new thread @BambiOnIce80!

I’m away this weekend with a group of mates including the baby bomb girl I mentioned the other week. Not seen her since end of last year and at the moment (I feel like such a dick typing this) but I feel like I don’t want to! 🙈wtf is wrong with me!!

Gonna catch up on the latest posts now smile

Russkispy Fri 01-Mar-19 12:53:42

Just had my second scan and there are 4 more follicles on the left, to make the total of 14 altogether. Quite chuffed with myself as in December we only had 7. I know it's not about quantity but quality, but just want a backup of at least 1 to freeze. The more the better really! Endometrium has thickened up nicely too. Last scan on Monday. In the meantime remaining calm and collected 

Russkispy Fri 01-Mar-19 12:54:11

@QuantumGirl how are you? Have you managed to book a private scan?

QuantumGirl Fri 01-Mar-19 16:10:40

Ooohhh @Russkispy that is a beautiful quantity 😉. I have a GP appointment on Monday and if nothing happens (she will probably ask me to poas which will be negative) then I'll book a scan.

@BambiOnIce80 and @Kescilly You are genius. If (and a big if) I'm pregnant then the hook effect is the only explanation. I'm desperate trying to get hold of cheap pregnancy test strip but can't find anywhere in the shops (I don't have prime 😳). If you know where to get some asap please let me know.

Also another thing I've noticed is that I have small quantity of ewcm almost every day. Does anyone else have seen this? 🤷‍♀️

VenusStarr Fri 01-Mar-19 16:56:04

Fingers crossed for you @QuantumGirl, I have had some opaque ewcm since my positive test. Hope you get some answers soon flowers

Great numbers @Russkispy, you do seem very calm 😊

Using the hotel WiFi, had a 9 hour journey (dh did all the driving) so treated myself to a 3 hour afternoon nap, just getting ready for dinner. Hope you're all OK x

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