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TTC #2

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rollerskaterdata Mon 03-Sep-18 21:20:24

Hi ladies! Just wondering if anyone else is trying for DC2? Hoping we can support each other through this journey 🙂 I have a soon to be 4 year old, on cycle no 2 and currently waiting to exhale ovulate!

Ellikopter Mon 03-Sep-18 22:02:18

Hey I'm currently TTC number 2
My son will be 4 in Decembersmile this is officially first proper cycle

Ellikopter Mon 03-Sep-18 22:03:31

Just got some seven seas trying for a baby tablets to see if they will help in any way. Think I'm due my fertile window 8-12th September but to be sure we are just DTD every other day

fizzytonicplease Mon 03-Sep-18 22:14:40

Yes my Ds is 4 in december, TTC#2 im waiting to ovulate should be then end of the week so fingers crossed.

rollerskaterdata Mon 03-Sep-18 22:23:32

@Ellikopter @fizzytonicplease hi!! I love how all of our sons will be 4 in December! What dates are your DS's birthdays? I'm finding the waiting to ovulate worse than the tww, at least during the tww there's a possibility of being pregnant! I didn't track / chart at all last month so I've armed myself with OPKs and preseed this month! Should ovulate end of this week / beginning of next. What are your plans of attack this month?

rollerskaterdata Mon 03-Sep-18 22:25:39

@Ellikopter also sticking to every other day this month, last month we BD 4 days in a row at one point and got burn out 😂

TreasureInMyTummy Mon 03-Sep-18 22:28:22

Hello I'm about to start first cycle of tv #2 just waiting to ovulate ... sigh . This month feels long already!

Ellikopter Mon 03-Sep-18 22:32:22

Sons birthday is 15th December I really would love to announce I'm pregnant by Christmas but think it's wishful thinking our son took 3 months and we wasn't even trying lol I think every other day is best as it gives us both a break in between smile

Ellikopter Mon 03-Sep-18 22:34:20

@rollerskaterdata yes you can get a bit sexed out and then take the fun out of trying. It is supposed to be fun After All lol though it's inky my second month of trying I've wasted money on tests just to get BFN

Ellikopter Tue 04-Sep-18 06:34:48

@TreasureInMyTummy good luck for ovulation, the only way I can tell us from my CM I told myself I wouldn't use OPK's or charting etc as want to keep everything fun and not make hubby feel like a chore lol I'm hoping to ovulate soon my app predicts say-Wednesday being my fertile window so I'll be checking my CM for signs

fizzytonicplease Tue 04-Sep-18 06:45:41

@rollerskaterdata ds birthday is xmas day! Im the same should be ovulating end of this week beginning of next, started using ovualtion sticks last few months but more to get an idea of ovulation and my luteal phase as my periods/luteal phase went a bit odd in march and april so started taking b6 and folic acid and so far all back to normal and luteal phase has increased again.

Oh i would love to announce a pregnancy around xmas but it took us two years to conceive Ds just hoping its quicker this time.

rollerskaterdata Tue 04-Sep-18 15:38:40

@TreasureInMyTummy welcome! Waiting to ovulate sucks, I've decided it's even worse than the tww!

@Ellikopter after last month I've decided to be a lot more relaxed and have sex every other day rather than trying to hit specific days. Last month was so robotic we hated it so hopefully we'll still DTD enough during my fertile window! I would also love to be pregnant by Christmas, that'll be 6 cycles of trying so I'm really hoping I'm in for a chance!

@fizzytonicplease sounds like you had a good plan! I've started using clearblue digital advanced OPKs this month (more just to check I'm actually ovulating) and already confused 2 days in! My cycles are 26-28 days and so I started testing CD7 (yesterday) as instructed to set a baseline. Got a low fertility symbol which is to be expected. Then today, CD8, I got my first flashing smiley?! I usually don't ovulate (I think) until CD13/14 so not sure how I can be fertile now?! I've even had a wee bit of EWCM/ watery mucus, not as much as I get just before Ov but a little. So now I'm confused 🤦‍♀️ lol!

Ellikopter Tue 04-Sep-18 16:23:02

@rollerskaterdata definitely every other day as gives you a break and like we've been saying still keeps it fun smile I can't complain as it is only my second month of TTC we need to start a CHRISTMAS pregnancy group up it would be so nice if we all got BFP by then smile

Ellikopter Tue 04-Sep-18 22:39:20

@fizzytonicplease this is why it's best to have sex every other day just for instances where you may ovulate later or sooner then expected. I not ready to use OPK's just yet but I think I will need to if nothing happens in next couple of months! X

fizzytonicplease Wed 05-Sep-18 06:44:22

Yes you're right, im alsp trying not to tell DH when i have a postive OPK as i dont want it to be a chore, every other day sounds a lot more relaxed ...keeping everything crossed for us all.

Ellikopter Wed 05-Sep-18 07:33:10

According to my app it says my fertile days are from Saturday -Wednesday so 8th -12th so we're having sex every other day just incase as the sperm can live for days inside it just covers all basis. Plus I'm obsessed with thinking that I'll ovulate at a different time lol

rollerskaterdata Wed 05-Sep-18 08:40:59

Yes you're both right, it can be easy to get obsessive! Well apparently my OPK yesterday on CD8 was right as I double checked Flo and it said my fertile window started yesterday which is also when I got my first signs of EWCM. Good thing we DTD last night. Another high fertility flashing smiley today but today is our day off lol, we'll resume BD tomorrow and will keep at it every other day until my peak when we might attempt maybe 2 days in a row...3 might be pushing it 😊 also using preseed, even if it doesn't do the trick this month I'll keep using it as it's sperm friendly anyway and provides good lubrication for the lady bits! 😂

Ellii Wed 05-Sep-18 10:21:53

Hi guys, just a quick question this is my 6th cycle for number 2 and according to Flo I am two weeks late for my period and have had period like cramps for the past two weeks and first week was whiteish discharge and not it’s just watery clear discharge. I have done loads of tests all bfn though. I did do a frer just now and if I hold it up to the light I can see a very veryyy faint second line, is this just evap or would my eyes be tricking me? I tried taking a picture but doesn’t really show on there it’s that faint lol I know I could have ovulated later than app said. Anyone have any ideas? xxxx

Ellii Wed 05-Sep-18 10:24:51

Tbh I feel so stupid holding tests up towards the light 😂🙈

Ellikopter Wed 05-Sep-18 12:07:46

See if you can post a picture so I can take a look smile

Ellikopter Wed 05-Sep-18 12:08:40

Take another test using first morning urine X

MrsD28 Wed 05-Sep-18 12:54:15

Can I join? Officially started TTC#2 last night smile. DS is 2, and I have been waiting for the last few months to hit the date at which decent maternity benefits will kick in (I started a new job after I went back after DS). Very, very excited - one of my friends just told me that she is pregnant and I am feeling very broody!

Ellii Wed 05-Sep-18 13:02:57

@Ellikopter I only have the amazon ones left and I can’t see anything on those it was just on my last frer today, I will get some more frer tomorrow after work and I’ll do the test with fmu the day after and try and post a photo. Don’t want to get my hopes up but it is getting harder when af hasn’t even shown herself even a little 😂 and thank you 😊 xx

Ellikopter Wed 05-Sep-18 13:36:08

Good luck let us know how it goes@Ellii

Ellikopter Wed 05-Sep-18 13:38:24

@MrsD28 welcome , that's exactly what has happened to me. I've just started a job and we held off until I would drop on when my maternity pay would be able to kick in, so that's why putting more effort on TTC now as I know nothing can hold us back smile looking at others having babies or pregnancy announcement definitely makes me feel broody so I know how you feel! Haha

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